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Back to Work #53: The Wages of Security. GTD Project Series: Natural planning model. Do you have projects that are stale and not going anywhere?

GTD Project Series: Natural planning model

Do you have new great idea but not sure how to implement it? In the series of upcoming post I’ll cover various elements of running projects using GTD methodology and hopefully help you finding a good solution. Taking on any project without a plan is a recipe for disaster. With dozens of other things coming your way and no plan to refer to it’s easy to lose a track, purpose and direction of any task.

David Allen in his Getting Things Done book outlines a five phase model called natural planning model.As you will see below many of the steps are simple common sense. For most of us planning happens in our head quickly and effectively. Purpose and Principles This is first and second step of the planning process. When setting up a new project I try to spend couple minute figuring out why I want to do it and what do I expect to deliver. Vision/Outcome vision provides actual blueprint of the final result Brainstorming Organising Next Actions.

Writing file, date and time information to a page using Server Side Includes. Path // → → SSI ECHO In addition to including files into your page, Server Side Includes can also be used to get information from the server and write it to the page before it is sent to the reader.

writing file, date and time information to a page using Server Side Includes

Though they aren’t meant as replacements for more sophisticated methods of generating dynamic content such as CGI or PHP, SSI are a nice way of adding small details to your page. Here we will discuss the file, date and time options. This page was last updated on 2012-08-21 Config and Echo If you have read through the introductory tutorial on file Includes, you should now be familiar with the format of an SSI directive. We’re about to use two new ones to print the date to the page. The time returned is the time on the server. To write the current date and/or time to a .shtml file, add this line wherever you want it to show up: This will return something like Sun Jan 25 12:33:47 2004 Timestamp Format Codes Advanced Formatting Printing File Data <!

Last modified on 25/01/2004 <! SSI Environment Variables. Geckozone : le portail francophone des logiciels basés sur Gecko (Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Camino, Kompozer, etc.) Free tutorials on HTML, CSS and PHP - Build your own website - HTML.net.

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