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An Inspiring Talk about Master Photographer Fan Ho By Ted Forbes. In this video Ted Forbes from “The Art of Photography” talking about Fan Ho and his photography work.

An Inspiring Talk about Master Photographer Fan Ho By Ted Forbes

Follow The Art of Photography work Youtube Channel for more amazing videos. Portraits Of The World - A Life Travel And A Portrait Series By Vincent Karcher. A life travel and a portrait series project around the world in progress since almost 5 years.

Portraits Of The World - A Life Travel And A Portrait Series By Vincent Karcher

In the street, on the road, from far country side to cities I move around remote places to contemplate, live and photography different cultures. From the street of Dhaka to the villages of Rajasthan, on the side of the Ganga river to the suburb of Varanasi, from the jungle of West Papua to the Caribbeans, in the Namibian desert to the remote villages of Malawi, and many other places. I have admired and captured the differences but specially the beauty of Humans either physical than emotional.

Different cultures, different environments, different social and politics conditions, I capture portraits ; light, shadow, lines and love of Peoples to bring beauty on reality. A Stray Ghost And Other Stories: Visual Volumes Of Short Stories By Tamás Andok. It’s rather like visual volumes of short stories, than a photo series following a strict theme or a concept.

A Stray Ghost And Other Stories: Visual Volumes Of Short Stories By Tamás Andok

The 30 pieces of the collection are 30 stories captured in a blink of an eye. All of photos took place between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2017, mostly in Budapest. These moments were sometimes remote, sometimes close, almost tangible even, in other cases they were peculiar, hardly noticeable, elusive that deep down are touching personal things, are about constant curiosity, establishing contact, getting lost and found, about crises and redemption. See the Future - Photo Story By Myanmar Photographer Sai Htin Linn Htet. Around the world, persons with disabilities face immense challenges in exercising their political and human rights, particularly in developing country like Myanmar.

See the Future - Photo Story By Myanmar Photographer Sai Htin Linn Htet

Myanmar was going through historic period and the transition was very important for our citizen as it is what we had been waiting for after staying under military government for over 50 years. How to Build a Travel Photography Portfolio. Building a photography portfolio can be a scary proposition, as it forces you to choose images that best represent you as an artist and creator, whilst also demonstrating your technical skill and storytelling ability.

How to Build a Travel Photography Portfolio

Developing a travel photography portfolio is no different. However, developing a portfolio is an exercise that has many benefits, both from a personal growth as well as professional perspective. Unlike many areas of photography, there are some extra considerations for a travel specific portfolio. The main difference with travel photography, as opposed to specializing in weddings, events, or commercial, for example, is that there is a far greater need for you to be flexible in your approach to image making while allowing for the huge variety of subject matter one would normally encounter. Start planning your portfolio before you travel. 7 Ways to Become More Spontaneous with Your Street Photography.

As you become more experienced and comfortable doing street photography, you will notice that the way you shoot will begin to change.

7 Ways to Become More Spontaneous with Your Street Photography

You will notice more, focus more on what you like, and your work will improve significantly. How to Create Portraits with a Black Background. Who does not love a crisp, deep black background for a portrait?

How to Create Portraits with a Black Background

You can achieve this with the application of just two ideas, and just a little post-processing too. We are talking about a couple of techy things in hopefully, a non-techy way. These two ideas will give you tips for how to make black backgrounds for your portraits. No calculations necessary. How to Start A Documentary Project - Tips and Ideas with Stunning Pictures. By means of starting a Documentary project one actually tells a story in a picture format to the broadcast media.

How to Start A Documentary Project - Tips and Ideas with Stunning Pictures

The Photojournalist is a person who should be brilliant in Timeliness, objectivity and the way of Narration. This article shows you some important elements for you to pin on, if you are about to start a project on documentary. We hope these key points will definitely show some light for you to understand what Documentary or Photojournalism is all about. We have highlighted the efforts and sincerity the Masters have put on, what to learn from them and how to choose your project carefully and more willingly. 4 Steps to Help You Start a Documentary Photography Project. The thing you need to do for getting good ideas which are actually possible, is to weigh the game in your favour.

4 Steps to Help You Start a Documentary Photography Project

You need to be selective in your project choices, research well, and demonstrate an intense curiosity when pitching your project idea. The four steps in this article will help you: Use your interests to research and learn about a subject.Demonstrate your curiosity to those who hold the key. These are the gatekeepers.Gain access.Start a documentary photography project. Primarily a street photographer, using this method I transitioned into documenting places hidden behind closed doors, as you can too.

Step #1. The first thing to ask yourself is, what are you actually interested in? The 10 Most Collectible Photography Books of All Time on AbeBooks. The Best New Photography Books of 2016. The best photography books of 2015. While many of the books I liked this year conformed to the documentary photography tradition, the one I liked most questioned it in a mischievous way.

The best photography books of 2015

Regine Petersen’s beautifully designed Find a Fallen Star (Kehrer) is a two-volume visual meditation on meteorites and their impact, both physical and psychological. German-born Petersen roved far and wide to uncover the testimony of people who were struck by meteorites or witnessed them hitting the earth’s surface. Deftly merging photographs, press cuttings, first-person accounts and her own haunting landscapes into a multilayered narrative, Petersen creates a fascinating interrogation of memory, myth and evidence, whether visual or oral. The Best Photography Books of 2015. Visually stimulating and incredibly powerful, the following are The Daily Beast’s selections for the best photography books of 2015.

Despite the great innovations in photographic technology there doesn’t seem to have been concomitant progress to a better or more perfect art form. In fact, digitization, smart phones, selfies and social media have devalued the photographic image by the great populist tidal wave of pixels flying willy-nilly through the ether— more pictures, less meaning. 10 Game-Changing Photography Books. A good photo book is something that you can find your self returning to time and time again for a source of inspiration. With the Internet making the majority of photography easily accessible, holding a printed publication from your favorite artist can feel all that more special. To help you sort the treasure from the trash, we rounded up 10 photo books that have made a real impact in photography and have become a staple on bookshelves worldwide.

Afterwards, see our list of five upcoming urban photographers to watch in 2014 here and 10 of the most influential skate photographers of all time here.

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22 cool photo ideas portrait photographers should try. 19. Use paint Explosions by Alex Stoddard Portraits are your chance to get really creative with your photography. Don’t be afraid of using props – paint or powder paint, for instance! Alex has captured this image at a fast frame rate to freeze the moment the powder hits his subject, highlighting his shape and features. 20.

50 Creative Self-Portrait Ideas To Trump All Selfies. 10 Photography Tips to Help You Take Your Photography up a Level. The best lessons are the ones you learn the hard way. Here are 10 photography tips I learned after lots of frustration, discouragement, money lost, and forever lost opportunities. These tips are not very common, I never heard them hence you probably never heard of them either.

I hope they help you avoid the mistakes I made, and help you improve your photography. Let’s get to it shall we? Tips for Better Composition of Seascape Photographs. A Post By: Francesco Gola. Canon 7D Mark II: The Longed-Awaited Successor to a Classic DSLR Is Here. ShortcutMapper - Keyboard Shortcuts for Popular Apps.

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Club de USJT. HOW TO TAKE BETTER BLOG PHOTOS... - Stampin' Up! Demonstrator - Linda Aarhus - Simple to Sublime! To learn more than you'll ever need to know about taking great photos, search the World Wide Web and choose from thousands of articles on the subject. How to Take Better Photos of Print Design Work. 5 Tips to Seriously Improve Your Food Photography Techniques. 10 Portrait Tips to Take Your Photography to the Next Level. You have all the makings of a beautiful photograph: the perfect client, an overcast day for soft natural lighting and a gorgeous landscape as the backdrop. You’re taking photos but noticing that something’s not quite right. The photos look underwhelming. How to Plan the Perfect Portrait Shoot.

In my last article I gave you five reasons to use natural light for portraiture. Six Things They Won't Teach You In Portrait Photography Class. The one thing that will teach you to become a better portrait photographer is failure. Lighting. How to Reduce Camera Shake – 6 Techniques. The home of street photography.

Photography Tips & Tutorials. The Canon AE-1 Program - Basic Steps - Part I. El fotográfico. Getting Started with Infrared Photography. Infrared photography looks like nothing else. I’m sure you’ve seen some IR photos around the web, but maybe you don’t know how to achieve this special effect? Look no further, here’s a guide on what to think about when choosing your object, how to shoot and what to do in post-production. Photography is the art of capturing light, IR photography on the other hand is the art of capturing invisible light — but the challenge comes with its benefits, IR photographs can be really attention grabbing and otherworldly.

Infrared Photography with a Digital Camera. Fogging Certain cameras or lenses may exhibit some fogging, or image areas with extra exposure (for example, a bright central spot seen with many Canon lenses). This may be due to light scattered from inner surfaces of the lens, or to some peculiarities of anti-reflective lens coating which was not really designed for infrared.


Bratsi - Documentalismo Gráfico. Soy cámara. El programa del CCCB online. How to Scan Film Negatives with a DSLR. Well, lets just say I’ve gotten better at this over the last couple of years. The left image was one of the first I’ve “scanned” with my DSLR, and the one on the right I’ve just rescanned using the techniques described below (higher resolution available here). Right now I can get higher resolution and better image quality that what street labs give you on CD. I’ve seen many articles on the web explaining the basics of digitising film negatives or transparencies with a digital camera.


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