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Trabeauli is a one stop blog destination for all those who love to read about travel, beauty, and life. A blogging site created by a group of young girls who are travel enthusiast , experiences ,sharing experiences, beauty hacks that none wants to miss and very practical and positive life blogs that will make you feel connected and inspired. Don't miss out connecting to this amazing blog.

Top 10 Best Skin Care Products For All Skin Type Highly Recommended - Trabeauli. Best Skin Care Products In 2018 Every year the trend changes the color changes and the style changes. And we make ourselves according to the latest style. We chose the best hairstyle, dress and hair color. But what about our skin. We are very conscious about it and want it to be flawless and glowing always. So, we at TraBeauLi has some amazing best skin care products of this year. So just check them out: – 1.

[Dr. This is one of the best product for the people dealing with oily skin. 2. [Dr. Are you Skin thirsty and dry? See more – Home remedies for dry skin 3. [Allies of Skin Promise Keeper Overnight Facial]: Courtesy Brand This is one of the best Skincare product 2018 has. Apply it every night, 15 minutes before going to bed so that, it gets absorbed properly and next day morning see the radiant skin glow, which won’t go unnoticed. 4. [Niod Flavanone Face Mask]: 5. [Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum]: You may find it expensive, but this product is really amazing. 6. 7.

[Medik8 R-Retinoate] 8. 10 Best Vacation Destination in The World In 2018 |Place to Visit |Trabeauli. Best Vacation Destination In The World: Putting down your headphone and listening to the sound of birds, air, Waterfall, is so much better than the traffic noise or any other music. Nature gives you a firsthand experience that no gadget can ever provide. Having a regular daily routine makes the life so much boring and sad that sometimes it feels frustrated and leads to lack of real-world experience.

There is so much in the world that can simply blow your mind, they just work magically to uplift your mind and soul, it instantly boosts up your energy which is so much better than getting any therapy. Many experts who love traveling have revealed their dream vacations that can help you out to move your ass and add any of these best vacation destinations on your bucket list this year. 1. See more- Useful Travel Gadgets 2. It is a South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti which is in French Polynesia. See more- International travel checklist 3.

New York City has something for everyone. 4. 5. 6. 7 Best Lipstick Brands Used By Celebrities In The World | Trabeali. Best Lipstick Brands Used By Celebrities: We girls are very careful when it comes to skincare but looking beautiful, glamorous, sexy, bold while taking care of our skin is a tough task. We do almost everything to make our skin look young and beautiful. We all have a regular makeup routine that we follow an important ritual of our life but there is one go-to beauty product for any girl that instantly makes us ready to rock the world i.e. lipstick. While carefully selecting the right shade according to our skin tone and texture of our lip we often tend to ignore the brands that we are using. So, here we are helping you out to pick some of the best lipstick brands in the world and lipstick brands used by celebrities. 1. Pros of Nars Lipstick Sets Keeps HydratedSmooth, ultra-comfortable wearAmazing shades to choose fromLong-wearing application 2.Dior Lipstick Review image source-Chic Profile A brand recognized by many people worldwide was first founded in 1946 by Christian Dior. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

15 Healthy Food For Winter Season | Winter Foods List | LegoDesk. Winter is Coming”. The coldest season of the year arrives, and brings all the cold breeze, dusty roads, hibernate mode with it. So, finally, winter is here with all those lazy days, dusty roads, hibernating mode and cold winds. But, winter is also considered to be the healthiest season as it gives us many fruits and vegetables to eat which are really good for our health and you can also easily digest your food. TraBeauLi here brings you some food items, which one should eat in winter: – 1.

Pomegranate: This juicy ruby red fruit is very beneficial for anti-aging. 2. We always think potatoes make us fat. Image source-Today Health Tips 3. Also called us Indian gooseberry, this is the most effective fruit in slowing down the ageing process. 4. The sweet, pink tropical fruit can help chase away your winter blues. 5. Many of us do not like this natural sweetener. 6.

These vegetables are most beneficial in winter. 7. This is not a simple fruit. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Top 7 Luxurious Trains In The World | Luxury Travel Blog | Trabeauli. What makes a Journey Memorable? The company, Destination etc.

We never think that the Mode of Transportation can give us any memories, but we are wrong. We have got some amazing Luxurious trains, which take us back in a different era. It gives us an art of rediscovering the travel. Travelling in any of these Luxurious trains will give you a lifetime experience. 1. Image It runs between Moscow to Vladivostok. Cost of Ticket: – More than $15,000 (Silver Class) for double occupancy Journey: – Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan Ude, Ulaan Baatar, Vladivostok, and Khabarovsk. 2.

Image source-Railway Getaways The origin of the Blue Train was to make a dream live. Cost of Ticket: – $976 per person Journey: – Pretoria, Kimberley, Capetown (On southbound trip) 3. Image source-BushBreaks It is a private railway company operating in Capital Park Station, Pretoria. Cost of Ticket: – 13,600 rands for double occupancy 4. 5. 6. 7. Image source-Pinterest. Weight Loss Tips: Top 10 Easy Way For Reduce Weight at Home | Trabeauli. Whether you are a youngster, teenager, employee or a parent, you are concerned about reducing weight.

Being overweight is really a big problem. It does not only increase the risk of leading health issues but also weakens our self-esteem. Trust me, losing or maintaining a healthy weight is not a difficult task as many of us think, rather it’s just as simple as anything. You just need dedication and a desire to be healthy. You can easily maintain and reduce your weight by these simple weight loss tips at your home. You need not spend a lot on your gym membership, Zumba, yoga classes or any other fitness class. You just follow certainly do’s and don’ts along with weight loss tips to get a toned and healthy body with no expense and extra efforts. Here are some natural weight loss tips at home to be followed : 1. There are plenty of ways to make detox drink for your body. Here are few common ‘homemade weight loss detox drinks‘ and strengthen your immune: 2. Image source- timelessmedspa 3. 4.

Seeded Flatbread Recipe. We are in the middle of a cold snap here in San Francisco. A mild one, as far as cold snaps are concerned, but reason enough to reaffirm my friendship with my oven. It has been working overtime - granola, batches of cookies, gratins, and yesterday this seeded flatbread. The flatbread is made from white whole wheat flour along with pepitas, sunflower, poppy, and mustard seeds. You can pull the dough out paper thin or leave it a bit thicker, serve it straight or bake it with toppings. Whatever you like, really. I actually stumbled on some flatbread notes while tidying up my desk. When I pull the flatbread dough extra thin, I sometimes add a thin later of toppings. And just a reminder, you need to make the dough the night before, it takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare the dough, and then you pull it out and bake it the next day. This recipe makes a hearty, dense flatbread. Stir together the flour, salt, yeast, and seeds in the bowl of an electric mixer.

Makes six 6-ounce flatbreads. 13 Eye Makeup Tips Step By Step at Home | Beauty Tips | Trabeauli. Eye Makeup Tips Step By Step: Every woman desire for beautiful, attractive and dramatic eyes. Every woman tries to apply some kind of Eye Makeup to make her eyes look glamorous before stepping out. Even if you, not an expert, do not worry.

Here are some easy eye makeup tips that a simple eye makeup can make your eyes look beautiful. Eyes are the windows to the heart. 1. Image source-Raw Raw Beauty Always apply the eyeshadow primer to keep your eye makeup smooth and long lasting by protecting it from rain, sweat and from the oil produced by your skin. 2. Gif source- Gif Concealer is the another important thing which we usually ignore. 3. Image source-Saubhaya Makeup Apply eyeshadow matching to your dress. Apply eyeshadow matching to your dress. 4. Next step is to line your eyes for a catchy look. 5. Try out something different with your eyes. 6.

You can add three different colours of the liner to give a trendy and stylish look. 7. Image source- Gif There are two ways to put the liner. 8. 9. 5 Yoga Exercises Everyone Should Do For a Healthy Life | Trabeauli. Yoga Exercises for Healthy Life Health is wealth. Man is too often busy running after wealth that he loses his health. He becomes old, aged, tired, and helpless and spends all his earned wealth on his health. That is when he realises that it is not only money which is to be earned but health as well. Health is the wealth which is always taken granted of and then repented for in future. Avoid falling into this trap and from now on be concerned about your health. Health is the most precious wealth which has to be addressed on daily basis. So, Trabeauli presents this article for all those fitness freaks out there in search of something new and for those who after reading this have started worrying about their health and strive to be healthy and fit.

Here are the 5 yoga exercises everyone should do for a healthy, fit and happy life. It is the pose for relieving the body of stress both physical and mental. Source-theodysseyonline Start with kneeling down on your yoga mat. Quick tips: 3. 5.