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How We Made GitHub Fast - GitHub. Ryan Cox - AsciiArmor - Lessons Learned from the GitHub Recommen. I spent a few evenings last week working on a contest that GitHub is running to create a recommender engine for their site.

Ryan Cox - AsciiArmor - Lessons Learned from the GitHub Recommen

Think Netflix Prize but much smaller scale. Their description: The 2009 GitHub contest is a simple recommendation engine contest. Probability distribution relationships. Probability distributions have a surprising number inter-connections.

probability distribution relationships

A dashed line in the chart below indicates an approximate (limit) relationship between two distribution families. A solid line indicates an exact relationship: special case, sum, or transformation. Click on a distribution for the parameterization of that distribution. Click on an arrow for details on the relationship represented by the arrow. The Fork Queue — GitHub. Chris Wanstrath on GitHub. 3.

Chris Wanstrath on GitHub

You can tell that by what's public and what's private right? Yes.