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How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain. Long considered impossible to accomplish, new research reveals how a simple spice might contribute to the regeneration of the damaged brain.

How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain

Turmeric is hands down one of the, if not the, most versatile healing spice in the world with over 600 experimentally confirmed health benefits, and an ancient history filled with deep reverence for its seemingly compassionate power to alleviate human suffering. But, most of the focus over the past decade has been centered on only one of its many hundreds of phytocompounds: namely, the primary polyphenol in turmeric known as curcumin which gives the spice its richly golden hue.

This curcumin-centric focus has lead to the development of some very good products, such as phospholipid bound curcumin concentrate (e.g. Meriva, BCM-95) which greatly helps to increase the absorption and bio-activity of curcumin. Truth be told, there is no singular 'magic bullet' in foods and herbs responsible for reproducing the whole plant's healing power. Top 10 Herbs For Memory.

Share Many people associate memory loss with aging.

Top 10 Herbs For Memory

But whether it’s occasional forgetfulness or loss of short-term memory, one must be aware that there are specific factors that can cause it even at a young age instead of simply attributing memory loss to a natural decline in cognitive functioning. Medicinal Uses Of 22 Common Spices. Asparagus Use : Kidney problems.Dissolves uric acid deposits.Promotes urination Preparation :

Medicinal Uses Of 22 Common Spices

Acidic Foods: What to Limit or Avoid. Part 1 of 3: Overview The Body’s pH Balance Can consuming too many acid-producing foods be causing you complications in your day-to-day life?

Acidic Foods: What to Limit or Avoid

The Paleo or “caveman” protein-based diet — the most searched-for diet on Google in 2013 — says it could be, and recommends you take in foods that give you a good balance of acid and alkaline. The popularity of the diet has brought attention to the question of overacidity — but what does that mean? We’ll give you the scoop on the chemical, its possible side effects, and some foods to avoid. Part 2 of 3: Overacidity Defining Overacidity Acidity is measured by pH levels. Different parts of the human body have different pH levels.

A diet that consists of too many acid-producing foods, such as protein, can cause acidity in your urine, which can cause a type of kidney stone called uric acid stones to form. After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Away These Bags Again… (#5 Is My Favorite) Simply because we allege that they are completely useless and even toxic, we immediately throw away the silica bags found in shoe boxes.

After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Away These Bags Again… (#5 Is My Favorite)

Nevertheless, the reality is that they do not contain any poison. In fact, they are filled with a substance called silicon dioxide. How to Detox Each Organ To Never Be Sick or Tired Again. Have you noticed that more and more people, even the younger ones, are falling ill with chronic conditions, cancer or autoimmune conditions?

How to Detox Each Organ To Never Be Sick or Tired Again

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar and Cocoa Love. How to make almond milk - Jamie Oliver. Whether you’re dairy intolerant, vegan, or just fancy a change, nut milks make a great alternative to cow’s milk, with almond milk being a firm favourite.

How to make almond milk - Jamie Oliver

Nut milk is super-easy to make at home and is amazingly versatile – splash it over your cereal or porridge or add a dash to your favourite mugs of tea and coffee. To make the perfect almond milk at home, all you need is water, a blender and a cup of nuts. Here’s how it’s done… Soak one cup of almonds – around 200g – in water for 8 to 12 hours, or overnight Rinse the almonds and peel the skins off Tip them into a blender, add 4 cups of water then blitz for a few minutes until smooth Secure a muslin cloth over a bowl and pour the almond mixture over it.

Coconut Oil Pulling Benefits and My How-to Guide. Coconut oil pulling is one of the best ways to remove bacteria and promote healthy teeth and gums!

Coconut Oil Pulling Benefits and My How-to Guide

It has taken quite some time, but oil pulling has finally gained some popularity in the United States. Used primarily in Ayurvedic medicine, oil pulling is a fantastic oral detoxification procedure that is simply done by swishing a tablespoon of oil (typically coconut oil, olive or sesame oil) in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Herbs and Wildcrafting. Immune Boosting Herbs. Please Share This Page: Top 20 Immune Boosting Herbs - image to repin / shareHerbs background pic © - Aside from keeping common colds and flu away, the immune system is your body's first and best defense against potentially lethal diseases like H1N1 and even cancer. [1] It is comprised of a network of cells and organs working together to defend the body against infection and sickness by producing secretions and disease-fighting cells.

Immune Boosting Herbs

It uses an advanced communications system to respond to immediate threats. [2] The complex efficiency of your immune system and how it works non-stop indeed signify its importance for your health. 60 Herbs and Their Uses. Top 15 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants - NaturalON. Photo credit:

Top 15 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants - NaturalON

You Could have Parasites and Not Know It! 12 Herbs that Kill Them. Photo credit: Parasites are a fairly common problem, even in America. Avocados naturally treat leukemia, but FDA and officials deny existence of 'anticancer' foods. DIY Berry-Yogurt Mask. Step 1 In a blender, combine 2 tablespoons plain yogurt and 2 tablespoons honey, and pulse until fully combined. Step 2 Add 1/4 cup mixed berries, pureeing until smooth, then add 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Step 3 Using your hands, apply mixture to a clean, dry face. 5 Homemade Facial Toners + How to Make Rosewater. I don’t use many beauty products – largely due to the fact that I’m lazy, they’re expensive, and I’m a fairly au naturel kind of girl. However, a facial toner is always something I have on hand as I’ve found it makes a big difference in the health of my skin.

However, the list of undesirable ingredients on most store-bought toners is long and many toners are expensive, so I started looking for ways to make my own toner and started experimenting with various ingredients. What I discovered is that it is incredibly easy to design your own recipes according to your own preferences using ingredients typically found in any home: herbs, vegetables, teas, and vinegars. Of all the various cosmetics you can make at home, toners are among the easiest! Since homemade toners are preservative-free and often include fresh ingredients, they are best kept in a cool place and used within 7-10 days. 5 Homemade Facial Toners + How to Make Rosewater.