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12 Simple Habits That Set Ultra-Successful People Apart. Success comes down to emotional intelligence more than anything else.

12 Simple Habits That Set Ultra-Successful People Apart

In this article, originally published on LinkedIn Pulse, Dr. Travis Bradberry shows how ultra-successful people use this skill to achieve their dreams. A study at Strayer University found that most people think success is about achieving your personal goals. Ultra-successful people delight themselves by blowing their personal goals out of the water. They succeed along many different dimensions of life: their friendships, their physical and mental health, their families, and their jobs (which they are not only good at, but also enjoy). TalentSmart has conducted research with more than a million people and found that ultra-successful people have a lot in common. These ultra-successful folks have high emotional intelligence (EQ), a critical quality to achieving your dreams. Related: 5 Qualities You Need to Reach Your Biggest Goals 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 12 Simple Habits That Set Ultra-Successful People Apart.

IAMPETH site. Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy (Calligraphy I) Interested in a beginner's crash course in the basics of modern calligraphy, but have no idea how to start?

Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy (Calligraphy I)

This class starts at the very beginning, covering the basic tools and preliminary knowledge of modern, pointed-pen calligraphy and giving you a solid understanding of how to compose a truly unique alphabet! Within the design community, there has been a rise in demand for basic and advanced calligraphy skills to use in a variety of ways, from wedding calligraphy to typeface design. Through this class, you'll strengthen your eye for design, typographic detail, and distinctiveness. In a world bombarded by images and lettering thousands of times a day, coming across an image of true distinctiveness is something to cherish. Create that moment. What You'll Learn This class is divided into four progressive units: Understanding the Tools, Learning Letter Structure, Learning the Alphabet, and Developing a Style.

What You'll Do What You'll Need Required Tools Secondary Recommended Tools. Lessen Amersfoort. Lessen Amersfoort. Calligraphy & Graphic DesignPlurabelle Studio. Learning Calligraphy : What Katie Does. Learning proper calligraphy has been top of my to-do list for ages.

Learning Calligraphy : What Katie Does

I’ve been storing up inspiration for ages, and even tried a spot of faking the effect, but nothing beats learning a skill properly. Master letterer Jon Contino is right when he says “Learning calligraphy will give you a much more intimate sense of each letter and it will help you to learn how to manipulate each one or many together to create a beautiful composition.” It really is the foundation for all typography and I find I have an even better appreciation for letterforms after just a month of practice.

Josh bought me a nice Winsor and Newton set for Christmas, which was the kick that I needed to get started. I also signed up for American designer and letterer Melissa Esplin‘s online course, I Still Love Calligraphy, for extra guidance and encouragement. The online course has been very useful to this novice. I’ve had quite a few emails and comments asking how to get started, so here are my tips: Cursus » Letterkunst. Thuis geef ik cursus aan verschillende groepen.

Cursus » Letterkunst

De groepen zijn niet groter dan 6 personen. Momenteel geef ik les op maandagavond, woensdagmiddag en donderdagmorgen en donderdagavond. Bij genoeg interesse kan ik ook op andere momenten lessen inplannen. Untitled Document. De cursus Kalligrafie leert je schoonschrijven! Ontdek de kunst van het schoonschrijven Kalligrafie is een kunst.

De cursus Kalligrafie leert je schoonschrijven!

Een kunst die je door te oefenen onder de knie kunt krijgen. Heb je deze kunst eenmaal in de vingers, dan kun je je vaardigheden en je creativiteit toepassen bij het maken van verschillende documenten. Bij officiële papieren, als oorkondes en certificaten, maar bijvoorbeeld ook bij het maken van een uitnodiging, trouwkaart of een persoonlijke kerstwens. Wat je ook wilt maken, in de cursus Kalligrafie leer je stap voor stap de technieken van deze bijzondere kunstvorm.

Daarom kies je voor deze cursus Gratis Bruynzeel-vulpenset Speciaal ontwikkeld lesmateriaal Begeleiding door professionals Voor wie is de cursus Kalligrafie bestemd Deze cursus is bedoeld voor iedereen die de kunst van het kalligraferen onder de knie wil krijgen. Lindsay Letters - Everyday. An Introduction to Calligraphy & Fine Writing. An Introduction to Calligraphy and Fine Writing: Sections: Difference in Calligraphy Pens - History - Getting Started - Basic Supplies- Dip Pen Nib Styles Calligraphy Alphabet Styles What is a Calligraphy Pen?

An Introduction to Calligraphy & Fine Writing

When searching online for a new calligraphy pen you may find that the results often will direct you to “fountain calligraphy pens”. Dip Pens: The original calligraphy pens are otherwise also known as Dip Pens, stemming back to the early pens made from reeds or feather quills, used by dipping them it into the ink. Advantages of Dip Pens: The dip pen has certain advantages over a fountain pen.

Nowadays dip pens are not used for regular writing as they were before, having being replaced by the more commonly used fountain pens. Calligraphy Fountain Pens: The fountain pen was the forerunner to the modern day ballpoint pen in terms of being the implement used primarily for cursive writing on a day to day basis. Summary: Obviously, Pens are a calligrapher's most important tools.