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Pleasure & Intelligence Drugs Adopted By Society. By Roger Highfield - Science Editor, The Telegraph - UK 7-15-5 Mind-altering drugs could be as common as coffee within a couple of decades to boost performance at school and at work, to "unlearn" addiction and to erase memories of distressing events such as a terrorist attack, according to a government think-tank.

Pleasure & Intelligence Drugs Adopted By Society

Society may end up realising Aldous Huxley's vision of a Brave New World in which people take a supposedly perfect pleasure-drug, Soma - though the report shies away from discussing whether future governments will be tempted to encourage the use of "happy pills" for social control. The Foresight think-tank points out that psychoactive substances have been part of society for thousands of years.

It heralds the development of new recreational drugs, some of which might be less harmful than those already costing society around £13 billion annually, mostly due to crime. "We have not reached a ceiling for recreational drug use," it said.

Cannabis, still illegal in 2014?!

Obama Just Took One Big Step Towards Stopping the War on Drugs. The news: U.S.

Obama Just Took One Big Step Towards Stopping the War on Drugs

President Barack Obama is expected to pardon "hundreds, perhaps thousands" of federal drug inmates before leaving office. That number might not seem so big. But it's historic in executive terms. In fact, reports indicate that the potential number will be well above the norm for an outgoing president and may even approach levels not seen since President Gerald Ford gave mass clemency to draft dodgers after the Vietnam War. According to Yahoo News, the initiative to pardon non-violent drug offenders will be so big that "administration officials are preparing a series of personnel and process changes to help them manage the influx of petitions they expect Obama to approve. " David Simon Part 2 of 2. David Simon Part 1 of 2. Listen to The Wire Creator David Simon Explode Lies with Truth. It Made My Jaw Hit the Floor.

New revelations about mom killed by Capitol cops. Text smaller Text bigger WASHINGTON — First they called her a terrorist threat.

New revelations about mom killed by Capitol cops

Marijuana: An Athlete's Best Friend? Marijuana-consuming athletes are turning the stereotype of the lazy pothead upside down and giving new connotations to “doping” in sports.

Marijuana: An Athlete's Best Friend?

Former LSU star cornerback Tyrann Mathieu is placed in a police car at Baton Rouge Police Department Second District Police Station bound for East Baton Rouge Parish prison after he as found with marijuana in Baton Rouge. (AP Photo/The Daily Reveille) When it comes to drugs and sports, the topic is usually performance-enhancing drugs like steroids or strong opiate-based painkillers. This, however, may be changing. It turns out that athletes are hitting more than just balls these days — many are also hitting the bong to ease pain arising from injuries and, sometimes, to tone down their aggressiveness.

Misha Glenny investigates global crime networks. DN! Investigative Reporter Gary Webb Who Linked CIA to Crack Sales Found Dead of Apparent Suicide. Gary Webb. Webb's reporting generated fierce controversy, and the San Jose Mercury News backed away from the story, effectively ending Webb's career as a mainstream-media journalist.

Gary Webb

In 2004 he was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the head, which the coroner's office judged a suicide. Though he was criticized and outcast from the mainstream journalism community, his reportage was eventually vindicated; since his death, for example, both the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune have defended his "Dark Alliance" series. Esquire wrote that a report from the CIA inspector general "subsequently confirmed the pillars of Webb's findings. Oliver North, wikipedia. Early life[edit] North was born in San Antonio, Texas, the son of Ann Theresa (née Clancy) and Oliver Clay North, a US Army major.[3][4] He grew up in Philmont, New York, and graduated from Ockawamick High School in 1961.

Oliver North, wikipedia

He attended the State University of New York at Brockport in Brockport, New York, for two years.[5] The Contras, Cocaine, and Covert Operations. National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 2 For more information contact: 202/994-7000 or Washington, D.C. – An August, 1996, series in the San Jose Mercury News by reporter Gary Webb linked the origins of crack cocaine in California to the contras, a guerrilla force backed by the Reagan administration that attacked Nicaragua's Sandinista government during the 1980s.

The Contras, Cocaine, and Covert Operations

Webb's series, "The Dark Alliance," has been the subject of intense media debate, and has focused attention on a foreign policy drug scandal that leaves many questions unanswered. This electronic briefing book is compiled from declassified documents obtained by the National Security Archive, including the notebooks kept by NSC aide and Iran-contra figure Oliver North, electronic mail messages written by high-ranking Reagan administration officials, memos detailing the contra war effort, and FBI and DEA reports. CIA-Contra Cocaine Scandal: The Tragic Saga of Gary Webb.

Starring Jeremy Renner as the late Gary Webb, the movie of Webb’s investigation of the CIA’s Contra-cocaine scandal – and of Webb’s destruction by mainstream news outlets – is set to begin filming this summer.

CIA-Contra Cocaine Scandal: The Tragic Saga of Gary Webb

If Hollywood gets the story right, it will be a dark and enlightening tale. While there was the usual glitz and glamour at this year’s Oscars, the star not strolling down the red carpet was actually an intelligence arm of the U.S. government. By bestowing “Argo” with its top award, the Academy gave props to the CIA for the forgotten heroic mission to save six Americans trapped in Iran. “Zero Dark Thirty,” also up for best picture, portrayed CIA analysts as heroes ridding the planet of a psychopathic murderer. But the CIA is not likely to be singing “Hurrah For Hollywood” for long. Wikipedia: CIA and Contras cocaine trafficking in the US. Central Intelligence Agency The involvement of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in cocaine trafficking in Central America during the Reagan Administration as part of the Contra war in Nicaragua has been the subject of several official and journalistic investigations since the mid-1980s.

Wikipedia: CIA and Contras cocaine trafficking in the US

Early reports[edit] Wikipedia: Allegations of CIA drug trafficking. Central Intelligence Agency Some sources say that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been involved in several drug trafficking operations.

Wikipedia: Allegations of CIA drug trafficking

Some of these reports claim that congressional evidence indicates that the CIA worked with groups which it knew were involved in drug trafficking, so that these groups would provide them with useful intelligence and material support, in exchange for allowing their criminal activities to continue,[1] and impeding or preventing their arrest, indictment, and imprisonment by U.S. law enforcement agencies.[2] Afghanistan (Soviet Union)[edit] The CIA supported various Afghan rebel commanders, such as Mujahideen leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who were fighting against the government of Afghanistan and the forces of the Soviet Union which were its supporters.[3] Historian Alfred W. McCoy stated that:[4] Golden Triangle[edit] CIA and Kuomintang opium smuggling operations[edit] United States[edit] "I've got George Bush by the balls!"

A month before the 1988 Presidential election Panamanian Dictator General Manual Noriega warned Vice President and GOP Presidential candidate George H. W. Bush that he had evidence which would alter the outcome of the election. Then a short while later a video of a huge rally was frequently shown on TV with Noriega waving a machete and shouting "I've got George Bush by the balls! " General Noriega's threats towards Bush worked because the CIA quickly halted their efforts to destabilize his regime.

Vice President Bush had a 14 point lead over Dukakis yet he was worried enough about Noriega to ask President Reagan to have the CIA back off on it's plan of weakening the Panamanian leader but this was only temporary because 13 months later Bush invaded Panama just to get one man. DEA Agent with Bush President George H. Perhaps the most hated man in US history ! DEA Agent Rene De La Cova who arrested Noriega was busted himself 5 years later Noriega & De La Cova. DN! "Reagan Was the Butcher of My People:" Fr. Miguel D’Escoto Speaks From Nicaragua. Note on Reagan & Contra Drug Smuggling.