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TPM Implementation for Organization Culture. TPM was developed in Japan between 1950 to 1970.

TPM Implementation for Organization Culture

Business excellence journey sustainable. The next question that follows is, which is the best methodology?

Business excellence journey sustainable

TQM, TPM, LEAN, SIX SIGMA, TOC, AGILE, BPM?. Related Article– Can we use best practices as combination of Lean, TPM, TQM, Kaizen, Six Sigma? After years of practical exposure of working with various organization, we found the answer. We decided to share it with rest of the organizations. Seven Steps Business Transformation Systems was founded about a decade ago with the mission of Making Excellence a Culture. 5S and Safety Improvements in the workplace. Total Productive Maintenance - Implementation. Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance. Total Productive Maintenance is well known in its abbreviated form – TPM has origins from Japan. It is a well structured and scientific method refined with many iterations for getting best and sustainable results. TPM is not only for machine intensive organisation. The approach and methodologies can be applied in the office environment also. When TPM methodology is implemented in an organisation, it helps in improving overall performance of business by Improving teamwork among the entire organization members – top management to the front line.

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) - How To Improve Customer Service With Supply Chain Management? Customer complaints create a dent on an organization’s profitability and reputation.

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) - How To Improve Customer Service With Supply Chain Management?

Many organizations react to the situation only after a complaint is received. By this time, it is too late. Another option which is proven to address these issues is through effective implementation of Failure mode effects analysis tool or methodology. Failures are prioritized according to the following: Risks i.e how serious their consequences are, How frequently they occur, How easily they can be detected The purpose of Failure Modes and Effects analysis is to take concrete actions to eliminate or reduce failures, starting with the prioritization -Top priority ones first. Implementing Operational Excellence in Organizations- Principles, Strategies & Methodology. Operational excellence is about achieving full potential of organisations performance.

Implementing Operational Excellence in Organizations- Principles, Strategies & Methodology

It goes beyond cutting costs. Many organisations struggle to achieve the most obvious deliverables to the customers. Quality of products and servicesDelivery performance in line with customer requirement – CRDFulfilment of ordered quantity.Cost of goods in line with the market demand. This is the tip of the iceberg. Implementation of Applied 5S. Implementing Lean Strategy for Organisations. Very few companies and their promoters see the full potential of implementing lean to transform their organisation towards world class.

Implementing Lean Strategy for Organisations

Most of the traditional managers even see this as manufacturing thing and delegate to some one down the line to lead. Implementing the 5S Methodology, Visual management systems. Before implementation of Visual management, implementation of 5S is highly recommended.

Implementing the 5S Methodology, Visual management systems

Seven Steps Business Transformation systems uses a unique methodology called Applied 5S which is very unique way of implementation with Total Employee involvement. What is 5SWhat is the difference between Cosmetic and Function 5S (Applied 5S)Need for 5SOur Services for 5SOur Methodology and Case StudiesList of Customers Implementing the 5S Methodology Activities/Deliverables: Related Article– Steps For Implementing the 5S Methodology. The Need for Training Within Industry. Implementing the 5S Methodology, Visual management systems. TQM,TPM,LEAN,SIXSIGMA: Right strategy for organization’s business excellence journey.

1.0: The need for Business Excellence Journey? There are four Cs which drive organization for Business Excellence. Competition, Customer, Company/CEO Vision and Crisis. Today organizations have one or more of above reasons for taking Business Excellence Journey. Note: Some organizations call it Operational Excellence which is according to the author is a sub-set of Business Excellence. While Business Excellence addresses the complete business environment including all stake holders, Operational excellence addresses the factors like productivity, quality, cost, delivery, morale, safety and service to customers.

For Example:Operational Excellence may not cover market threats. Lean Transformation Roadmap. Time Frame : Dependent on Variables Results At the end of Phase Three, an organization is building upon already-found gains.

Lean Transformation Roadmap

It is experiencing major breakthroughs and its performance is moving forward at a constant pace. When an organization reaches Phase Four, there is some danger it may fail to recognize lean is a journey that is never complete. Because the company experiences constant breakthroughs in performance, its leaders and workers may become complacent and even arrogant. Education Education is the cornerstone upon which lean will continue to grow and develop. Application. How Lean Manufacturing will help to improve Productivity. Lean is the term which has core philosophy of doing more and more with less and less.

How Lean Manufacturing will help to improve Productivity

Lean System can also be referred as FIT without Fat. Origin of Lean is from Manufacturing set up in Japan which had always valued its scare resources which is primarily space. Thought process on working with less space happened when Taiichi Ohno, the then shop-floor supervisor of engine manufacturing plant went to his boss and asked for more space to store inventory. Having already reeling under less resources of money and space, Taiichi Ohno was asked to explore how the inventory can be reduced so that it needs less space.

Phases of Lean Transformation. Effective Lean Daily Work Management System. With Lean Daily Work Management System at the core of its operations, an organization will be able to quickly identify deviation, start solving problems and make strategy deployment a success.

Effective Lean Daily Work Management System

Lean in Hospitals & Healthcare Services. Hospitals are a key part of health care delivery system.

Lean in Hospitals & Healthcare Services

They provide a variety of services ranging from outpatient treatment to admissions and rehabilitation. As a system, hospitals are intricate network of processes. Starting from the reception to the admissions and discharge office, the entire work is a series of processes. As a result of limited resources or large scope of service, hospitals tend to fall into repetitive procedures (forms to be filled in various places), wasted resources (more than required number of people speaking to the patients), and an overall confusion about the order of steps. These broken systems lead to problems with patient safety, increased cost and long waiting times. Lean Manufacturing in Garment Industry. The Lean Manufacturing concept in the Apparel Industry can diminish the operational expense in manufacturing by wiping out the process waste, engaging individuals with more prominent communication, expanding the higher efficiency in the execution procedure and transforming the company into a learning organization.

Lean Manufacturing is a precise methodology for accomplishing the shortest possible cycle time by eliminating the process waste through continuous improvement. In this way making the activity productive and just comprising of value adding steps from beginning to end. Best practices of Operational Excellence Journey Methodologies. Lean Layouts and Cellular Manufacturing. Traditionally, many conventional factory design had common manufacturing method of Job shop which is organised based on the concept where all similar operations are grouped and put in one room with a supervisor or a manager. High batch size, high volume transportation, high need for storage space and aisles/pathways flooded with materials resulting safety compromise. Implementing Lean Strategy for Organisations. Kanban and Supermarket System for Inventory Optimisation. Quality Certification - Get Professionally Certified.

Lean Layouts and Cellular Manufacturing.