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Tutorials. Nail Art Tape & Sequins Tutorial. Nail Art Tape & Sequins Tutorial I've seen this look a few times and every time I kept thinking I have that glitter, I should do that!

Nail Art Tape & Sequins Tutorial

I haven't done anything with my nails for about two weeks so I thought now is the time to do the sequin nails, I have put it off enough! I gave it a try and I am very happy with how it came out, my ring finger is a little messy but I still like it. Here's what you'll need: A top coat (I use Rimmel Base and Top Coat), base color, sequins glitter, & nail art tape. First, prep for your manicure, to make it last longer. Apply one or two coats of your base color.

*I waited till it was dry to apply the glitter but next time I will try it while still wet. With a little clear polish on your toothpick pick up a piece of glitter. Apply the glitter to your nail. *As you can see in my picture it is starting to get messy. Continue adding sequins until you are happy with the look. Apply half of your index finger with glitter. Cut off some tape from your roll. 10 Nail Tutorials Even a Newbie Could Do. By Jaime Morrison Curtis | Give your nails a little lovin’ with simple tutorials that take no time at all.

10 Nail Tutorials Even a Newbie Could Do

Have you seen the new galaxy nail trend? I promise, it’s way easier than it really looks. It can get frustrating not being able to make perfectly neat and straight lines like these geometric nails, but I think you’ll find that a little scotch tape will go a long way. Pamper yourself with a stylish manicure using these 10 Nail Tutorials Even a Newbie Could Do… nggallery id=’123009′ Paint with Tape Use scotch tape to help you achieve these stylish nails. More from Jamie: Blowing Up: 25 Easy, Inexpensive and Unexpected Ways to Use a Balloon. 12 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs Using Scotch Tape.

PerfectShapeOnNailsWM. Perry the Platypus Nail Design Tutorial - A CutePolish Disney Exclusive! Nail insirationOmbre stain. Create Ombre Nails With Just One Polish.

After progressing from hair to fashion, the ombré trend has made its way to your manicure.

Create Ombre Nails With Just One Polish

The look is simple to recreate at home, and you don’t even have to track down five sequential shades. The secret: you only need color. To get a gorgeous gradient, just pick a single pretty hue and then create your own lighter and darker shades using white or black polishes. Here’s how to get the effect: Step 1 Select your base polish. Step 2 Grab a paper plate, a piece of foil, or an empty egg carton to use as your palette. Step 3 Dab four drops of colored polish onto your work surface. Step 4 Now that you have four new shades, paint the nails on each hand from light to dark. Step 5 Add a glossy top coat to for shine and protection. No time for DIY polish mixing? Anna Norman Anna Norman is a Brooklyn blogger and nail art expert. DIY Tie Dye Nails ~ Red, White, & Blue Manicure for the 4th of July.

I’d been planning a festive red, white, & blue manicure for the 4th of July but hadn’t really come up with any original ideas until I featured a fun tie dye manicure tutorial on BlogHer Style over the weekend and was instantly hit with inspiration. But let me just warn you… this is not a project for the impatient or short-tempered, and why I decided to tie dye only six of my ten nails. However, my nails are very short at the moment and this, along with many nail art techniques are far easier with a larger canvas to paint on. Obviously then, my thumbs turned out the best. But I think with a little practice, the results could be even better, though I do love the final product and how they kind of look like stars AND stripes. Here’s what I used… 1. . * I used Essie “Good to Go” top coat and ALMOST added a little glitter sparkles for fun. * You’ll need a pin or toothpick to create your tie dyed effect. How I achieved my tie dye nails… this video tutorial may help if you need it. 1.

How To: Splatter Paint Nails. With the Olympic trials in full swing and the 4th of July right around the corner, I decided to get patriotic with my nail art this weekend!

How To: Splatter Paint Nails

I searched for a quick and easy way to wear all 3 colors of the American flag and decided that splatter paint would be the perfect (and easiest) way to do it! What you’ll need: - 1 paper plate (Thick or waxed paper plates work best. Foil is also an option) - Tape and scissors - A couple of Q-tips - Nail polish remover - 1 straw cut in half. Using a shorter straw will give you more control over the splatter. - Any 3 nail polishes colors. I chose an opaque white, and shimmery red and blue nail polish to add some sparkle and dimension.