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Daniel Morgan murder: Unsolved 1987 crime puts the Met Police in the dock. The Golden Lion is under new management now.

Daniel Morgan murder: Unsolved 1987 crime puts the Met Police in the dock

The old-style banquettes have gone, and the décor is fresher, less brown. But since long before gastropubs were a glint in a developer's eye, and long after those hostelries which wouldn't or couldn't move with the times were closed and converted into flats, the Golden Lion remains an unashamed community boozer with cheap beer, live bands, and the occasional coach outing to the races. A former Victorian music-hall palace of varieties, its presence on the main road that runs through Sydenham in south-east London is firmly rooted in the coming of the railway and of the suburbs that created a better life for tens of thousands of city dwellers.

Yuri Bezmenov: Sleepers Emerge and Messiah Appears. Sexually liberated, or just badly brought up? Nadezhda Popova, WWII ‘Night Witch,’ Dies at 91. The Nazis called them “Night Witches” because the whooshing noise their plywood and canvas airplanes made reminded the Germans of the sound of a witch’s broomstick.

Nadezhda Popova, WWII ‘Night Witch,’ Dies at 91

The Russian women who piloted those planes, onetime crop dusters, took it as a compliment. In 30,000 missions over four years, they dumped 23,000 tons of bombs on the German invaders, ultimately helping to chase them back to Berlin. Any German pilot who downed a “witch” was awarded an Iron Cross. These young heroines, all volunteers and most in their teens and early 20s, became legends of but are now largely forgotten. Flying only in the dark, they had no parachutes, guns, radios or radar, only maps and compasses. Tel Aviv mayor blames Israeli occupation for deadly cafe attack. Israeli police officers arrest a suspect shortly after a shooting attack in Tel Aviv on Wednesday (AFP) Tel Aviv’s mayor on Thursday blamed Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories for a deadly attack carried out by two Palestinian gunmen that left four Israelis dead in the Mediterranean city.

Tel Aviv mayor blames Israeli occupation for deadly cafe attack

Labour Mayor Ron Huldai, 71, told Israeli army radio that the occupation was to blame for Wednesday evening’s attack when two armed Palestinian men from near Hebron in the southern West Bank walked into a popular cafe and opened fire on revellers. Watch @POTUS in "Couch Commander." Cosmos The In Lost – Catholic Backwardness. Thank you for your interest in Patheos newsletters!

Cosmos The In Lost – Catholic Backwardness

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☦ Citadel Foundations ☦ : Don't Wait on the Church. The Church is waiting on you For a long time, I have said that a Reactionary power play would need the backing of the religious authority.

☦ Citadel Foundations ☦ : Don't Wait on the Church

This is part of the problem that exists for Christianity, particularly Roman Catholicism. Hayek, The Use of Knowledge in Society. The Use of Knowledge in Society What is the problem we wish to solve when we try to construct a rational economic order?

Hayek, The Use of Knowledge in Society

On certain familiar assumptions the answer is simple enough. If we possess all the relevant information, if we can start out from a given system of preferences, and if we command complete knowledge of available means, the problem which remains is purely one of logic. That is, the answer to the question of what is the best use of the available means is implicit in our assumptions. The conditions which the solution of this optimum problem must satisfy have been fully worked out and can be stated best in mathematical form: put at their briefest, they are that the marginal rates of substitution between any two commodities or factors must be the same in all their different uses.

About Neoreaction. The Integration of Theory and Practice – The Reactivity Place. [Ed.

The Integration of Theory and Practice – The Reactivity Place

Original text snarfed from here. Introductory outline removed since text subheadings draw sufficient attention to document sections] by Eric Heubeck Introduction. The Top 40: This quote from Theodore Dalrymple is popping up more frequently, as it deserves: Rosa Parks, 1965, sitting in the seat usually reserved for dead passengers #IWillSeeGhostbusters. Les Américains ont empêché un attentat juif contre Hitler en 1933. 366 - Les Lignes d'Or. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Karl Marx. German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist and journalist Karl Marx[note 1] (German: [ˈkaʁl ˈmaʁks];[14][15] 5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) was a German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary.

Karl Marx

Born in Trier, Germany, Marx studied law and philosophy at university. He married Jenny von Westphalen in 1843. Due to his political publications, Marx became stateless and lived in exile with his wife and children in London for decades, where he continued to develop his thought in collaboration with German thinker Friedrich Engels and publish his writings, researching in the reading room of the British Museum. His best-known titles are the 1848 pamphlet, The Communist Manifesto, and the three-volume Das Kapital.

PROOF NWO & ILLUMINATI ARE REAL & HISTORY IS A LIE. Les frères du Plessis, diplômés de la première ligne - Top 14 - Rugby. Descendants de huguenots, Jannie et Bismarck, tous deux joueurs du Montpellier Hérault Rugby et champions du monde avec le Springboks en 2007, ont poussé loin leurs études avant de faire du ballon ovale leur priorité professionnelle.

Les frères du Plessis, diplômés de la première ligne - Top 14 - Rugby

Kraemer, Pallot… de célèbres antiquaires interpellés à Paris. INFO LE FIGARO - Un an après les révélations sur l'affaire Lupu, soupçonné d'avoir vendu des faux meubles du XVIIIe siècle, d'autres grands marchands ont été arrêtés ce mardi à Paris par l'Office central de lutte contre le trafic de biens culturels.

Kraemer, Pallot… de célèbres antiquaires interpellés à Paris

Coup de tonnerre chez les antiquaires. Ce mardi 7 juin, plusieurs grands noms du secteur, Bill Pallot, représentant de la galerie Aaron, et un membre de la maison Kraemer, ont été interpellés à Paris pour «escroquerie» par des policiers de l'Office central de lutte contre le trafic de biens culturels (OCBC). Tout comme Jean Lupu, ils sont soupçonnés d'avoir vendu des meubles neufs pour de l'ancien. Russia Offers Free Land to Foreign Pioneers. Editor's Comment: Perhaps a large group of Alt-Right pioneers can claim land and create a diamond and gold operation for the war fund. How would Putin feel about that? The Russian state parliament will pass a bill on April 12, 2016, which will offer free one hectare (about 2.5 acres) of land in that country’s Far Eastern Federal District to both Russians and non-Russian nationals wishing to settle the region.

Originally, the scheme was limited to Russian nationals only, but the new version of the bill has extended this right to carefully-screened non-Russians as well. According to a report in the RT news service, the plots of land will be handed over to Russians and foreigners who want to build homes or start businesses in agriculture or tourism in the region. The Russian lower house Committee for Real Estate and Construction recommended that the State Duma approve the bill in the second reading in a session next week. Mexico’s foreign minister: Anti-Mexican bigotry is no different than anti-Semitism. Mexico’s foreign minister, speaking here Monday to a conference of American Jews, compared “the stench” of anti-Mexican “bigotry” in U.S. political dialogue to international anti-Semitism.

“Today in the 21st century, here in the United States, a climate of intolerance is sending a similar message: Mexicans go home,” Claudia Ruiz Massieu said in a speech to the American Jewish Committee’s annual conference in Washington. “Separate those who are different, blame the minorities, demonize the stranger.” If you have any doubt on all the political disruptions, don't. It's all Soros Funded. #RedNationRising #NeverHillary. "A Despotic Govt always keeps a standing army of newswriters who invent & put into papers whatever serves their ministers"- Thomas Jefferson. Je suis déjà mort, je n’ai qu’à continuer.

MOGADISCIO – Cela fait des années que je couvre des attentats et des combats à Mogadiscio, mais cette fois-ci, c’est complètement différent. Vous pensez peut-être qu’après tout ce temps passé à photographier la mort et la destruction, les attaques ont cessé de m’affecter? C’est faux. Quand je découvre ce qui s’est passé ce mercredi 1er juin, je n’en crois pas mes yeux. Je suis en train de jouer au football quand la voiture piégée explose. Quand les grands médias parlent des événements en Syrie… qui n’ont jamais eu lieu. Jan RAW Niedbala l'archéologie interdite. Privateer. A privateer (sometimes called corsair or buccaneer) was a private person or ship authorized by a government by letters of marque to attack foreign vessels during wartime, and take them as prizes. Captured ships were subject to condemnation and sale under prize law, with the proceeds divided between the privateer shipowners and crew. Privateering was a way of mobilizing armed ships and sailors as naval auxiliaries.

San Jose Police Chief Who Admits ALLOWING ATTACKS on Trump Supporters is Affiliated With La Raza. Here Are The Radical Leftist Anti-Trump Groups Behind The Chicago Protest. The usual suspects of local radical leftists were instrumental in organizing the anti-Trump rally protest in Chicago on Friday. Chicago ANSWER ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Chicago is the Chicago franchise of an international network started in the wake of 9/11 and among the first to protest against a response in Afghanistan; since then the group is involved in most of the radical left’s favorite causes: anti-capitalist, pro-union, open borders, anti-war, anti-police causes.

The day after the Trump rally the group was holding a forum entitled “Taking Action to Support Palestine.” “We will have a report back from the People’s victory against Trump last night,” according to John Beacham, a coordinator with the organization, in a message on the Facebook page promoting the event. Top cop at anti-Trump mob is La Raza fan. A Twitter feed from San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia’s account shows him with two “future recruits” of La Raza’s Roundtable committee. (Credit: Twitter, via the Gateway Pundit.) Police in San Jose were forced Monday to fight off accusations they allowed a violent mob to disrupt a Donald Trump campaign rally and attack those in the crowd supporting the candidate. According to the Mercury News, local radio broadcasts fielded numerous calls from angry residents demanding the resignation of Mayor Sam Liccardo, who had earlier placed blame on Trump, and Trump’s immigration rhetoric, for igniting the violence.

Police on local airwaves, meanwhile, were criticized for letting anti-Trump protesters throw punches and water bottles at his supporters, the Gateway Pundit reported. Border Convoy - Left-Wing, Race-Based Hispanic Group La... Donald Trump does not have a campaign. Donald Trump is a candidate without a campaign – and it’s becoming a serious problem. Republicans working to elect Trump describe a bare-bones effort debilitated by infighting, a lack of staff to carry out basic functions, minimal coordination with allies and a message that’s prisoner to Trump’s momentary whims. “Bottom line, you can hire all the top people in the world, but to what end? Trump does what he wants,” a source close to the campaign said.

In reporting on Trump’s operation, NBC News talked to three Trump aides and two sources working closely alongside the campaign, all of whom requested anonymity in order speak freely. Veteran operatives are shocked by the campaign’s failure to fill key roles. Hillary told one agent to 'f*** off' and another that his suit looked 'cheap.' Secret Service agents say guarding the former First Lady was'the worst form of punishment,' author reveals in explosive new book. Why Liberals Are So Obsessed With Racism, Homosexuality and Transsexualism - John Hawkins. Pioneer Jewish Texans: Natalie Ornish, Sara Alpern-Tarlow: 9781603444231: Books. Onset of #Depression During Great #Recession: #Foreclosure Older Adult. La promesse de la victoire finale de la Chrétienté sur l’Islam par la Sainte Vierge. Élisabeth Lévy : «La droite se terranovise et renonce aux classes populaires»

Sexe, potins et journalisme : la Silicon Valley se déchire sur le cas Peter Thiel. Muhammad Ali and Black Identity. Progressives say Ashkenazi Jews have White privilege. Looks like Ashkenazi are slated for #WhiteGenocide too. Jean-Claude Juncker drunk and bitch slaps leaders. The U.S. Is Building a Database to Identify Potential Whistleblowers. Jewish Groups Hail Passage of Massachusetts Bill Protecting Transgender Rights - Americas - Haaretz - Israel News Hardware virtualization. Multi-platform backdoor malware targets Windows, Mac and Linux users – Naked Security. Cul-de-sac. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE SAYS EARTH IS FLAT & STATIONARY. THE END TO FAKE SPINNING GLOBE. Worst Jobs Report In Nearly 6 Years – 102 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have Jobs. The Opening Ceremony of the World's Largest Tunnel Was a Bizarre Occult Ritual - The Vigilant Citizen - Symbols Rule the World. Watch: The moment a Trump supporter, surrounded by protesters, is egged in the face, hit by other food.

Egypte: une chambre secrète découverte dans la tombe de Toutankhamon. SSTIC2016. No fear of cancer. Understand the New Medicine - Freespirits. German New Medicine - How You Control Your Own Healing. TWP Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting - Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson. Zurich: Iron Maiden's plane piloted by Bruce Dickinson next to A. Merkel and F. Hollande planes - cr @mathieuvonrohr. What's Driving Jews Away From Synagogues? Not Dues, but 'Membership' - Rabbis' Round Table - Haaretz - Israel News

Study: Israel Has Among Highest Cancer Survival Rates in the West - Haaretz - Israel News Israeli Death Rates from Cancer, Heart Disease, Among Lowest in OECD. The Lonely Poverty of America's White Working Class. Un «viseur d'étoiles» français pour le grand projet d'Internet par satellite. Colombie : des centres de tortures mafieux au centre de Bogotá. The term 'Oriental' is outdated, but is it racist? Looting and destruction of the middle class, Weimar Germany. Don't let anyone tell u #Chemtrails are just a #ConspiracyTheory #Geoengineering #Chemtrails #JFK #TheFed #CIA. Deux masques ressemblant à Chirac bientôt exposés au Quai Branly. Des fresques byzantines exhumées en Turquie.

Une rescapée d'Oradour-sur-Glane refuse d'être décorée par Manuel Valls. Hacq&h=240&w=182&th=210&tw=160&fn=16510livor.jpg&fs=7. Barbouze. Michel Hacq. Amazon. Camille Petitjean. Expert Cartography Proves 1/3 Of Earth Flat, THE BALLGAME'S OVER.

Copernic et ses petits ou l astronomie de la renaissance. Nikon P900 Superzoom: Flat Earth and Convergence on a Football Field. Attentats de Paris: "Si je rentre en France c'est pas pour aller en prison" Donné pour mort, le djihadiste Omar Diaby fait son retour sur la scène médiatique. Amazon. Amazon. Gog U Magog in Spanish (Español) Émilien de Nieuwerkerke. Château de Beauregard (Loir-et-Cher) 40 percent of scientists admit that fraud is always or often a factor that contributes to irreproducible research. Barry Goldwater. Untitled. The Fat Free Revolution that Gave America Diarrhea. Islamic Cleric Kidnapped by CIA, Defends Convicted Agents — Calls them ‘Scapegoats’ for the US Elite – The Free Thought Project.

Globalist in the Making — Henry Kissinger Meets With Trump to “Develop his Foreign Policy Expertise” – The Free Thought Project. Black Libertarian Calls Out Black Lives Matter’s Culture of Divisive Politics & Victimhood – The Free Thought Project. Jewish voters desert Corbyn over failure to weed out antisemitism. The boy who escaped Trump country. Jacqueline-Walker.