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If the studios are in control, will they let that happen? SOUTHERN They’re relenting all the time, because they’re losing ground. Television is the thing, you see—its existence puts movies in a position of having to do something different. In five years television screens will be half the size of a movie screen, they’ll occupy a whole wall. And people will just sit there. . — Paris Review - The Art of Screenwriting No. 3, Terry Southern. Tmurphy's posterous - Home. 10 lessons from a failed startup. A year and a half ago, my co-founder Dev Nag and I started an internet TV network for games called PlayCafe.

10 lessons from a failed startup

Our ambitious plan was to run highly interactive game shows in which everyone was a contestant. Players could watch our hosts, answer questions, win prizes, form teams, call our studio, live chat, and run their own games. It was a huge undertaking, but despite great engagement — users watched for 87 minutes per session and 40 percent returned within a week — we didn’t reach enough users. We may revive it in the future, but for now, we’ve placed the site in hibernation and returned remaining funds to our investors. What follows is a post-mortem of what we did right and wrong and how we will improve next time. 1.

Next time, we’ll focus on strengthening our network of investors who are comfortable at the earliest stage and invest quickly, even if they don’t have a high profile (as long as there aren’t red flags). Lesser-known investors also often have more time to give you. 2. 3. Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang. Silicon Valley is known for a lot of positive things, but there’s clearly a negative sentiment from outsiders.

Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

The question is, does Silicon Valley want to fix this image problem? Decades ago, before it was called “Silicon Valley,” it was an area abundant with fruit and flower farms, redwood harvesting, and scattered towns connected via dirt roads. This fruitful area has also blossomed into computer chips, hard drive platters, networking gear, devices, computers, and internet companies galore. Many have become famous, gathered many riches, and helped to change other people’s lives. Today, Silicon Valley is experiencing the second gold rush, where investors, entrepreneurs, workers, and more flock to this region to strike it rich and make a difference. To understand perception, I asked my social media network of followers and friends who are NOT from Silicon Valley to chime in and leave three words about what their perceptions are of Silicon Valley, see the raw post on FB.