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Iphone. Augmentedreality. Project Ares. Project Ares is the first mobile development environment hosted entirely in a browser, lowering the barriers for web developers to jump into mobile development.

Project Ares

Like webOS, Project Ares embodies Palm's belief that the future of mobile will be built on the web. Project Ares aims to enable a next-generation mobile development workflow, in which developers move quickly and seamlessly from editing in a browser, to debugging on a device, to selling applications in Palm's App Catalog or on the web. Project Ares is now available to all developers. We invite you to join us in Project Ares – try it out, build apps, and give us your feedback as we work to make the Ares vision a reality. To get started, just sign in with your Palm developer account. Good Technology. Android Community Rom based on Donut tree.

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