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Context is King! Social media ushers in an era of contextual relevance that finally trumps content as king.

Context is King!

Don’t get me wrong; content is important. After all, without it, what would people read, watch, interpret, remix, and share? But without context, content is simply a message or story trying to find a home. In social networks, people stitch together social networks based on their relationships, interests, and aspirations to personalize their online experience. Doing so creates a network where, in theory, information that’s shared and the connections that come and go are material to everyone involved. If relationships form, in Facebook lingo “the social graph,” then the idea of connections based on relevance form the interest graph. Demographic targeting is typically aligned with the marketing funnel into which advertising pours its hopes and ideas. It’s the move from eyeballs to lit-up foreheads or “screen face” as my friend Kare Anderson says.

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Which Social Network Should You Use. Political Campaigns. Businesses to Fully Embrace Social Media In 2012. The vast majority of Americans are actively using social media.

Businesses to Fully Embrace Social Media In 2012

Has your business acted on this fact? Are you looking for a way to keep pace with the quickly evolving field of social media marketing? If so, Social Media Examiner has some exciting news… But first, consider this story. Imagine your business competing for your state’s “Best Brand” title against huge names such as Target, Dairy Queen and Wheaties. Now imagine simply leveraging the power of social media and taking the grand prize! Well that’s exactly what happened to Creative Memories! This Minnesota-based scrapbook supplies company beat 64 other brands to take the “Best Brand in Minnesota” title! Creative Memories won Minnesota's Best Brand by leveraging their existing fans via social media. Recognizing the Opportunity Creative Memories’ community manager Kristen Jacobs discovered a single tweet as she was monitoring Twitter for mentions of her company. It turned out the Minneapolis St. That’s a great question. Meet Your Presenters. Small Businesses: Are You Getting Social Media Wrong? [Infographic]

These days the number of small businesses on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites is higher than ever, but recent surveys have shown that they might be getting social media wrong!

Small Businesses: Are You Getting Social Media Wrong? [Infographic]

A new infographic from Intuit explores ‘How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media’ and sheds some light on why many of these small businesses might be getting it wrong. The infographic sites a Zoomerang survey over over 1,000 small businesses. Surprisingly, while 12 percent of the small businesses surveyed employ someone full-time to manage their social media and 8 percent employ someone part-time, a whopping 74 percent of small businesses employ no one to handle their social media marketing. In addition, many small businesses are clueless about which social networking sites they should be focusing their attention on and what actions they should be taking on those sites. Check out the infographic below to see whether your social media strategy matches up with the most effective tactics below. (1) Wall Photos. Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages – Frequently Asked Questions.

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