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The Austrian Economists |Peter Boettke| Listening to NPR one morning, this story about soccer playing robots came on and I was intrigued by the discussion. When I entered graduate school and was assigned to Don Lavoie, my expectation would be that I would be working on questions related to the problems of economic calculation under socialism. The Austrian Economists

The Cato Institute

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson delivered his first State of the Union address, promising an “unconditional war on poverty in America.” Looking at the wreckage since, it’s not hard to conclude that poverty won. Says Cato scholar Michael D. Tanner, “The entire concept behind how we fight poverty is wrong. The vast majority of current programs are focused on making poverty more comfortable – giving poor people more food, better shelter, health care, etc. – rather than giving people the tools that will help them escape poverty.” The Cato Institute
Cato Unbound Members of both the major U.S. political parties complain that judicial nominations are more of a problem than ever. Nominees wait for weeks and months to be confirmed, and sometimes they never are. Charges of ideological bias and unfairness pass back and forth between Congress and the White House, and at times both branches seem engaged in a destructive game of tit-for-tat. Cato Unbound
Cato @ Liberty Global Science Report is a feature from the Center for the Study of Science, where we highlight one or two important new items in the scientific literature or the popular media. For broader and more technical perspectives, consult our monthly “Current Wisdom.” Last summer, we predicted that come this winter, any type of severe weather event was going to be linked to pernicious industrial activity (via global warming) through a new mechanism that had become a media darling—the loss of late summer/early fall Arctic sea ice leading to more persistent patterns in the jet stream. These are known as “blocking” patterns, which generally means that the same type of weather (usually somewhat extremish) hangs around longer than usual. Cato @ Liberty
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