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Big Issue Invest raises over £21m to invest in social enterprises in the UK. One of the UK’s leading social investors Big Issue Invest has closed a first tranche of fundraising commitments of over £21m into its Social Enterprise Investment Fund II (SEIF II).

Big Issue Invest raises over £21m to invest in social enterprises in the UK

The social investor, which is part of The Big Issue Group, achieved this first close with the support of existing investors from its first investment fund (SEIF I) HSBC and Big Society Capital alongside a range of new investors including the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. What’s next for impact investing? 2015 was an unprecedented momentum-building year for impact investing, and we expect the excitement to continue in 2016.

What’s next for impact investing?

Here are our five predictions for what’s to come. Assets under management will multiply significantly. While interest in impact investing is at an all-time high, the amount of impact investing capital being deployed to date is relatively small. Yet the recent Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is just one indication of the changes to come. Twelve years ago, Omidyar Network was extremely unconventional with its “problem first, tool second” approach.” How charities can take their impact to the next level. Jason Saul, the founder and chief executive officer of U.S.

How charities can take their impact to the next level

-based Mission Measurement, is one of the world’s leading experts on measuring social impact. He has advised global corporations such as Starbucks and nonprofit charities like the Easter Seals on how to measure their performance and improve their impact on the communities they serve. Kickstarter & Indiegogo Backer Directory. DeBoskey: Six trends that will set the pace for philanthropy in 2016.

By Bruce DeBoskeyThe DeBoskey Group Posted: 01/10/2016 12:01:00 AM MST|Updated: 2 days ago.

DeBoskey: Six trends that will set the pace for philanthropy in 2016

Sterling Demonstrates End to Privacy for Leaders & Measurement Model. This week, two incidents unfolded where transparency in media revealed the end of privacy for modern leaders.

Sterling Demonstrates End to Privacy for Leaders & Measurement Model

This is a good thing. Here’s why: 1. Catch22 secures Big Lottery Fund award for Children in Need social impact bond - Catch22. 14 December 2015 Catch22, working in partnership with Numbers for Good, has been successful in securing development funding from the Big Lottery Fund’s Commissioning Better Outcomes to develop a social impact bond (SIB) focused on children in need and on the edge of care.

Catch22 secures Big Lottery Fund award for Children in Need social impact bond - Catch22

This preventative service will use a holistic, whole-family approach to achieve positive and sustainable outcomes to families with children identified as being in need. The Four P’s of Impact Investing. By Justin Conway, Vice President of Investment Partnerships, Calvert Foundation I hope you enjoyed your Holidays with family and friends as much as I did.

The Four P’s of Impact Investing

In talking with mine about what we’re thankful for, health is always is at the top of my list, which then elicits my mother’s story of how my strong health foundation started with her making all my baby food rather than buying processed options. Results Released for Rikers Island Pay for Success Social Impact Bond. The New York City Adolescent Behavioral Learning Experience (ABLE) Project for Incarcerated Youth (the Rikers Island Pay for Success Social Impact Bond) did not meet initial targets for outcomes, and no outcomes-based payment will be made to investors at this time.

Results Released for Rikers Island Pay for Success Social Impact Bond

When a full set of data is available, thoughtful analysis is needed to fully understand the particular factors that prevented success payouts in this case. This Social Impact Bond was the first one in the US. As with other innovations, we do not expect all pilots to fully achieve desired results. But they help to blaze the path— governments, service providers, intermediaries, investors and other supporters will learn what works and doesn’t work from these pilots, and apply that knowledge to improve the lives of people in need. How to Be an Impact Investor. I have a New Year’s money resolution for you that would be good for your financial future and the world’s: Become an impact investor in 2016.

How to Be an Impact Investor

And I’ll tell you how in a sec. Impact investing, the buzzy term in investment circles these days, means investing for a financial and a social-impact return. A recent U.S. This Netflix Trick Makes Browsing Categories Easier. Edgar. Remind. You Can't Judge Market Size by This Slide - NextView Ventures. Tim Devane • January 7, 2016 • 3 min read I’ve been meaning to follow up on Rob’s post last month highlighting the competitor slide as the least informative in an investor pitch deck.

You Can't Judge Market Size by This Slide - NextView Ventures

I’d like to nominate another: the market size slide, which is usually dominated by graphics like these: As investors, we’re considering the total addressable market for a given product or service immediately upon hearing a vision for it: How many users and/or customers are there for this? Honestly, this is often too simple and retrospective a question to suffice as a starting point for diligence, but that’s a topic for another post. Slapping billions or tens of billions of dollars with a title and maybe an asterisk-attributed source on a slide will either be glossed over or, in some cases, actually be detrimental. In doing so, I usually consider three types of potential markets: 1. A mature market that has a known and calculable size via publicly available data. Overview — JUST Capital. Test — Fun & free new learning videos from NAF. 7 Smart Ways to Achieve Change with Bodyweight Training.

New beginnings. Fresh starts. A Place to Call Their Own — Acumen: Ideas. When the Prophet Muhammad first started to share the words of the Qu’ran and spread Islam, he was forced to flee his home of Mecca due to persecution. He, along with the Emigrants who had left their homes behind for the sake of their faith, found refuge with the newly converted Muslims in Medina.

These Muslims — known as Ansar, or “The Helpers,” — embraced Muhammad and the Emigrants as their own, providing them with food, shelter and security. It is this spirit of generosity and brotherhood that led Jawad Aslam to create Ansaar Management Company (AMC), an Acumen investee that provides affordable housing to the low-income communities living amidst Pakistan’s rapidly growing urban sprawl. Europe Tomorrow: Supporting Social Innovation - Keyed Into Hyatt. Europe Tomorrow, a social innovation project, has now embarked on their tour across Europe to promote social change. We were thrilled to host the project’s launch party last month at Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile. The evening was a great success and provided the initiative’s founders – Boris Marcel, Florian Guillaume and Malo Richard – with the opportunity to describe their shared ambition for the three-year initiative.

The three French entrepreneurs’ goal is to discover and share the best social innovation projects that exist in Europe in order to educate young people and opinion leaders on the social and environmental conditions in Europe. Get a Quote for Online Community Software. Home - Batchbook. Social Media Management Software for Business. Content Marketing Software. Create Content That Matters. Content Marketing Framework: Audience. Jonah Lehrer on the Wisdom and Foolishness of Crowds. Content Marketing Institute. Digsby = IM + Email + Social Networks. Material Wrld. – Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings.

Wufoo · Online Form Builder! Finextra Research: Latest financial technology news, analysis, jobs and features. Brewster. SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Social Computing - NewsGator. VIRALBLOG.COM – VIRAL IDEAS & SOCIAL TRENDS - - Where ideas and people meet. On-Demand Software for Public Relations and Government Relations.

RedGage. Social media news, strategy, tools, and techniques. Issuu. Bitstream. Social Styles Communication Training. 90:10 Group. Why Brands Need a Digital Customer Experience Strategy To Stay Competitive. Ron Rogowski is Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, serving Customer Experience professionals.

His research on digital customer experience strategies will be presented at Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum, June 21 to 22 in New York. Once upon a time, companies differentiated themselves almost entirely based on the things they made. Early in the 20th Century, the ability to produce items quickly and efficiently was a key differentiator for corporations that brought affordable products to the masses. Over time, production processes became so cost-effective that firms looked to streamlining distribution and opening new markets to gain an advantage. But there, too, they reached an efficiency plateau.

At the end of the 20th Century, the Internet opened up content distribution, but lately there has been a shift in focus. The Role of Connected Devices Driving this shift is the proliferation of connected devices.