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Welcome to TrineDay's little library of supressed books. Quand la CIA menait des expériences sur des cobayes français, par Hank P. Albarelli Jr. France 3 a diffusé, le 13 février 2010, « Le Pain du diable », un téléfilm de Bertrand Arthuys reconstituant minutieusement l’affaire de Pont-Saint-Esprit.

Quand la CIA menait des expériences sur des cobayes français, par Hank P. Albarelli Jr.

Il décrit la folie qui s’est emparée du village, les soupçons qui pèsent sur le boulanger, et la volonté de certaines autorités de cacher quelque chose. Mais il se termine sur une interrogation. Soixante ans plus tard, on ignorerait toujours l’origine de l’intoxication. Depuis des décennies, deux mystères n’ayant a priori rien en commun ont tous deux interpellé et laissé perplexes les enquêteurs les plus sérieux : celui de l’étrange et soit-disant « suicide » du docteur Frank Olson à New York en 1953, et l’intriguante vague de délires hallucinogènes survenue dans un petit village français en 1951. En 1995, j’ai commencé à enquêter sérieusement sur la mort du docteur Frank Olson, un bactériologiste états-unien exerçant au centre ultra-secret de guerre biologique de l’U.S.

CIA MKULTRA Collection. The Black Vault filed a FOIA request for all documents pertaining to MKULTRA and similar projects.

CIA MKULTRA Collection

I was told that these documents were being reviewed, and I would be contacted when the review was completed. For years I waited, and was never contacted. The CIA, in fact, DID release the documents on three CD-ROMs yet they never notified me and my open FOIA request still pending in their office. After much frustration, I finally received the documents. From Admiral to Cabin Boy: Admiral Barry Domvile: 9780906879771: Books. James Fleming Fagan. Early life and career[edit] Civil War[edit] Postbellum activities[edit] General Fagan's first wife was the sister of General William Nathan Rector Beall.

James Fleming Fagan

He was also related by marriage to Governor Henry Massey Rector. Fagan was not paroled by the U.S. government until June 20, 1865. James Fleming Fagan died in Little Rock, Arkansas. Honors[edit] Domvile Barry Edward - From admiral to cabin boy - Balder Ex-Libris. Mullins Eustace Clarence - The Secret Holocaust - Balder Ex-Libris. Barry Domvile. From Metapedia Domvile in navy uniform.

Barry Domvile

Admiral Sir Barry Edward Domvile KBE CB CMG (1878-1971) was a distinguished Royal Navy officer who turned into a leading British patriotic activist and opponent of World War II (for which he was persecuted and incarcerated).

Angleterre : les réseaux pédophiles VIP, un système de corruption. English pages. Por qué escribí la biografía de Raúl Apold ~ Silvia Mercado. Un tweet del periodista Facundo Landívar me hizo acordar por qué quise escribir sobre Raúl Apold, el secretario de medios de Juan Domingo Perón en sus dos primeras presidencias.

Por qué escribí la biografía de Raúl Apold ~ Silvia Mercado

Silvia Mercado: "La publicidad oficial funciona como gran domesticadora" - 06.07.2013. Su libro trata sobre cuestiones que sucedieron hace más de medio siglo.

Silvia Mercado: "La publicidad oficial funciona como gran domesticadora" - 06.07.2013

Sin embargo, cada vez hay más gente que quiere leerlo y, por eso, este mes saldrá su quinta edición. El inventor del peronismo, que lleva por subtítulo "Raúl Apold, el cerebro oculto que cambió la política argentina", y que editó Planeta, es una investigación minuciosa que le demandó dos años de trabajo a la periodista Silvia Mercado.

Trata sobre esa figura tan paradigmática, y paradójicamente tan poco conocida, que diseñó la imagen y las estrategias iniciales de comunicación del movimiento político más popular de la Argentina. Raúl Apold: el secreto mejor guardado del peronismo. La historia de Raúl Apold, el creador del relato peronista. OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING: Forerunner To 9-11 [False Flag - Inside Job Conspiracy] Youtube. La Chanson du Dimanche : le best of Musiquemag. Philippe Bloch : "Les grandes boîtes c'est "protège tes fesses"" From Sydney to Peshawar - Islamic extremists are civilisation's common enemy. Pakistani soldiers transport rescued school children from the site of an attack by Taliban gunmen on a school in Peshawar (Photo: A Majeed/Getty) Yesterday it was Sydney.

From Sydney to Peshawar - Islamic extremists are civilisation's common enemy

Today it is Peshawar. Yesterday a coffee shop. Today a school. Yesterday a lone gunman. Yet what is amazing, after all these years, is how unconcerned many people remain with working out what is going on. Britain has been just 'days' from terror attack, with 5 plots foiled since summer. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe reveals scale of terror threat faced by BritainIn last four months, five plots have been thwarted and 35 people arrested There is 'no doubt' UK extremists are as dangerous as Sydney gunmanDemanded an extra £50million to fund counter-terror operationsChildren aged 15, including growing numbers of girls, travelling to Syria By Matt Chorley, Political Editor for MailOnline Published: 09:52 GMT, 17 December 2014 | Updated: 15:21 GMT, 17 December 2014 Britain has been just days from a major terror attack, with five plots foiled in the last four months, Met Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe revealed today.

Britain has been just 'days' from terror attack, with 5 plots foiled since summer

Terrorists have been 'very close to hurting somebody badly, or killing them' since the summer and there is 'no doubt' that there are extremists in the UK as dangerous as the gunman behind the Sydney café siege, the Commissioner warned. Scroll down for video David Cameron last night warned Britain could be hit 'at any moment' by a Sydney-style terror attack. Howard Zinn. Le complot du 11 septembre. Surveillance. Dr. John Slade, 52, Fighter for Regulation of Cigarettes, Dies. Dr.

Dr. John Slade, 52, Fighter for Regulation of Cigarettes, Dies

John Slade, an expert in the treatment of alcohol, tobacco and drug addictions and an early and ardent supporter of government regulation of cigarettes, died on Jan. 29 at a family home on Lake Burton in Rabun County, Ga. He was 52. The cause was a self-inflicted gunshot wound, said Lloyd Hunter, the Rabun County coroner, and the death was ruled a suicide. Dr. Slade had suffered a stroke last July. Cant-have-your-cake-gays-are-told-and-a-rights-battle-rises. Continue reading the main story Video LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Jack Phillips is a baker whose evangelical Protestant faith informs his business.


There are no Halloween treats in his bakery — he does not see devils and witches as a laughing matter. He will not make erotic-themed pastries — they offend his sense of morality. And he declines cake orders for same-sex weddings because he believes Christianity teaches that homosexuality is wrong. New Inquiry Sought in 1961 Death of Dag Hammarskjold, U.N. Secretary General - LONDON — It has been one of Africa’s enduring mysteries, redolent of days when mercenaries roamed the bushlands and outsiders scrambled to exploit a continent’s riches as it struggled for independence: How and why did Dag Hammarskjold, the secretary general, die?

The DC-6 airplane carrying Mr. Hammarskjold, a Swedish diplomat, crashed in September 1961 as it approached Ndola, a mining town in , which at the time was called Northern Rhodesia. Official inquiries failed to explain what happened. A Desert War on ISIS, Fought From a Floating City - ABOARD THE U.S.S. CARL VINSON, in the Persian Gulf — More than a dozen Navy F/A-18 warplanes roar off this aircraft carrier every day to attack Islamic State targets in support of Iraqi troops battling to regain ground lost to the militants in June. These Navy pilots face an array of lethal risks during their six-hour round-trip missions. Surface-to-air missiles and other enemy fire lurk below, as the downing of an Iraqi military helicopter late Friday underscored. About 60 percent of the aircrews are still learning the ropes on their first combat tours. A Desert War on ISIS, Fought From a Floating City - ABOARD THE U.S.S.

CARL VINSON, in the Persian Gulf — More than a dozen Navy F/A-18 warplanes roar off this aircraft carrier every day to attack Islamic State targets in support of Iraqi troops battling to regain ground lost to the militants in June. Hector Xavier Monsegur. Identity[edit] Sabu was identified by Backtrace Security as Hector Montsegur [sic] on March 11, 2011 in a PDF publication named "Namshub. " [9] On June 25, 2011, an anonymous pastebin post claimed to identify Sabu as Hector Xavier Monsegur,[10] a man of Puerto Rican origin.[11] In Sydney Hostage Siege, Australia’s New Anti-Terrorism Measures Proved Ineffective -

SYDNEY, Australia — Around the time that grisly images of beheadings circulated across the world this fall, Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia introduced a raft of laws in response to what he said was an increasing threat that the Islamic State would attempt a bold act of terrorism on Australian soil. The laws, which passed the Australian Parliament with wide support, made it an offense to advocate terrorism, even on social media; banned Australians from going to fight overseas; allowed the authorities to confiscate and cancel passports; and provided for the sharing of information between security services and defense personnel. The government also deployed hundreds of police officers in counterterrorism sweeps across the country. The victims were identified on Tuesday as Katrina Dawson, 38, a lawyer, and the cafe’s manager, Tori Johnson, 34. Mr. Monis, who was reported to be armed with a gun, did not appear to have put a great deal of planning into his attack at the Lindt Cafe.

Le pétrole plonge sous les 55 dollars, une première en cinq ans. Fin d’un calvaire juridique de 12 ans pour les victimes d’une erreur médicale. Un miracle judiciaire qui n’efface pas les nombreuses épreuves vécues par les victimes. Les parents d'un enfant handicapé obtiennent 11 millions d'euros.

La police veut la révocation du commissaire Neyret. "Le délire occidental" de Dany-Robert Dufour. Essai de la dynamite!! ;-) Le résistible désenchantement... Le monde contemporain a besoin de dynamiteurs. Man Haron Monis présenté par les médias comme un obscur loup solitaire était plus photographié qu’un people. Le serial killer islamiste illuminé, multirécidiviste, était non seulement ultra-connu par la police , la justice et le contrespionnage, mais il était aussi la coqueluche des médias australiens.

Comme dans l’affaire Merah, on hallucine, on croit rêver. The Big Apple: “If not us, who? If not now, when?” "If not us, who? If not now, when?” This quotation is similar to what Rabbi Hillel the Elder wrote in the Pirkay Avot: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And when I am for myself, what am ‘I’? And if not now, when?” Terrorisme: craignez-vous un scénario à l'australienne dans l'Hexagone? Chemical-weapons-iraq-pentagon-secrets. Corruption dans l'affaire VOGNE. 666 Le dernier livre de Pierre Jovanovic sur Fréquence Evasion. La NSA surveille 70% des réseaux mobiles mondiaux.

Operation Socialist: How GCHQ Spies Hacked Belgium’s Largest Telco. Michael Scheuer (CIA) au sujet de Ben Laden ! Thierry Meyssan chez Ardisson 16/03/02. Thierry Messan. 11 septembre 2001. L’effroyable imposture. Chez Ardisson. New York teen made $72M trading stocks on his lunch breaks. Grease- You're the one that I want [HQ+lyrics] Opération Espadon (film) COINTELPRO.


Le Système OCTOGON: 1/2 Les raisons de la censure selon Arte (série débat "Les réalités de l'investigation. D'un usage amoureux de la TV") Le Système OCTOGON: débat (hallucinant) Théma Arte (avec Frank Garbely, Fabrizio Calvi, Johannes Bähr...). Youtube. The Mystery of the Shemitah: The 3,000-Year-Old Mystery That Holds the Secret of America's Future, the World's Future, and Your Future! (8601401251521): Jonathan Cahn: Books. New Lies for Old : the Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation: Anatoliy Golitsyn: 9780396081944: Books. The Perestroika Deception : Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency: Anatoliy Golitsyn, Christopher Story: 9781899798032: Books. What if an ex-KGB officer predicted that the USSR would fake its own collapse to ultimately defeat the West…and no one listened?

Golitsyn, Angleton. Anatoliy Golitsyne. - Le KGB au pouvoir: Le système Poutine - Thierry Wolton - Livres. - KGB Connexion : Le système Poutine - Hélène Blanc - Livres. Patrimoine - Office de Tourisme d'Autun et de l'Autunois. Astrologie et antiquité : le disque de Chevroches au Musée archéologique de Dijon. *Vivre en autonomie, produire son électricité..son chauffage et gérer l'eau: une réalité.*** PropagLande - L’invention de « la théorie du complot » L’invention de la "théorie du complot" De quelques idées reçues sur les « théories du complot » et de quelques arguments pour y objecter.

La preuve de l’existence des chemtrails par Météo France. Extraterrestrial UFOs are real : Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works CEO admits on his deathbed. Ben Rich Lockheed CEO Admits on Deathbed: ET UFO Are Real « Xenophilia (True Strange Stuff) Benjamin R. Rich - Le Trio de l'Etrange. Benjamin R. Rich. Ben Rich. Objectif Lune pour le futur lanceur super-lourd chinois. Apollo 14 Mission To Fra Mauro (1971) Soyuz undocking, reentry and landing explained. View forum - Apollo, and more space hoaxes. BBC Panorama: London Under Attack (the show that predicted 7/7) The Tony Farrell Report, Fact or Fiction? - Kent Freedom Movement.

The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America eBook: Jim Marrs: Boutique Kindle. America's Deadliest Export eBook: William Blum: Boutique Kindle. Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain (English Edition) eBook: George Monbiot: Boutique Kindle. Hidden Agendas eBook: John Pilger: Boutique Kindle. Tavistock Square. Attentats du 7 juillet 2005 à Londres. - La zone grise - Primo Levi, Anna Bravo, Federico Cereja, Martin Rueff - Livres. Désintoxiquer son corps des métaux lourds - Dr Klinghardt (2/2) Lisa French and the Tavistock Square blast - TERROR ON THE TUBE. Science et vie. Mind Justice - Symptom List. The Last Letter: A Message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney From a Dying Veteran. PIERRE-HENRI BUNEL _ Ancien Officier de service de renseignement Français ( 2003 )1/7.

Pierre-Henri Bunel: Anatomie de la mascarade Al-Qaïda (Radio Courtoisie) Appel rejeté pour le gendarme 'ripou' Norman Dodd and Stan Monteith - The Enemy Within [Foundations] John Coleman Global Warming Is a Complete Hoax to Megyn Kelly. Weather Channel Founder Kelly File. Convoquée parce que ses élèves "lisent beaucoup trop" The Four Wars: Terror, whistleblowers, drugs, internet [30c3]