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Superior Drummer

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Roots SDX – Brushes, Rods & Mallets. Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0. Toontrack's DFH Superior received excellent reviews but perhaps didn't really make the impact that it deserved.

Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0

Will the drums and cymbals of their new Superior Drummer 2.0 make a greater splash? John Walden SD 2.0 is supplied with five custom plug-ins including the Five-band EQ, Gate and Compressor shown here. Toontrack's Superior Drummer 2.0 essentially represents a second generation of DFH Superior and, when Paul White reviewed the original release back in March 2005, he was very impressed by the realism of the sound and the extraordinary level of detail in the sampling. However, it is probably true to say that some potential users were put off by what was perceived as a somewhat complex user interface. Bundle Of Fun Via some clever compression technology, Toontrack have managed to get 60GB of detailed drum sampling into 20GB of hard drive space.

Shiny New Kit Along the base of the main window are five ever-present control sections. Playing Like a Pro Hit It! Summary. Roots SDX – Sticks. In the mixer • 16 mono, 7 stereo • Decca Tree (3 mono mics) • Acoustic live reverb chamber • 3 different ambience stereo mic pairs • 3 different OH mics • 3 different kick drum mics • 3 different snare drums mics • 1 extra “trash” mic Console Neve 8078 – Originally placed in Motown Studios (LA), then owned by Donald Fagen.

Roots SDX – Sticks

The Neve 8078 was the last of the “80 series” hand-wired analogue mixing consoles designed and manufactured by Neve for high-end recording studios during the 1970s. These consoles are considered by many experts to be the Rolls Royce of desks and are highly sought after. Each console took several months to build using over 2,500 hours of highly skilled labour and top quality components. It would now be uneconomic to manufacture such equipment to this standard. External pre-amps Shadow Hills Gamma (nickel transformer) – Used on the toms, similar to api,neve style pres, but have variable (nickel, steel), or discrete output tranformers. Instruments. Music City USA SDX. With more labels, publishers, writers, producers, musicians and artists per capita than any other city in North America, the fact that Nashville, TN is nicknamed Music City, USA surprises very few.

Music City USA SDX

So, if you set out to record great sounding all-round drums with an obvious hint of that million dollar country music-sound the city is so known for, where do you go? Yes, to the place where the lion’s share of all chart-breaking country productions are made – you go to to Music City, USA. Then of course you look up two of Nashville’s most influential names in engineering and overall musicianship: Chuck Ainlay and Harry Stinson. Chuck is a Grammy Award-winning engineer with a mind-blowing track record, Harry a multi-instrumentalist, artist and engineer/producer with number one status in all those fields. Between them, they have worked with artists like Dire Straits, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle and Martina McBride. Music City USA SDX – Walkthrough. Custom & Vintage SDX. DS = drum sticks, HR = rods , BR = brushes, FM = felt mallets, NS = sticks with no snares, ALL = all tools.

Custom & Vintage SDX

All kicks are recorded with and without snares on both felt beater and wood beater. Rods are substituted with drum sticks on all cymbals and hi-hats. Ride 1: • 20″ Zildjian K Heavy Ride (DS, BR, FM) • 22″ Zildjian A Ride 1950s (DS, BR) • 20″ Paiste Sound Creation Bell Ride (DS) • 20″ Paiste Sound Creation Mellow Ride (reverse from Ride3) (DS) • 24″ Steve Hubback Cymbal Scuplture (DS, FM) Ride 2: • 20″ Zildjian K Istanbul Ride 1960s (DS) • 18″ Zildjian McCartney Tour Ride (reverse from Ride3) (DS) • 18″ Zildjian K Istanbul Ride 1960s (reverse from Ride3) (DS) • 22″ Paiste Sound Creation Dark Ride (DS) • 22″ Paiste Sound Creation Dark Flat Ride (reverse from Ride3) (DS, BR, FM)