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JaneDavitt - Psych Fic 'May I Have Some More' Shawn/Lassiter NC17. Title May I Have Some MoreAuthor janedavittWeb pageJane's StoriesPairing Shawn/LassiterRating NC17Length 2000 wordsSpoilers/Warnings Humiliation kink Written for a prompt in the Psych Kink Meme 2.0 Prompt: Lassiter's always hot and bothered by Shawn's put-downs and jokes at his expense, what Shawn doesn't know is that he likes it--feels something at being called out on his failures. May I Have Some More "And then, of course, along came Lassie, timing all wrong as usual, though I've got to say I loved the way he kicked in a swing door that wasn't even locked, fought back, and won, and boom! He makes a sound, throat-caught, desperate, and sees Spencer's eyes narrow speculatively.

"I'm sorry, Head Detective Lassiter," Spencer says politely. "Mr. She's good at administering a smack-down and Carlton's grown to appreciate her, but there's something about the way Spencer twists the knife that gets to him more. "Yeah," Spencer says after a long moment. Spencer raises his eyebrows. "What? " "Too long? The Road to Tikihama - deltacephei - Psych. There were times when sleep didn't come easily to Shawn. He would never in a million years, plus or minus a few ice ages, admit it, but their cases often kept him awake at night. Rather than sleeping soundly in his bed (or anyone else's, he wasn't that picky) Shawn would find himself riding his motorcycle around Santa Barbara, usually at a speed that his father would call reckless, and without a warm enough jacket, which his mother would disapprove of.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he was aware that most people stopped defying their parents purely out of spite sometime in their late teens. But Shawn wasn't most people. For one, he was almost constantly out of gas and out of money. Which was fine, really, as long as Gus could be prodded into treating Shawn's machine to a tankful every now and then. But Gus wasn't as generous as he used to be, and not nearly as easy to manipulate as he'd been at, say, age ten to seventeen, when Shawn hardly ever had to buy a movie ticket for himself. In Silence and in Roars (C) Gixi: Just a Kink. Title: Just a KinkType: Fanfiction, One-ShotRating: NC-17Summary: Lassiter has a gun kink. Shawn/LassiterDisclaimer: I do not own Psych or any related plots and characters.

They are the property of others who, as I have previously stated, are not myself. I am merely writing this for fun, and have no intention of using it for profit.Notes: fghklfghfgk This sucks. XD Seriously. But I felt I had to write something for my own prompt challenge thing, and so here it is.Crosspost: Lassiter didn't like to tell people about it. It made him seem strange and off-putting, he thought — more off-putting than usual, anyway. Carlton Lassiter had a thing for guns. For one thing, they were entirely too phallic to him. Good hand-eye coordination was sexy, in his mind. The thing was, it had always applied to women before. And then came Shawn Spencer.

He hadn't even seen him shoot a gun before the Hannigan case. And then he'd seen, between his murderer's legs, Spencer. Except he was. Right Place, Wrong Time. Occupational Hazards (4 parts) "Between the Lines" by Regann - PG-13 - Shawn/Lassiter. Title: Between the Lines Author: Regann Pairing: Shawn/LassiterRating: PG-13Disclaimer: I don't own anything; I just play with them. Notes: Stand-alone fic. No specific S2 spoilers. Summary: Lassiter can't help but be disgusted by the idea of Spencer and O'Hara dating, just like he can't help it that he and O'Hara have the same bad taste in men. But maybe Lassiter's not seeing what he thinks he is. ~7,000 words Between the Lines Despite the unsavory subject matter and the fact that it was costing him several hundred dollars an hour, Lassiter's dinner meeting with his divorce lawyer had went well.

He liked his attorney -- she was one of the few things that he'd liked about the divorce in general -- but she was starting to gently coax him into accepting that a settlement was inevitable since his wife had little desire to reconcile. Still, they'd talked strategy and possible scenarios over quiche and salad greens and Lassiter decided that it had been a positive step toward a solution. "What? " The Case of the Missing Cockatiel. Shawn's next case turns out to be more than he expected. He's got more than keen observational powers at his disposal, thanks to a run-in with a true fortune-teller who leaves him with psychic abilities of his own. Psych is copyright USA Networks. Characters used without permission. When he was a child, his father had taken him to an amusement park.

Not any specific amusement park, just an amusement park, any of the ones scattered around Santa Barbara. He’d begged for nearly two months to go and finally his father had agreed. According to his father, amusement parks were a waste of both time and money. They bought nothing beyond the price of admission and a hot dog each. He’d had a horrible time, but that was generally true of any place he went with his father. He’d been on his way to the restroom, counting his steps since his father would ask him exactly how far it was there and back, and how many men wore hats and exactly which attractions he’d passed. “Welcome.” “Hi.” “Do not worry. Your Code Name is Babalu. Title: Your Code Name is BabaluFandom:PsychRating: PGWord Count: 4,240 words.Notes: Shawn/Lassiter. Summary:Lassiter is staring at you with a smirk. If you decide to wrap your arms around him, turn to page 24. If you decide to take a step back and hold your hand up for a high five, turn to page 70.

You’ve been working on a case that’s trickier than tricky. ‘Puddinpop’, a golden Pekingese dog with apparently large soulful eyes and a green bow atop his head, was last seen at The Happy Chump Dog Walking Park six days ago. Gus disagrees on taking the case until he hears about the money reward. Gus discovers that Puddinpop is not the first Pekingese to go missing within the past six months. The dog of fu is testing your google-fu, and though you’re usually extremely resourceful, you’re starting to think you’ve got to get some outside help. If you decide to ask Carlton Lassiter (Head Detective for the Santa Barbara Police Department) for help, turn to page 51. Page 51 “Neither do I. “No.” “Yup. The Dah-Ling Store-It-Yourself (PG-13), Shawn/Lassiter. The bad news is that one of Lassiter's highest profile arrests has just escaped from prison. The worse news is that his best hope of tracking him down is a sleep-deprived Shawn Spencer.

Henry was wandering back from the bathroom when he saw the light was still on in Shawn’s room. He frowned and opened the door. Shawn was balanced on a footstool, wide-eyed and intent, putting a little Lego flag on the top of a Lego castle spire. “Shawn, what are you doing?” Shawn tumbled from the stool in surprise, before blinking up at his father in confusion. “It’s three in the morning,” Henry snapped. “I know! Henry’s eyes were narrowed. “Dad, I’m nine,” Shawn said wryly. “Just checking,” Henry said, fighting back a grin. “I don’t have time to sleep!” “It’ll still be there in the morning,” Henry said. “It’ll still be half-finished in the morning,” Shawn said.

“With homework, Shawn,” Henry said. ”That’s a double-standard!” “How long have you been doing this?” “I don’t know, Sunday, maybe? "Lassie! " “Hey! "Drinkity/Druggity" PG-13 Shawn/Lassiter. Title: Drinkity Druggity (Meow Meow Meow)For: PsychPairing: Shawn/Lassiter with mention of Juliet/Shawn, and oh…Juliet/LassiRating: PG-13 Warnings: Language, some villain types and offscreen violence. Vague spoilers up to Season Three. Summary: Two (**see ending**) stories about relationships and various forms of love, taking place between Henry and Shawn and Juliet and Carlton…in which Shawn and Lassi have some things to work out.

There is, as you might notice, a theme of intoxication (or lack thereof). Shawn to the rescue! Author’s Notes: These are actually two stories, but they belong together, for obvious reasons. Because dlasta and I wanted to see Henry and Shawn bonding, with a drunk, upset Shawn, and O’Hara and Lassiter bonding, with Lassi stoned out of his mind. I wrote smoosh y’all!!!! Drinkity “What is this, Shawn?” “What is what?” “And this, this is you, driving an old truck to pick up your drunk son.” “What?” “Never mind.” “Three weeks!” “Where the hell is Gus?” “The weather?” Five Ways That Lassi Might Figure Out How Shawn is a Big Fake Faker (And One Way He Really Does, R slash, part 1/2. Title: Five Ways That Lassi Might Figure Out How Shawn is a Big Fake Faker (And One Way He Really Does) Author: RispacooperFandom: PsychPairing(s): Lassiter/OMC, Lassiter/Shawn and then um..nope still Lassiter/Shawn. Lassiter/Gus in a purely platonic sense. Rating: R at most.

Summary: Just what the title says. Vague Spoilers for Seasons One and Two. Very vague. AN: Think of it not so much as one long story as five (okay, six) short stories. 1. After two exhausting weeks of all night stakeouts, and triple shifts following double shifts, after two blissfully Spencer-free and thus incredibly productive weeks, Carlton should be sleeping like a baby. His house is too quiet, dead even compared to the relative hush of the station around 4 am. Other people out having fun. Carlton wasn’t entirely devoid of experience; he had seen MTV. Spencer had been gone from the station for about two weeks. He’d shot her an approving nod the next morning and dove back into work. Mental health leave. 2.