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RDFa Primer. We begin the introduction to RDFa by using a subset of all the possibilities called RDFa Lite 1.1 [rdfa-lite].

RDFa Primer

The goal, when defining that subset, was to define a set of possibilities that can be applied to most simple to moderate structured data markup tasks, without burdening the authors with additional complexities. Many Web authors will not need to use more than this minimal subset. 2.1.1 The First Steps: Adding Machine-Readable Hints to Web Pages Consider Alice, a blogger who publishes a mix of professional and personal articles at We will construct markup examples to illustrate how Alice can use RDFa.

A more complete markup of these examples is available on a dedicated page. Hints on Social Networking Sites Alice publishes a blog and would like to provide extra structural information on her pages like the publication date or the title. Example 1 <html><head> ... This information is, however, aimed at humans only; computers need some sophisticated methods to extract it. Note. Semantic Technologies Center. Home.

Structured Dynamics. Welcome to the Bibliographic Ontology Website. DOAC: Description of a Career. Lingway, moteurs d&#039;analyse et de recherche sémantiques. Planning a Semantic Web site. This article discusses what you need to know to make your Web site part of the Semantic Web.

Planning a Semantic Web site

It starts with a discussion of the problems the Semantic Web tries to solve and then moves to the technologies involved, such as Resource Description Framework (RDF), Web Ontology Language (OWL), and SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language (SPARQL). You'll see how the Semantic Web is layered on top of the existing Web. It then covers some issues that you want to know about when you plan a new Web site and also gives specific examples of how to use technologies like RDFa and Microformats to enable your existing Web site to become a part of the Semantic Web. Introduction to the Semantic Web The World Wide Web is the largest single information resource humanity has ever produced.

The Semantic Web is Tim Berners-Lee's vision of the future of the Web. The Web was originally all about documents. The Protégé Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition System. Semantic Web Dog Food. » Implementing FOAF in Rails &lt;CrowdVine Blog&gt; FOAF is an RDF spec for describing people and the relationships between them.

» Implementing FOAF in Rails &lt;CrowdVine Blog&gt;

I thought FOAF had mostly died and been replaced by hcard/XFN. However, it looks like FOAF is going to make a come back as one of the technologies that people build their OpenSocial APIs on top of. So I decided to add it to CrowdVine. You’d think this would be simple but I couldn’t find anyone who described it clearly. Define a MimeType in config/initializers/mime_types.rb so that we can use respond_to to implement FOAF as a second view on on existing profile page. Mime::Type.register("application/rdf+xml", :rdf) If your profile urls are something like /profiles/42 then we want the FOAF url to be /profile/42.rdf.

Semantic Web. I have an idea that I think is very important but I haven’t yet polished to the point where I’m comfortable sharing it.

Semantic Web

I’m going to share it anyway, unpolished, because I think it’s that useful. So here I am, handing you a dull, gray stone, and I’m saying there’s a diamond inside. Maybe even a dilithium crystal. My hope is that a few experts will see what I see and help me safely extract it. Or maybe someone has already extracted it, and they can just show me. The problem I’m trying to solve is at the core of decentralized (or loosely-coupled) systems. RDF offers a solution to this, but it turns out to be pretty hard to put into practice. Consider two on-the-web temperature sensors: The careful human reader will immediately wonder whether these temperatures are in Celcius or Fahrenheit, or if maybe the first is in Celcius and the second Fahrenheit.

Here’s the first sketch of my solution: I know it looks ugly, but now it’s clear that both readings are in Fahrenheit. VALUE-IT Web Site. Sindice - The semantic web index. - Semantic Information MAshup.