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Music stimulates the brain. It’s this deep rooted cultural pleasure that drives us to consume more and more of it. If you’re sick of the commercial pabulum and ready to discover new and fresh artists, dive into this list to explore ten of the best sites for legal and free mp3 downloads. Get your mp3 player connected, here comes cargo! 10. Top 10 Websites For Free & Legal MP3 Music Downloads - Flock Top 10 Websites For Free & Legal MP3 Music Downloads - Flock
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I despise you and your so-called taste

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Free Music Archive » VIEW ALL FEATURED POSTS Featured Items AS220 on 01/08/2014 at 04:45AM Malportado Kids - Mi Concha (EP)
Welcome to Musipedia! Inspired by, but not affiliated with Wikipedia, we are building a searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes. Every entry can be edited by anybody. An entry can contain a bit of sheet music, a MIDI file, textual information about the work and the composer, and last but not least the Parsons Code, a rough description of the melodic contour. Musipedia Melody Search Engine Musipedia Melody Search Engine