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DIY Fabric Bucket - Dear Handmade Life. These Baskets Are So Quick and Easy to Make - Quilting Digest. A Great Gift Idea for Any Occasion!

These Baskets Are So Quick and Easy to Make - Quilting Digest

Some of you may recognize this basket as being very similar to the boxes we featured in a previous article. This version, by Crafty Gemini, has handles, making the boxes into great little baskets. Fill them with goodies and use them for Easter, Christmas, housewarmings and any gift occasion. The recipients are sure to love the baskets as well as the contents. The baskets make great storage, too. You can easily adjust the finished size of these baskets. The following video tutorial shows you just how easy these are to make.

You’ll find fabric requirements and other supplies outlined here. Fabric Baskets Tutorial - Freemotion by the River. Guess what I have been making the last couple of days……more fabric baskets!

Fabric Baskets Tutorial - Freemotion by the River

On the right side of my blog it shows my most popular posts and lately my basket posts from last year have been popping up a lot. I decided it was time to make a few more and try some different sizes. You can find Tina’s tutorial at Seaside Stitches. 9744 pattern. 8391 pattern. SMSPincushionOrganizer. TeaWalletPattern. How to Make an Oven Mitt- FREE pattern & Tutorial. Sy ett eget datorfodral.

Att ha ett datorfodral till sin dator för att skydda den från repor och smällar är naturligtvis viktigt.

Sy ett eget datorfodral

I butikerna finns ett stort utbud av fodral i olika modeller, material, färger och mönster att välja mellan. Men varför inte göra ditt eget personliga fodral i stället? Det är inte speciellt svårt om du följer beskrivningen! Välj tyg och dekorera det som du tycker passar just dig! MaterialDu behöver: - bomullstyg, ca 80 cm, i två olika färger/mönster - fleecetyg, ca 80 cm - kardborreband, 10 cm - symaskin - mönsterpapper eller ihoptejpade ark - tråd, nålar, sax, penna, måttband eller linjal Gör ett mönster Skissen nedan är gjord efter en dator med måtten 23x33 cm och tjockleken 2 cm. Rita av och klipp ut Rita av mönstret på de olika tygerna, ett i taget.

Nåla ihop delarna Lägg tygerna på varandra. Sy ihop delarna Sy ihop tygerna med en raksöm (eller overlocksöm) längs långsidorna och locket, cirka en cm från kanten. 1448885707. Homemade Oven Mitts: Free Sewing Pattern. Oven Glove Pattern Homemade oven mitts: a free sewing pattern with step-by-step photos and instructions.

Homemade Oven Mitts: Free Sewing Pattern

A sewing pattern for oven gloves is often one of the first projects offered to sewing beginners because it sews up quickly and is fairly easy to make. This free oven mitts sewing pattern is no exception, with lots of photos and simple sewing instructions to follow. Oven Mitt Sewing Instructions: First, download the PDF oven mitt pattern and print it out. After you have made a paper pattern, follow the instructions below: Step 1. Step 2: Quilt the layers together by topstitching through all four layers. Step 3: Zig-zag stitch around all the edges. You can see the quilting stitch and zig-zag binding on the lining side more clearly. Step 4: Now place the two pieces together, right sides facing each other, and starting at the long side, stitch half way around. When you are sewing through the thumb crotch, backstitch a before and after the pivot to strengthen the joint. Ovenmitts1. Oven Mitt Pattern.

These oven mitts filled with cool gadgets, a food mix or an apron would make a cute gift for someone that likes to cook!

Oven Mitt Pattern

You will need: 1/4 Insul-Bright insulated lining 1/4 yard of fabric 1/4 yard fabric for lining extra wide double fold bias tape Download pattern Oven Mitt Template (top) Oven Mitt Template (bottom) Cut out your pieces or cut out 9X14 rectangles I found it easiest to cut the fabric and linings into a rectangle 9 X14, sandwich them together and then machine stitch them together. Place the two quilted pieces right sides together. Sew around mitt 1/4 inch from the edge. Turn right side out and apply seam binding around the bottom edge to finish. Oven mit 25.

Oven mit bottom. Quilted DIY Pot Holder. Are your potholders totally destroyed?

Quilted DIY Pot Holder

I know most of mine are, so when I was out fabric shopping and came across this adorable kitchen utensil fabric I knew I had to have and make a cute DIY pot holder out of it! This is such a fun and fast project that would make a great gift or keep it for yourself to replace some of those embarrassingly stained ones (we all have them)! Supplies: 1/4 yard of quilt batting1/4 yard of printed fabric for the top1/4 yard of terrycloth for the inside1 yard of bias tape binding, you can make your own or buy it premade The first step is to cut out your fabric.

The next step is to make your bias tape, if you are making it. Sew the bias tape onto the bottom of your two pieces, this will give a finished edge to the pot holder. If you want to hang your pot holder you’ll want to sew a loop of fabric into the side seam. You’ll want to fold it over so it makes a loop and then pin it between the layers of the pot holder so it will be sewn nicely into the side seam.