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History of the Coca Cola bottle. Is Pepsi taking its branding seriously? When I first saw this Pepsi ad in The New York Times I felt good about the direction the new Pepsi branding was taking.

Is Pepsi taking its branding seriously?

It felt fresh, fun, optimistic, uncomplicated. It was timely and seemed to be hitting the right cords. Then I saw the packaging in a supermarket. The freshness and excitement of the Pepsi branding ads are missing from the package A you can see the package looks rather stark. I’m staring at the packaging and these visual cues aren’t telling me much. Pepsi profits went down 43% in the fourth quarter.

To make things worse, as reported by Advertising Age, a brand document from the Arnell Group, the agency that created the logo, presents the design strategy as “breathtaking”. An Ode to the Brand of Brands, the King of Cola: Coke : Duets Bl. Dear Coke: I love you.

An Ode to the Brand of Brands, the King of Cola: Coke : Duets Bl

You are an incredible product. You are the Babe Ruth of soft drinks, the proprietor of the word “cola,” and most of all, the brand of all brands. Your brand is not just bulletproof; it’s indestructible—even from self-inflicted damage. Interbrand, the global branding giant, recently valued you at 63.3 billion dollars. About a million times a day someone orders a Coke in a restaurant that serves the number two cola and is immediately given an apology, “I’m sorry, is Pepsi OK?” You guys redesigned Santa Claus, for crying out loud. Years ago, your name became slang for a dangerous drug. And that secret formula story is downright mythic.

You are so beloved by your customers that you have survived 100 years of changing tastes, cultural upheaval, and most famously, shooting yourself in both feet by introducing New Coke and dumping your flagship product. Now that’s brand LOYALTY. (A brand tangent: Which was worse: Vista or New Coke? Coke is remarkably consistent.

The Best and Worst Identities of 2009 - Brand New - Flock. 2009 has been a great year for Brand New, with a bottomless source of new and redesigned identities from around the world, and we’ve all had good fun critiquing them in sickness and in health.

The Best and Worst Identities of 2009 - Brand New - Flock

But it all comes down to this: The Best and Worst. I have gone through all the archives and selected the top 12 in each category. There were some dead-ringers for each category and some that required a little more self-deliberation acknowledging that some identities were left off the list. And just as well, I know my selections may incite some disagreements, which are more than welcome as we bring this year to a close. Each identity comes with some basic details like release date and design credits, highlights from our polls for those identities that came after July when we introduced the feature, and I have selected one or two reader comments to accompany a brief summary from me.

Designed by: Matthew Carter (Yale Typeface) Release Date: September, 2009 Designed by: Mullen Release Date: July 2009.