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Explore Jazz on Discogs

</strong></div></div> Blue Sounds Jazz Store Barcelona. Fresh Sound New Talent - Blues Sounds - p1. Tag "jazz" > Home. Waring's Pennsylvanians. Don't Knock The Rock: 1900s. CRJ BOURGOGNE: Albums. Listen & Download MP3s Now. The Blue Note label. 10" LPs - Modern Jazz 5000 Series The Blue Note Modern Jazz Series began in late 1951 with the following 10" monaural LPs.

The Blue Note label

Some of these LPs were later reissued as part of the Blue Note 1500 Series of 12" LPs. At first, recordings were made in various studios in New York (Reeves Sound Studio, WOR Studios, Apex Studios, Audio Video Studios). Beginning in October 1953, however, most Blue Note sessions took place in Rudy van Gelder's home studio in Hackensack, New Jersey. (Van Gelder moved the studio to Englewood Cliffs in early July 1959.) Blue Note 1500 series Blue Note made the change to 12" LPs late in 1955. Three Perfect Minutes: Ultimate Playlist. Soul Jazz Records – Disco – A Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul and Boogie 1978-82.

Disco A Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul and Boogie 1978-82 Soul Jazz Records Tracklisting Information Fantastic new album of disco, modern soul and boogie from 1978-82 on Soul Jazz Records.

Soul Jazz Records – Disco – A Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul and Boogie 1978-82

This album is released to coincide with the massive new 360-page deluxe hardback book Disco – An Encyclopedic Guide To The Cover Art of Disco featuring over 2,000 album cover designs as well as over 700 12” sleeves, including sections on roller disco, disco instruction albums and more. This album here is an amazing collection of rare and independent tracks from Disco’s halcyon period – 1978 to 1982 – expertly compiled by Disco Patrick, who also compiled the new deluxe book.

Included here are in-demand classics such as The Fantastic Aleems featuring Leroy Burgess, John Gibbs and the US Steel Orchestra, rare Patrick Adams and Peter Brown productions, Jessie G, The Easton Assassin (a 12” given out free at boxing matches!) Bigmouth - Chris Lightcap Quartet - Blues Sounds. Featuring: Chris Lightcap (b), Gerald Cleaver (d), Tony Malaby (ts), Bill McHenry (ts) REFERENCE: FSNT-148BAR CODE: 8427328421485 Listen: Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 "Bigmouth" is bassist Chris Lightcap's much-anticipated second release as a leader for Fresh Sound.

Bigmouth - Chris Lightcap Quartet - Blues Sounds

His first CD, "Lay-Up" was rated "one of the year's best" by the New York Times and reached the top ten of CMJ's jazz radio chart. "Bigmouth" is quite simply the next stage in the development of a vital musical entity. Chris Lightcap really consolidates himself as a versatile and inspired leader. Tracklisting 1. Both Sides Now Album Discographies Main Page. Album DiscographiesBy Mike Callahan, David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely Last update: May 13, 2014 The discographies presented here represent a lot of original research, some of which we did some time ago, well before the internet was a possibility, along with a lot of more recent research.

Both Sides Now Album Discographies Main Page

I started on album discographies because of my interest in stereo (which was mostly on albums, of course), and because there just weren't any good album discographies out there that had the kinds of information I needed. Mainly, this data has been sitting around in my files for years, and I finally decided to put it to good use by posting it for all to use and enjoy. In mid-1997, Both Sides Now was fortunate to add the research capabilities and perseverence of David Edwards of Ohio. Dave and I were joined in late 1999 by Patrice Eyries of France, another discographer with considerable research ability. All discographies are copyright 1997-2014 by Mike Callahan. The Label Stories: Document Records - Vintage Blues and Jazz. CD Reviews - - Your Jazz Music Connection. 100 Greatest Jazz Albums. Liste d'albums de Jazz à découvrir ou redécouvrir.

Vintage Vanguard ジャズレコード館. Jazz Discography Project. Music Story - Nouveauté musique, sorties albums et cd. Jazz/Pop Vocals (1920–40s) Links: Recommended Jazz Recordings. Vers une discographie du Jazz sur la Toile. Une ®évolution de la science discographique : Jazz-Research, iTunes, Brian et les autres Jazz-Research Jazz-Research est une liste de discussion Internet (et non un forum) : l’accès en est limité, on y entre sur recommandation.

Vers une discographie du Jazz sur la Toile

Elle réunit des personnalités connues pour une activité de spécialiste dans le domaine de la recherche sur le jazz. Elle regroupe environ deux cent soixante-quinze participants s’exprimant à titre individuel, même si un grand nombre exerce dans des institutions, universitaires le plus souvent. Le plus gros contingent provient des États-Unis. Tous ces spécialistes échangent en permanence (une à plusieurs dizaines de messages chaque jour) sur les sujets les plus divers - toujours reliés au jazz, jamais de discussion sur l’ordre du monde comme c’est souvent le cas sur des listes comparables - mais le plus souvent historique, et d’un niveau extrêmement élevé. 100 CDs De Jazz A Ecouter / DragonJazz / Progressive Rock. Jazz à écouter de A à E. Cannonball Aderley (1928-1975) Ce saxophoniste spécialisé dans l'alto et formé au moule "parkérien" commence sa carrière en jouant avec Oscar Pettiford au Café Bohemia où il fait sensation.

Jazz à écouter de A à E

Après avoir fondé son propre quintet en compagnie de son frère Nat, il est engagé par Miles Davis en 1957, avec lequel il enregistre des plages inoubliables, au sein de l'inoubliable Miles Davis sextet (en compagnie de John Coltrane et soit Red Garland, Bill Evans, ou Wynton Kelly). En 1959, après Miles Davis, Cannonball Aderley relance son quintet auquel se joignent par la suite Yussef Lateef et Charles Loyd ainsi que de nombreux autres musiciens. La personalité, les compositions personnelles et le jeu exaltant de Cannonball Aderley font de ce jazzman une figure incontournable de l'histoire du jazz et du sax alto. Essential jazz strings discography. Essential jazz strings discography by Paula Zeitlin for the IAJE String Caucus.

Essential jazz strings discography

Edited my Martin Norgaard.Used by permission from the IAJE String Caucus. The following discography was created in 2002. For updated information on the history of bowed strings in jazz please check Anthony Barnett's website. Jazz Discography Project. The Prestige labels. Prestige Records, founded in 1948 by Bob Weinstock, began in New York at 446 West 50th Street.

The Prestige labels

In the early years, Weinstock used a variety of recording studios around the city -- Nola Studios, Beltone Studios, among others. In the 1950s, most of the recordings were made by Rudy van Gelder in his home studios in Hackensack, NJ; when van Gelder moved to Englewood Cliffs in July 1959, Weinstock continued to use the studio. In 1957 or 1958, he moved the Prestige office to nearby Bergenfield, NJ, at 203 South Washington Avenue, and the address listed on the yellow-and-black label was changed. (The first label to bear the new address was PRLP 7141, The Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Cookbook, recorded in June 1958.) The offices remained in Bergenfield until 1971 when the label was sold to Fantasy Records in San Francisco.

Unlike Alfred Lion at Blue Note, Weinstock did not offer his musicians paid rehearsal time; he also preferred a less rehearsed and more club-like sound. 50 incontournables du jazz.