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Charities and funders must communicate about impact measurement. I spent yesterday at Koç University Social Impact Forum’s (KUSIF) Social Impact Conference in Istanbul.

Charities and funders must communicate about impact measurement

There, I spoke to a range of stakeholders from the non-profit world in Turkey about how they can measure their social impact. It was a fascinating day, and I gleaned several insights which I thought I’d share. There are some interesting differences between the UK and Turkey. Like NPC, KUSIF has researched the motivations and practice of non-profits with regards to impact measurement. Their research shows a lot more positivity towards impact measurement than NPC’s equivalent UK survey. But there are also a lot of similarities in the challenges faced by funders and charities. During my sessions, we spent quite of bit of time in talking about this issue. Q & A: Catherine Clark on Impact Investing -

By Robin D.

Q & A: Catherine Clark on Impact Investing -

Schatz This story appeared originally at SAGE Business Researchers. Read the whole piece here. DataGenius IV: Ideas. New award to help you grow your venture. Today, we’re launching a new Award to enable social entrepreneurs who have already achieved compelling impact to scale to the next level.

New award to help you grow your venture

This Award replaces the Fast Growth and Build It Awards, taking the best of both to help social entrepreneurs grow their social impact. The first round of the Grow It Award will give social entrepreneurs 12 months of support to grow their social venture, with access to workshops, opportunities to meet investors as well as corporate partners and peers, and a cash Award of up to £15,000. Kate Braithwaite, Director of Operations and Quality explains, “I’m delighted to launch the first round of the Grow It Award. Social Innovation Fund Award Competition. Third Sector has partnered with leading national organizations that will assist in developing our competition, conducting outreach efforts, sharing lessons learned and delivering services to Sub-Recipients.

Social Innovation Fund Award Competition

America Forward is a national non-partisan policy initiative, spearheaded by the nonprofit social innovation organization and venture philanthropy fund New Profit, Inc. We unite national policymakers with innovators who lead high-impact and results-driven organizations, to advance a public policy agenda that champions innovative and effective solutions to our country’s most pressing social problems. Abt Associates is a mission-driven, global leader in research and program implementation in the fields of health, social and environmental policy, and international development. Known for its rigorous approach to solving complex challenges, Abt Associates is regularly ranked as one of the top 20 global research firms and one of the top 40 international development innovators. INGOs of the future: Redefining the vanguard of corporate-nonprofit partnership.

Bricolage, or tinkering in French, is an increasingly common term in social innovation circles, particularly in resource-constrained environments in which taking advantage of available ideas and frameworks is the de facto recipe for innovation.

INGOs of the future: Redefining the vanguard of corporate-nonprofit partnership

And what social innovator driven by a desire to create change doesn’t like to tinker? For the nonprofit sector, bricolage might involve identifying the forces that prevent systems change and realigning the actors and resources involved in addressing a social issue to optimize collaboration and impact. FSG’s Shared Value Initiative has been convening a group of leading international nongovernmental organizations to rethink, renovate and transform their approach to partnership with companies. In the spirit of bricolage, these INGOs are exploring practical, cost-effective ways to transform their relationships with corporate partners and, over the long-term, change the dynamics that hold outdated corporate-nonprofit relationship norms in place.

The mark cuban weblog. Tides taps Stanford’s social innovation pioneer as new CEO. By Melissa Ip on 17 Jan 2014 / 1 Comment Stanford’s executive director for the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) is moving to a new role.

Tides taps Stanford’s social innovation pioneer as new CEO

Beginning February, Kriss Deiglmeier will become the CEO of Tides. Deiglmeier was hired in 2004 as the first executive director of the CSI, which was founded in 1999 and operates programs in the academic field, including quarterly magazine Stanford Social Innovation Review and social innovation fellowships to MBA students, to support social change. Home. Findery. The Black List - Great screenplays, great screenwriters, the home of Go Into the Story and Screenwriting Tips... You Hack. SOCAP. A Collaborative Network to Multiply World Change.

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