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Hobby Robot Rides a Bike the Old-Fashioned Way The current generation of bicycle-riding robots (I'm talking about those crazy kids from Murata) are extremely complicated, relying on giant gyroscopes and thick wheels to keep themselves upright even while stationary. This is certainly a neat trick, but it's not something that most humans can pull off. It's not a problem that robots are better at something than we are (by now, we're used to it), but there's something to be said for human emulation, too. It turns out that getting a robot to ride a bicycle doesn't need to involve much more than a hobby level humanoid employing a relatively simple gyroscope that sends steering commands to keep things generally upright. Hobby Robot Rides a Bike the Old-Fashioned Way
Slo-mo Balloon Bang! - Bang Goes the Theory - BBC One
Jem Melts Rock Using Sunshine - Bang Goes The Theory - Series 3, Episode 5 Preview - BBC One
Quantum Levitation
Email When you hear the name Bruce Lee certain images are probably conjured in your mind. Maybe it's of some bad dubbing in a kung fu classic or maybe you picture Lee beating down Chuck Norris in Way of The Dragon (yes people, it happened ) or perhaps, if you're truly unfortunate, your knowledge of Lee caps out at obscure references or mentions in rap songs. But make no mistake, Bruce Lee was a singular entity in our cultural history and in this interview taken from over thirty years ago we gain some keen insights into the man who died so soon before his time. The interview with Lee documented below comes from 1971 during a taping of something called 'The Pierre Berton Show' and if you're like me, you probably couldn't pick out Pierre Berton from a hole in the wall. After watching his interviewing skills, it's not hard to see why his name was never carved into our cultural pantheon. Bruce Lee’s Lost Interview | Mantuitive Bruce Lee’s Lost Interview | Mantuitive
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Sketch of Voronoi