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Wicca Altar Tools And Their Uses. What do you need on your Wicca altar?

Wicca Altar Tools And Their Uses

Altar tools don't have to be complicated or costly. You don't really need anything other than what you have on hand, but you might want the customary Tools of the Witch Trade . . . See List Below. Ritual tools are as individual as the witch who uses them. But it helps to know what the basic tools are and how to use them. In the old Wicca, there are specific rules about these things. In modern Wicca, your own heart is your best guide to what you need on your altar.

WITCH TIP: Don't Have An Altar? Altar tools are Wicca ritual tools - you need them even if you don't have an altar. If you haven't decided yet whether you should have one or why you need an altar, read Your Wicca Altar.) Pagan Edge Magazine. The Complete Idiot’s Quick Guides — New Age. College Wicca -

Dedication. Wiccan Moonsong. Good Wiccan Beginner's Guide - Introduction to Wicca and How To Get Started- Basic Wiccan Tools and Symbols - Altar Tools and Their Significance. Witchcraft and Wiccan for Beginners Book. There is a saying "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear".

Witchcraft and Wiccan for Beginners Book

I have put together a collection of Wicca for beginner books by some of my favorite Wiccan authors. These books are great for someone that wants to learn more about Wicca in the hopes of studying this often misunderstood religion or to understand a Wiccan friend or loved one. Like all religions, Wicca has good points and bad points. It can be used for good or misused for bad. The internet is full of a lot of misinformation on Wicca. Welcome to Witch Realm© Witchcraft, Wiccan and Pagan Index. And Witchcraft Information Index. Starfire's Circle. Paganism & Wicca - Pagan and Wiccan Religion. Magical and Ritual Tools. Want to make your own magical and ritual tools?

Magical and Ritual Tools

Here's where you'll find links to some of our most popular magical craft projects, with items for your altar, a ritual robe, your Book of Shadows, an altar pentacle, and more. Make a Snap Pouch Tarot/Crystal BagIf you’re someone who does anything at all with fabric, chances are good you’ve got boxes and boxes of leftover bits of material in your home. A great way to use these leftover small pieces is to turn them into bags and pouches to hold magical supplies such as crystals, herbs, or Tarot cards. This easy project uses a snap purse frame, like the kind found on coin pouches. Ritual Tool CraftsMany Pagans enjoy making their own ritual supplies and tools. Make a Beaded Wire Tree of LifeThe tree of life is a symbol found in many Pagan religions. How to Make a Magic StaffThe magic staff is used in many traditions of Wicca and Paganism.

Make a Witch's LadderThe witch's ladder is a magical tool that has been around for a while. Pagan and Proud of it ! Welcome :) What Witchcraft and Paganism can do for you. In the 1960's Alex Saunders and his wife Maxine broke away from their Gardnerian coven surrounded by much controversy and bad feeling.

What Witchcraft and Paganism can do for you

The result of this split was the Alexandrian tradition, with its more elaborate forms of ritual. Some of the other paths include Algard, Celtic, Dianic, Feminist, Frost Wicca, Hasidic and Seax Wicca. There are other forms too, mostly in the United States where all religious groups can register as a "church" and receive tax advantages. This has led to much more openness than in Europe. It is not important to try to learn all the different forms of Wicca, but just to be aware they exist. The form of Paganism taught in this course is predominantly, although not exclusively, Wiccan. I am British and I like to worship the old British Gods and Goddesses.

As you follow this course you will be a Pagan first and a Wiccan second. Paganism is a path for individualists, even peaceful anarchists. What is Wicca? Basic Beliefs: Wiccans do not revile the Bible. Free Metaphysical Articles. Pagan Calendar - April 2012. This Pagan calendar shows Pagan, Witch, Druid and Heathen festivals, dates and events.

Pagan Calendar - April 2012

Important neo-pagan festivals and religious holidays are included even if research into the origins are sketchy, as they are important in modern paganism. Understanding festivals roots is a good idea, for the fire festivals, research the Coligny calendar and Margaret Murray. For the Celtic tree calendar, research Robert Graves. Sources of information on old pagan festivals and calendar dates include the Coligny calendar, Cormac's Glossary and Bede's writings. Pagan carvings, pictures, artifacts and writings help validate certain events. 2012 PDF Calendar download 2013 PDF Calendar download Get the calendar data in ical format Outlook compatible ical v1, no recurrence, all day events occur at 00:00, OK for month view Note: If you want to use pagan calendar as your homepage, use this simple calendar view as this is faster to load. Search: