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Outils gratuit pour webmaster - Generateur de formulaire de contact. Username Generator - Username Generator Results. Free Flash Effect Generator. Color Explorer ? Color Picker. Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free. Réseau Raider Knight - Site Généraliste pour Tous ! Astuce.Crypter le HTML. Femtoo - Track and monitor webpage changes and receive notifications. Générateur de codes vidéos. Le gratuit des Webmasters. Générateur HTML gratuit en ligne. : Encryption Tool. Check.rdfa. The Free Web Stuff : Button Generator, Free Web Buttons.

Wet Floor. Site web gratuit. Generateur HTML. /packer/ Fake Name Generator. Name in Lights: Vive Les Nanas » Home. Design Tools. Easy scheduling. Anti spam - Generateur gratuit d'image d'adresse email - Gmail Yahoo Hotmail etc. Flash Countdown Clock Generator. Décos pour blog à copier/coller - Carte d'identité. Signbot - make your own animated scrolling text LED sign. iWeb2Print - Free Online Web Page to Printer Friendly PDF.

Convert Web Page to Elegant Printer Friendly PDFSave, Read, and Print Directly from your BrowserControl Page Size (Letter, Legal, A0-A9, B0-B10, +more)Control Orientation (Landscape, Portrait)Control PDF Mode (Color, Gray)Exclude Web Page Images or Background to Optimize PrintingNo Registration, No Email, Unlimited UsageChrome Extension - Firefox Add-On Printing TipsCheck gray scale for non color printer | Check no images to print text only | Check no background when converting dark background page to save printer toner Bookmarklet Convert web pages to PDF directly from your browser.

iWeb2Print - Free Online Web Page to Printer Friendly PDF

Drag this button to your browser Bookmarks toolbar Browser Extension / Add-On iWeb2x is a plugin for both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. iWeb2x combines both iWeb2Print and iWeb2Shot. ➘ More Productivity Tools i2Clipart Royalty Free Public Domain Clipart suitable for academic presentations and project logos i2Symbol Personalize social messages, e-mails, and tweets with rich graphical symbols i2OCR iPdf2Split. - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL. Free Flash Texts Maker. This website that allows you to build custom receipts from whatever retailer for any amount, for any type of service or goods.

We have made 100's of replica receipts from 100's of stores worldwide.

This website that allows you to build custom receipts from whatever retailer for any amount, for any type of service or goods

We cannot display them here, as when we did they companies whose store receipts we displayed threathened us with legal action. We have created replica receipts for many of the worlds largest electronics stores, department store receipts, phone shop receipts, computer store receipts, supermarket receipts, and many more. Below you'll see a few samples of parts of our receipts, unfortunately we cannot show you the full receipts here. Click on the above photo to see it in full size Click on the above photo to see prints of fake receipts on coloured paper in full size Get fake taxi receipts printed on thermal paper - like ones from a cab.

Please note the images of fake receipts on this website don't really do our work justice, the images are deliberately blurred, don't have the proper logo's etc. Auto-visites - Régies publicitaires - Online decrypt tool - Online tool. Gist. Online proxy checker: online check HTTP and SOCKS proxy lists. Free SOCKS proxies, free HTTP proxies lists.