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Avocado Smoothie Avocado Smoothie Avocado Smoothie Friends celebrate you for who you are, cheer you on, ground you and best of all love you for who you are. Cherish your friends and nuture the relationship. That’s been my motto for a while now. Every so often, something happens and it shakes my confidence, my friends are there for me. I’m very fortunate to have made some great blogging friends.
Brazilian Lemonade | Our Best Bites - StumbleUpon This is my most favorite drink. Ever. Maybe I’d feel differently if I drank (as in alcohol), but there is nothing I love more than a warm, breezy afternoon and a pitcher of Brazilian lemonade. I didn’t try it for a long, long time because I was very put off by putting sweetened condensed milk in with citrus fruit.

Brazilian Lemonade | Our Best Bites - StumbleUpon