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Modelo SECI (Nonaka Takeuchi) ¿qué es el Modelo SECI?

Modelo SECI (Nonaka Takeuchi)

Explicación Ikujiro Nonaka y Hirotaka Takeuchi proponen un modelo de proceso de creación de conocimiento para entender la naturaleza dinámica de la creación del conocimiento, y para manejar tal proceso con eficacia: el Modelo SECI. GestionConocimientoModelo. KNOWLEDGE GAP. La teoría de Knowledge gap trata sobre la existencia de desniveles, diferencias de conocimiento, que se funda en las desigualdades sociales.


Fue fundada por Phillip J. Tichenor, especialista en periodimo e investigador en comunicación; George A. The Brand Gap. Three Keys You Need to Know About Personal. Cartoon by @gapingvoid There is an awful lot of conversation about personal branding these days — books, blogs, social media, webinars, conferences, etc.

Three Keys You Need to Know About Personal

And a lot of what they all say is important. I was talking with my friend Stephanie A. Bloggers and (Personal) Brand-Building. eMarketer estimates nearly 28 million US Internet users write a blog in 2009, and those bloggers run the gamut from hobbyists and part-timers to self-employed and corporate bloggers.

Bloggers and (Personal) Brand-Building

According to a Technorati survey of bloggers worldwide, most are men, ages 18 to 44, affluent and well-educated. About one-quarter work for a traditional media outlet in addition to blogging, and most still don’t make any money from their self-publishing activities. But there are other ways to create value.