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Web Server DIY From wiki In 1989 Tim Berners-Lee proposed a new project to his employer CERN, with the goal of easing the exchange of information between scientists by using a hypertext system. The project resulted in Berners-Lee writing two programs in 1990: Web Server DIY
Chorded keyboard A chorded keyboard minus the board, typically designed to be used while held in the hand, is called a keyer. Douglas Engelbart introduced the chorded keyset as a computer interface in 1968 at what is often called "The Mother of All Demos". Principles of operation[edit] An ergonomic chorded keyboard without the board is known as a keyer. Each key is mapped to a number and then can be mapped to a corresponding letter or command. By pressing two or more keys together the user can generate many combinations. Chorded keyboard
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Touch-Typing Keyboad Glove by ERGO-ELECTRONICS
Es muy probable que Arduino de Ivrea disfrutara con la música y entra dentro de lo posible que alguna vez cantara. De lo que no tenemos duda es que el sistema Arduino puede “cantar”, eso ya lo hemos comprobado quienes tenemos uno. Basta con cargar el programa Melody que viene como ejemplo dentro del directorio Digital y conectar un zumbador piezoeléctrico en el puerto apropiado. ¿Y qué sucede cuando queremos programar nuestras propias melodías y tenemos conocimientos limitados en programación y nuestro solfeo se limita a poner con dificultad la escala musical en un pentagrama? No hay problema, tenemos gran parte del conocimento humano disponible desde casa, sólo nos hace falta un poco de entusiasmo y ganas para dar con la solución. Pongámonos un desafío: tocar el “Himno de la alegría“. El rey Arduino y yo El rey Arduino y yo
Or: how to turn this.. into this.. I was given a lovely glowing cube by the generous people at Linden Labs as a freebie at a job fair yesterday, and I decided that it was far too attractive to simply sit there on a shelf, pulsating forlornly until its batteries went flat. How about making it useful, while maintaining its visual appeal? How to make a Physical Gmail Notifier - Blog - Jamie Matthews How to make a Physical Gmail Notifier - Blog - Jamie Matthews
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ALL ART BURNS The new Mountain Lion (ML) features in OSX required changes to the programming API and that resulted in a lot of vendors using ML as a release breakpoint. If you have the 2011 or 2012 version of a software package it will work pre-Lion, but if you want the 2013 version you’ll have to upgrade to ML. For me, that means buying a new MacBook as mine is on the teetering edge of not enough memory for ML. ALL ART BURNS