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Backtrack v4

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Netglub. BackTrack Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution. BackTrack 5 comes in several flavours and architectures.

BackTrack Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution

The following page will help you choose the right version for you. Although registration is not required, we would certainly appreciate it – and it would also give us the opportunity to update you when there are important BackTrack updates or news. BackTrack 5 is OUTDATED and no longer supported – Downloads have been discontinued . Please check the KALI LINUX project instead. Tools - - Flasm. About · Download · What's new · Usage · Flash virtual machine · Assembler syntax · Embedding Flasm · Optimization techniques · __bytecode__ · File size difference · Huge scripts · Quirks, bugs and crashes · History · Project state · Resources · Terms of use · Enjoy About Flasm disassembles your entire SWF including all the timelines and events. - Flasm

Looking at disassembly, you learn how the Flash compiler works, which improves your ActionScript skills. Tenable Network Security.