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The Occupied Mind is a conceptual map and aggregation of information on complex interrelated subjects pertaining to the sociopolitical landscape. Apr 10

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We are the 99 Percent - Home We are the 99 Percent - Home America has been in the grip of accelerating inequality for decades. Politicians have been supporting policies that benefit the few at the expense of everyone else. No matter what you call it - trickle down economics, free market fundamentalism, crony capitalism - it is all rooted in the idea that if you take care of the people at the very top, everyone benefits. That is a lie and we reject it. This site has one simple purpose: to provide us and our fellow citizens with facts, graphics, and more reading about income inequality, wealth concentration, and our corrupt economic system. Steal these facts, graphics, and ideas.


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Using the trope of an extended discussion among characters from different professional backgrounds, Jacobs sets out to examine the moral codes that govern work. She finds two "syndromes"--two mutually exclusive collections of connect- ed traits, self-organized systems that have evolved over the long span of human history. They derive, she argues, from the two and only two ways humans as a species have of making a living: taking and trading. (Most animals have only taking, better known as hunting and gathering.) She dubs them the "guardian syndrome" and the "commercial syndrome." The Occupied Mind The Occupied Mind

check out this story. from by rio.d Dec 24

Tor nice work. I am working with a small occupy group in Newport Or, We want to focus on Fighting corporate personhood in our community. are you familiar with the cedef? If you have time send some info our way. Thanks.
Rio by rio.d Dec 24