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Tracey Jones is a Sr. WordPress Developer with hobbies of creative and technical writing. Presently she works with HireWPGeeks Ltd. where she provides conversion services like PSD to WordPress, HTML to WordPress, WP Customization and many more at very affordable cost.

What are the Key Changes in WordPress 4.8 Release Candidate 2? The new version of WordPress i.e WordPress 4.8 is about to release this month.

What are the Key Changes in WordPress 4.8 Release Candidate 2?

The tentative release date is June 8th, 2017. But before the final launch, the core development team of WordPress has announced the release candidate 2 for the latest version of WP to introduce three major changes. If you are excited about this new launch, then you should read out this blog post. Today, we will unveil the key enhancements available in the RC 2 for WordPress 4.8 to let web masters and web developers know everything about this new release. What’s new in WordPress 4.8 Release Candidate 2? The team of experienced WordPress developers always bring some major changes to let users experience the new way of creating and customizing the site, adding/modifying/updating pages and posts and a lot more in a breeze. 1. With the release of new WordPress version, you will be able to experience an improved and more dedicated visual editor. 2. 3. 12 Checklist to Prevent WordPress from Hackers. Website hacking is a very prevalent problem in the digital landscape.

12 Checklist to Prevent WordPress from Hackers

Every day, hackers with malicious intent try to hack a number of websites for their personal advantage. This creates a huge problem for website owners. When a website is hacked, its admin or owner loses control over it and suffers a big loss in terms of online presence, ranking in search results, traffic, contact with customers and revenues. What will be new in WordPress 4.8? WordPress is an enormous CMS platform with over 27 percent market share across the digital landscape.

What will be new in WordPress 4.8?

Every year, WordPress introduces some of the few minor as well as major releases. This year we are expecting the release of WordPress 4.8. Recently, WordPress released the Beta-1 for 4.8 version to let users know more about the expected features of this updated version. The main reason behind this update is to make editing posts with links easier and allow website owners to use widgets in the more convenient way. In short, give rich visual editing experience is the ultimate goal for this new WordPress release. 1. WordPress 4.8 will be focused on improving some of the key elements of the visual editor. 2.

10 Best WordPress CV Themes for 2017. The very first impression that you make on the potential HR manager is through your CV.

10 Best WordPress CV Themes for 2017

It determines your capabilities and competency towards specific job profile. This means a resume is one of the most crucial aspects that takes just two minutes to decide whether it’s worth exploring or not. In this competitive digital world, you can’t restrict yourself when it comes to creating a professional-looking CV-based website to describe your education, expertise and working experience. To help you get the most out of it, we bring you the list of 10 most beautiful and user-friendly WordPress CV themes that will help you build a resume based website, without any coding.

Whether you are a Chartered Accountant or a Content Writer, you can leverage the CV based WordPress themes to grow the chances of getting dream job instantly. 10 Best WordPress CV Themes for 2017. An Extensive Guide to Optimize WordPress for Lead Generation. Last Updated on by Prithu Singh Thakuri - 0 Comment Generating qualified leads for a web business should be the foremost priority for those who are looking to monetize their website and maximize their online sales.

An Extensive Guide to Optimize WordPress for Lead Generation

In this competitive digital world, you should keep yourself ahead of your competitors and give your web visitors a compelling reason to stay connected with your site. You should focus on making vigilant efforts to convert more people into potential customers for your website. No matter what type of website you are running, make sure that your lead generation strategies hit right to the targeted web audiences. You should be aware of your customer’s needs and find out what they are looking for when they visit your site. How to Optimize WordPress for Lead Generation - ThimPress. Generating quality leads for a web business depends upon multiple factors.

How to Optimize WordPress for Lead Generation - ThimPress

Being a WordPress user, you should always look for the innovative ways to improve the conversions of your site. Besides creating a professional-looking website, ensure that you give potential web visitors an enough reason to stay longer. This will drastically boost the readability and usability of your website. Encourage your web visitors to convert into subscribers and customers by giving them rich user experience. WordPress 4.7.4 is out: What's new in this Maintenance Release? The success of WordPress 4.7 can be seen in the number of its active downloads – around 60 million downloads till now.

WordPress 4.7.4 is out: What's new in this Maintenance Release?

With this unbeatable results, WordPress has announced the release of 4.7.4, which is a maintenance release. The good news is that this latest update has 47 fixes and improvements, addressing both the minor issues as well as the major ones. The WordPress 4.7.4 maintenance release is here to download. In-Depth Guide To Add “All In One SEO” Plugin in WordPress. Search engine optimization is a technique used by digital marketing experts to increase the visibility of websites on different search engines.

In-Depth Guide To Add “All In One SEO” Plugin in WordPress

It involves numerous theories, tricks, and rules. The worse thing about this technique is that new SEO updates keep rolling out on a regular basis. So, people involved in SEO often find it difficult to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends in SEO and optimize their site accordingly to have better results.

How to Secure WordPress From Hackers. Home /WordPress /How to Secure WordPress From Hackers April 19th, 2017 Being a WordPress site owner, you can’t ignore the fact that it is one of the most vulnerable platforms for security attacks.

How to Secure WordPress From Hackers

Majority of hackers target this particular content management platform due to the different reasons. One of the key reasons is its growing popularity – WordPress is on the top of CMS market with more than 60 percent market share. An Extensive Guide to Get Started with your own WordPress Website. Learn JavaScript as a WordPress Developer - 6 Essential Tips. JavaScript is a computer programming language, which is extensively used by the web developers to create various web applications and add interactive features to them.

Learn JavaScript as a WordPress Developer - 6 Essential Tips

Most of the internet browsers support JavaScript, which allows dynamic content to get displayed beautifully on web pages. JavaScript plays a prominent role in WordPress development. A web developer with an adequate knowledge of JS can easily make different applications robust and scalable, allowing users to use those applications with profound ease. If you want to be an expert WordPress developer, you need to learn JS appropriately and make smart decisions right from the beginning of the learning process. Here are some tips that you must use to make your work easier: 1. If you want to learn JavaScript skills, first of all, you must decide what you know and what you don't know. How to Create Small Business Website Using WordPress? In this age of Internet and social media, having an online presence is essential for all business organizations no matter they are large, medium or small. Generally, when people have to get their website designed, they hire web developers.

A website designer can create, maintain and keep your site up-to-update easily. But, you have to spend a lot of money for this. If you don’t have enough resources to hire web developers, you can use the WordPress to create small business websites yourself without facing any problem. Just go through the below-mentioned steps carefully to make your dream business website within a few steps- 1. It is the first step towards building a website. How to Code your own WordPress Child Theme? - Creative Beacon. A beautifully customized WordPress site not only represents your brand on the web but also encourages people to visit your site and explore more about your business/products/services. There are many blogging platforms available but WordPress is without a doubt, the most used blogging platform. And the best part is that WordPress comes with a ton of ready-made themes that you can customize it, without using a single line of coding.

But with all the flexibility and customization functionality available WordPress themes, it becomes quite difficult to maintain the custom changes, especially when you are updating your existing theme. In simple words, all the changes that you have made will be overwritten if you update the customized theme. 8 Hacks to Make your WordPress E-commerce Store Rock - - Free and Premium Wordpress Themes and Joomla Templates. The modern world is totally revolutionized with the invention of the Internet as it has changed the way we live, communicate with each other, get information and conduct business.

A number of people are jumping into the world of E-business every year and all of them crave for the speedy growth of their businesses. Thanks to WordPress,which has provided a viable platform to numerous business owners who want to develop an E-shop within a restricted budget. If you run a WordPress E-commerce Store, you may face many challenges when it comes to strike a proper balance between the security, speed, functionality and design of your site. Nevertheless, you can increase your sales and revenue easily with the help of some useful E-commerce tips. Easy Guide to Customize Your WordPress Admin Area - SeerOmega. The WordPress admin area/panel is one of the most crucial parts of a site from where you manages your entire website- be it adding new functionality, changing the design of a web page, editing the blog posts, publishing/posting the content and a lot more.

It is like a home for all the WordPress site owners/administrators/webmasters. Since, the WordPress admin area by default is very straightforward, mediocre and less secure, it becomes essential for you to customize it according to your specific business needs. Change the colors, make it more appealing, inspiring, functional and of course, secure using best practices. Here in this blog post, we will share a complete guide on how to customize the admin area of a WordPress blog that will help you achieve the same, without any heavy lifting. Easy Guide to Customize Your WordPress Admin Area - SeerOmega. A Guide to Improve WordPress Website's Search Engine Visibility.

Getting higher ranking on the top of the Google search result page is a dream of every website owner. Whether you are using website builders or user friendly CMS like WordPress for setting up your website/blog, you should always make out the best possible efforts to improve the visibility of your business on search engines. Since the competition of getting higher SEO ranking is on the surge, it becomes essential for you to keep yourself refurbished with the changing SEO tricks and techniques, Google updates and other dominating factors.

No doubt, WordPress makes it easy to create, publish and post fresh content easily, but you need to optimize the other key elements of your site to rank well on search engine result pages. Here, in this blog post, we will share you some of the great tips that will promote the ranking of your WordPress site on the Google and other search engines. But before delving into the SEO optimizing tips, don’t forget to assess your current search ranking. 1. The Common UX Designer's Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – MicroDesign Web. The Common UX Designer’s Mistakes and How to Avoid Them UX design is a significant component in web design and development. It helps you to make users fully satisfied with the overall design of your website, assist them to achieve their goals and improve the usability of your site eventually. How to Improve SEO for your WordPress Site. Freelancers’ Guide: How to Deal with Image and Content Theft in WordPress?

Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing your site’s images and text being stolen by others. As a freelance content creator, you invested all your time and efforts in creating unique and quality content (both the images and text), and then suddenly to came to know that your blog post or images have been appearing on others sites, without even your permission. 6 Dazzling Web Design Trends Watch out for 2017 – WordPress Theme Setup. The constant evolution of web design world has been giving new opportunities to web designers to think out-of-the-box and bring innovative ideas while designing a website.

Since the web designing and development sector is changing rapidly, it becomes essential for professional web developers and designers to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques.

WordPress Tutorials

5 Great Factors To Use WordPress For eCommerce. When it comes to building a professional and robust website, WordPress is considered to be one of the best solutions. 5 Best Plugins for Creating Data Charts in WordPress - TopMostBlog. A Chart is an excellent way to help visitors see comprehensive amounts of data quickly and effortlessly. They are ideally made for presentations and powerpoints. You can display a large amount of data on your site with this powerful data visualization tool. It allows visitors/readers to understand data quickly and effortlessly. How to Make the Most of Social Media with WordPress.

There’s more to social media than virtual socializing. The Ultimate Guide for Setting up Wordpress Genesis Framework. As you may already know, one of the most flexible, powerful, and smart ways to publish content online is by using WordPress software. Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins you must have 2016. Having an e-commerce website simply means you are promoting and selling your products and services online to the potential web customers. And for effective sales, you can use pricing tables to encourage web customers into choosing the products which in turn improve your conversions. Plus, this will allow your visitors to see and compare the different features of your pricing policies. The List of Five Most Compelling Booking Plugins for WordPress - wikifo. WordPress is the most notorious content management system used by millions of people for building highly interactive and dynamic websites.

It is a flexible content publishing tool that can be used for creating all types of websites including restaurant and hotel, hair salon and spa, health or education consultant and much more. The Complete Rundown of WordPress Maintenance Process. Best WordPress Plugins for Creating Photo Gallery in Your Website - ScrollBucks. 5 Web Design Trends that are Here to Stay in 2016 - Layerbag - Layerbag. WordPress Poll Plugins for Adding Polls and Survey Options on Your Website - A List of 10 Best Mobile Frameworks for Developers - Techniblogic. Guide to Performing A/B Test in WordPress. How to Improve your SEO by Speeding up Your Wordpress Website. Self-Help Tips for Designers Starting-out on WordPress. Basic Security Tips for WordPress Beginners ~ HireWPGeeks Ltd. User's Guide to WordPress Performance Optimization in 2016. New Approaches to Web Design in 2016 - Inbound Now.

What to Expect from WordPress 4.5. Tracey Jones Blog — A List of Top 5 WordPress Scheduling Plugins. Tips to Better Blog Writing on WordPress. 5 Reasons Why WordPress Theme Frameworks are Essential for your Development Projects. Top Factors that Has a Great Impact on Mobile App Development Cost. How to Improve Page Load Time On WordPress Websites. 2016 Web Design Trends and Predictions. Top Reasons why Premium WordPress Themes are Best... A Comprehensive Check List Before You Launch Your WordPress Website. HireWPGeeks - Offshore WordPress Development. Top Advantages of Using a Responsive WordPress Theme for your Website – HireWPGeeks Ltd. Top 30 best Wordpress Themes for Business Website and Corporate Design - BloggingConsult. HireWPGeeks - Offshore WordPress Development. Speed Up: A Guide To Decreasing Your WordPress Load Time. Best Real Estate WordPress Plugins. Step-By-Step Guide for Converting PSD Design to WordPress. Right on Target: What you really stand to gain from Custom WordPress Development.

WordPress 4.4.2 Release: Bug, Fixes and Features. Key Factors: Increasing Traffic to your WordPress Blog - Igor Benić. Top Reasons to Use WordPress as the Preferred CMS for Creating Your Website by Lucy Barret. How to Create a WordPress Child Theme. How-To-Guide: Convert PSD to WordPress Theme – Designs Tutorial. UX Design Tips for better Conversion Rate Optimization - MainWP WordPress Management. Convert your HTML Website to WordPress in 9 Easy Steps - All.

A Collection of the Best Weather Widget & Wordpress Plugins - Computergeekblog. 8 Useful WordPress Widgets for Your Site. Custom WordPress Design: Ideal Choice for Your Next Web Venture - XtremeRain. 10 Fabulous Free & Premium Photography Themes for WordPress. WordPress 4.4: What’s Cool about “Clifford” A Definitive Guide to Become a Perfect WordPress Theme Developer – Designs Tutorial. How to Profit as a Professional WordPress Theme Developer. Consider the Best CDN Services to Speed up Your WordPress Blog ~ Blogger Tips Pk. A Close Comparison between Free and Premium WordPress Themes. Set-up Guide for Google Analytics for Small Businesses on WordPress. 5 Major Advantages of Choosing a Premium WordPress Theme. An Extensive Guide for Designing the Perfect Landing Page for Better Conversion. Mega List of Helpful Tools for Front and Back-End Developers. Move your Website with 5 Most WordPress Analytics Plugins.

7 Genesis Child Themes for WordPress. A Detailed Comparison between UX and UI Design from a Designer's Point of View. A List of 7 Most Popular WordPress Advertising Plugins. Timbdesign. 7 Most Popular WordPress Comments Plugins that Everyone Should Know. Checklist for Beginners before Launching Their WP Website – Technology News, HowTo, Blogging, Review, Online Business. All about WordPress 4.4 Features & Special Releases. Top 6 Reasons Why Businesses Opt for WordPress. The AngularJS Debate: Pros and Cons of Google's JavaScript Framework.

HireWPGeeks - For All Your WordPress Needs. Getting Your WordPress Theme Approved by ThemeForest - An In-Depth Guide. Speeding Up WordPress Website is Easier than You Think. A Collection of the Best WordPress Advertising Plugins - A Prettier Web. 10 of the BEST WordPress Drag and Drop Themes. WordPress Themes With Great Use of Photography. 10 Most Stunning WooCommerce Themes for WordPress - WPCookHouse. WordPress Website: Enhances the Growth of Your Online Business - WPGeeks - Offshore WordPress Development. Typical Mistakes Even Experienced Developers Make In WordPress. You Must be Aware of Limitations of WordPress. Create WordPress Instructional Manual. Lisa.