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Blog de ecología: reducir, reciclar, reutilizar y radio. Lámpara mesita de noche con chapas de colores Algunas cervezas como la de heineken tienen la chapa de color verde, seguro que otros refrescos o cervezas las tienen de otros colores.

Blog de ecología: reducir, reciclar, reutilizar y radio

Pero también se pueden pintar de diferentes colores, para darle un toque alegre a la lámpara. Ideal para alumbrar la habitación a la noche en la habitación de los niños. Sillas barriguitas con pinzas de madera rotas Con el uso diario de las pinzas de madera, se nos acaba soltando la parte metálica que sujeta a las dos partes de madera de las pinzas, y que luego no hay manera de volver a poner. DIY Woven Chain Bracelet. Chain link bracelets, with colorful threads woven through them, have been popping up here and there.

DIY Woven Chain Bracelet

We adore Aurèlie Bidermann‘s Do Brazil bracelets and thought it was about time we graduate to the ultimate “grown-up” friendship bracelet. With a curb chain bracelet and some embroidery thread, we’ll teach you how to make your own woven chain bracelet. And one for your bestie too, of course. Herringbone Rope Patterns Instructions for Rainbow Loom. We are White, a division of We make unique jewelry for magicians and magicians assistants We don't sell the Rainbow Loom- so why are we offering you these Rainbow Loom patterns and instructions?

Herringbone Rope Patterns Instructions for Rainbow Loom

Like learning magic tricks, rubberband weaving develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.Both are creative and fun activities! Boluri vintage "French Made" Bolurile vintage "French Made" vin in completarea celorlalte decoratiuni cu aer shabby & vintage din casa ta si pot fi folosite in bucatarie, in camera de zi, sau chiar la birou, pline cu fructe proaspete si imbietoare.

Boluri vintage "French Made"

Bolurile sunt pictate cu acrilice, invechite pentru un shabby&vintage look si decorate prin tehnica decoupage. Dimensiuni: boluri vintage cu maner - diametru 23-26 cm, inaltime 11 cm boluri vintage fara maner - diametru 23cm, inaltime 13 cm Bolurile se pot comanda de AICI, nu ezita sa ne contactezi la adresa pentru detalii suplimentare. Picture onto wood. Skirts - A Cheat Sheet. Tips and Tutorials. Handkerchief Skirt. A handkerchief pointed-hem skirt is flattering to all, but especially for short-legged people because the points break up that horizontal hemline.

Handkerchief Skirt

No pattern is needed to make this skirt style. It is a simple block layout. One easy way to get that effect is to hem two squares of fashion fabric, each having four points (called a “handkerchief” hem) and layer them for an eight-pointed look. Experiment with swatches of opaque and transparent fabrics as you design and discover what happens when you overlap two layers of the same colour or harmonizing colours. The top layer could be trimmed shorter than the under layer for a tiered look and the hemline could be decorated with flat braid trim or fringe, if desired. You will need: 2 ½ yds. of fashion fabric, 45″ wide1 yd. of waist band elastic, 1″ wideCoordinating thread10 yds. of flat ribbon braid (optional) The Shirt Skirt. July 28, 2010 I’m so excited to post about this!

The Shirt Skirt

When I met Dana, I fell in love with the skirt she was wearing. How To Sew A Victorian Skirt. A old tutorial I had on livejournal, I hope you like it :) So I thought that I would share my how to for this quite easy sewn skirt in taffeta that I made for a friend of mine, it is a two layer skirt with strings so that you can tie up and drape the panels as you wish.

How To Sew A Victorian Skirt

This is a bit simplified, On the original skirt the top of the skirt was lined with satin so it was not completed in the exact same way as in this tutorial, but trying to explain that whole deal was to time consuming to be worth it. Material you will need:Fabric: Of your choice, around 2 times the length of your skirtA zipper: I use a hidden zipper because I think it looks better, but a ordinary one is just as good.String: The length of your drapes and a little more *2*6 (you chose one can both have it the whole way up on the skirt or just half, or something similar) I use cotton string 0,5 cm (0,2 inches) thick.

Tiered Skirts Tutorial. 39 Free Skirt Patterns. Free Skirt Patterns Posted on | January 6, 2013 | 17 Comments Five years ago, it was hard to find even one free skirt pat­tern on the in­ter­net.

39 Free Skirt Patterns

Now­a­days, doz­ens of free skirt pat­terns abound. 52 Free Dress Patterns. Posted on | November 7, 2013 | 19 Comments I’m a firm believer that sewers can never have too many free patterns. With that in mind, here are 52 Free Dress Patterns, divided by style. Keep in mind the categories are not set in stone. Circles and dots blue & blue dress !! Now with tutorial.

Finally, finally, finally!

Circles and dots blue & blue dress !! Now with tutorial

I'm so exited that i finished my first summer dress! I really needed one and the ones i started, for some reason, i never finished them (didnt like them, weren't what i wanted, blah) lol, but this one i did like, i actually love it so much. When i saw the fabric, i wasnt so sure but i went ahead and bought it because it was the only one i liked that was light and streachy and cheap, it was $1.30 USD/ metter. Top 100 Tutorials of 2009.

Top Sewing Tutorials From Mother Huddle. The Mother Huddle.

Top Sewing Tutorials From Mother Huddle

How to make a Retro Polka Dot Dress. Lots Of Best Free Sewing Projects. Alina's Adventures. Vintage Lace & Doilies: Upcycled and Repurposed. Lace printed stationary Lace doily candle holder: made by soaking doilies in wallpaper glue or sugar starch and forming around a balloon. Sugar starch is 1/4c water mixed with 3/4 cup granulated sugar. For more permanency use fabric stiffener such as Stiffy. 100's Of Sewing & Quilting Links - Yarn-or-Fabric.

101 Sewing Tutorials for Summer! Vintage Handkerchiefs & Scarves Upcycled and Repurposed. I'm still deciding what I want to do with my stash of vintage hankies that I've collected over the years. While perusing the web for some new ideas I came across some pretty photos that I wanted to share... Quilt by Mary McCulty's design shop via Etsy Headboard of framed hankies from Better Homes & Gardens. Vintage Handkerchiefs & Scarves Upcycled and Repurposed. Easy DIY Fishtail Circle Skirt Tutorial. Today’s project is one of my favorites yet.

It’s a knit circle skirt with a dramatic twist… It’s official name is a fishtail circle skirt. Isn’t the fog in this pic cool? One of my favorite things about the beaches in the PNW is the warm summer fog. Anyway, back to the skirt. ;) I took notes from MADE and The Sewing Rabbit and created a tutorial for making a women’s sized knit version. Easy DIY Fishtail Circle Skirt Tutorial. How to Sew with Bias Tape. So we showed you How to Make your own Bias Tape, and you were psyched, but y’all asked for a primer on how to actually sew with it. So here you are, my friends. It’s quite simple and once you start you will end up using it all the time. Bias Tape finishes edges and keeps curves stabilized. In this post I’ll show you how to start and finish, how to sew it on, and how to make a mitered corner.

So read up on it and practice, because in our next newsletter we are going to give you the scoop on our upcoming contest, and the winner will receive a Simplicity Bias Tape Making Kit, including a Bias Tape Maker machine , 8″ Dressmaker shears , and an awesome Bias Ruler . How to Install a Zipper. How To Make A Dart. You may be familiar with darts as those pointy things you throw at a dartboard on the wall of your favorite pub. Although they don't fly, darts in sewing are still vital components of the overall sewn project. For the most part, sewing darts look quite similar to their gaming counterpart. They are wide on one end and pointy on the other. Pub darts are all about a smooth trajectory and pinpoint accuracy. Sewing darts are also big on smooth lines and precise points, but their function is all about shape. All fabric is flat, but you already knew that part. When a garment is initially designed, it starts as a two-dimensional drawing.

The pieces of fabric are cut to the measurements of the mannequin, with seam allowance and ease (room between the body and garment) added in, to create the overall style of the garment. Sewing101: exposed zippers. How to alter Dress Part 1 [start 1] Gathering Fabric & Muslin Pillow Tutorial... How to Applique on Fabric . . . 19 Sewing Hacks You Should Know.