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7 steps to writing success

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JEN-MCVEITY-20-Action-Activities. Sizzling_Starts. Step 2: Sizzling Starts Four Favourite Techniques Hi , Here are my four favourite ways to write a Sizzling Start.


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Who is Harris Burdick?

All rights reserved. 56C - Berwick Fields Primary - 2011. Sizzling Starts and Planning for Success In class we have begun to look at the ’7 Steps to Amazing Writing’.

56C - Berwick Fields Primary - 2011

As a launching pad to the steps, we began by spending the first fortnight focusing on ‘Sizzling Starts’. A Sizzling Start is a start to a piece of writing or story that really engages the reader and makes them want to read more in the story. It could be an action scene or something funny – anything that makes the reader want to keep reading more. We have had a look at writing which does not sizzle (it fizzles!) 56C - Berwick Fields Primary - 2011.