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EGGCRATOR: automated eggcrate creator - UMN Digital Design Resource Library. This grasshopper definition will take a closed 3 dimensional surface as an input and generate an approximation of that shape with an "eggcrate.

EGGCRATOR: automated eggcrate creator - UMN Digital Design Resource Library

" It will also produce a set of numbered cutting templates for each rib of your eggcrate which you will be able to use for various digital fabrication mechanisms, like a laser cutter or CNC mill. The procedure for setting up your file is listed in the definition. P i n u p s p a c e. Ben Coorey. People:davidrutten. Algorithmic Modelling with Grasshopper by Mohamad Khabazi by Pablo C. Herrera. Rhino Grasshopper VS Generative Components. (A canopy design created in Generative Components by Elif Erdine) This is the Second Guest post from Mark Loomis I would like to thank him for taking the time to share with us his findings regarding different generative design platforms,hope it serves to start an interesting conversation with our readers and followers.

Rhino Grasshopper VS Generative Components

I’m Mark Loomis, a landscape architect who is guest posting on this blog. As promised in my previous post, I’m going to compare GenerativeComponents to Grasshopper. I also want to propose a way to explore them both by reading the book, ‘Elements of Parametric Design ’ by Robert Woodbury and using the GC and GH pattern tutorials websites that accompany the book.

I’m not going to try to compare these products myself since I’m just now learning how to use them. There are two main differences between GC and GH: 1. Untitled Document. Lan... Grasshopper_fileformat. Advanced Computational Design. Just another weblog. Avanced Louver System using Ecotect. A large percentage of the south façade for my thesis project required protection from solar heat gains in the summer.

Avanced Louver System using Ecotect

Using concepts from earlier Grasshopper definitions, a new definition was developed to: Generate different densities, thus changing visibility based on interior needsProvide adequate shadingContinue the concept of shifting lines in the articulation of the façade The Facade that the louver system will be used on contains multiple functions within, including public spaces such as lounges and corridors and semi private spaces such as classrooms and lecture halls. Having an all glass facade for all these spaces would not work functionally or environmentally. The definition solves these problems by expanding and contracting the density of individual louvers based on placement of attractor points. DDA\Repository. Independent Study.


Andrea Graziano Twitter. Geometry Gym. Tutorials. ParametricModel - a library of parts. GH hexagonal mesh 01. With this definition we can plot all kinds of patterns formed by planar closed curves on a surface with double curvature achieving this effect of skin with variable apertures depending on their distance to one or more points attractors.

GH hexagonal mesh 01

The script works optimizing meshes to obtain a smooth skin using weaverbird component. CONFLUENCES_workshop series. CNC or LC Fabrication Contour Surfaces Grasshopper Definition. This definition is posted to aid the procedure of setting contour surfaces representing a geometry onto a planar sheet in order to get ready-made for digital fabrication.

CNC or LC Fabrication Contour Surfaces Grasshopper Definition

The logic behind the definition is quite simple and the values explored are parametrically adjustable in order to fit most user cases. The definition was compiled using GH8.04 To download please visit the [Sub]Code page. MESH MAKER from Curves Intersection – Arthur Mani ltd. Below are the files I used to design Chester Zoo’s free-form geodesic gridshell roof. Geodesic_Mesh.3dm Geodesic_Dome_0 Geodesic_Dome_1.

WooJae's Blog. Obleo Design Media Interview July 11, 2009 From Top Down to Bottom Up Featured article at Obleo Design Media ( by Brett Duesing About bottom-up design process through the parametric tool Design Thesis, Fall 2008 @ Cornell Architecture Critic : Michael Silver + Aleksandr Mergold.

WooJae's Blog

Designcoding. This is a starting point of pattern generation study in a dataflow environment.


Based on Hankin’s method of Islamic Pattern generations, I tried to simulate his process beginning with a basic regular tiling (regular hexagonal tessellation). This and other methods are explained in phD thesis of Craig S. Kaplan (here) Grasshopper definition can be downloaded here: [GHX file:0.8.0063] This approach is especially good at deformations from various attractors (without breaking linear stability). Further research should include other generation methods such as the rule-based approach that, at first sight seems to fit on a computer simulation better. But first, I have to solve the semi-regular tilings as they don’t exist as ready-made components yet. Update: I’ve optimized the definition. Pattern Redux. Grasshopper - generative modeling for Rhino.

Texas A&M University ARCH 689. Studio « Digital Fabrication in Architecture Group. Introduction The basis for my design was a deployable structure with the express purpose of aid relief.

Studio « Digital Fabrication in Architecture Group

Therefore, the development of my design was focused specifically towards three key issues: it had to be compact and easily transportable when in storage, quickly deployed with minimum of action, and stable when fully open. These three drivers would direct the formation of material, joints and assembly concerns. The inspiration for the structure was a portable folding stool, with a swivelling mechanism that resulted in a stable tripod base when deployed, but a compact bundle when closed. The spaces created beneath the legs, as well as the span created by the seat, was the suggestions of a possibly useful space that interested me in further exploration.

The final purpose of such a tripod was to provide an elevated rail on which food cargo can be suspended, for ease of movement and to facilitate distribution. First prototype Second prototype This model was laser cut from 5mm acrylic. Jonas Bredel's Videos. LEGil Design.