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Native Instruments Emotive Strings Review - Emotive Strings is full of moving legato string phrases and arpeggios.

Native Instruments Emotive Strings Review -

Keith Gemmell is overcome with emotion… DetailsPrice £249Contact NI websiteWeb www.native-instruments.comMinimum System Requirements Free Kontakt 5 player or Kontakt 5. Download: 21.2GB (28GB compressed). <A HREF=" Widgets</A> After the success of Action Strings, it was always on the cards that Dynamedion would produce a calmer sister library to compliment the former library’s inherent aggression. Native Instruments Action Strings Review - MusicTech.

Action Strings is a set of cinematic string orchestra phrases recorded by game music producers Dynamedion and performed by the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague.

Native Instruments Action Strings Review - MusicTech

Designed for ease of use with a MIDI keyboard controller, it enables you to use your left hand to select phrases and your right hand to control their pitch, all the while remaining in sync with your host project. Manufacturer: Native InstrumentsPrice: €299Contact: 2twenty2 – 0845 299 4222Web: <A HREF=" Widgets</A>

Kirk Hunter Studios

Spitfire Audio Albion. Sonokinetic Sotto. The Stroh Violin by Impact Soundworks (VST, AU, AAX) Concept The Stroh Violin is a curious acoustic instrument invented by electrical engineer John Matthias Augustus Stroh, who, of course, named it after himself.

The Stroh Violin by Impact Soundworks (VST, AU, AAX)

Permafrost Strings - Spitfire Audio. Henson's Frozen Strings - Spitfire Audio. VST AU Kontakt Sample Library - LSS First Violins. Session Strings Pro Animator Revisited. Using Session Strings Pro for cinematic composition review. Zero-G Luminoso Live Violin Phrases Demo. Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin. Gary Garritan's powerfully expressive solo violin instrument features some impressive technical innovations.

Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin

Will it create a new generation of virtual Paganinis? Dave Stewart The DVD given away with SOS August 2005 featured an intriguing video clip of a man producing an amazingly lifelike and expressive solo violin performance from a bog-standard MIDI keyboard. Even allowing for the player's tasty keyboard technique, the soaring, emotive legato phrasing, dynamic response, swelling vibrato, and expressive portamento slides of the instrument were reproduced so accurately that it was hard to believe that some kind of sorcery was not involved. The man in the clip was Stefano Lucato, filmed playing Gary Garritan's Stradivari Solo Violin instrument live at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2005 trade fair. When it comes to sampling orchestral instruments, Gary Garritan has a long and distinguished track record.

Weapons Of Mass Expression The second innovative feature concerns vibrato. Additional Styles. Peter Siedlaczek's String Essentials by Best Service - Strings / Orchestral VST Plugin, Audio Units Plugin, RTAS Plugin and AAX Plugin for Windows and Mac OS X.

Garritan GPO 3

Akai Interactive String Section. Beautifully recorded Violins, Violas, Celli and Basses in a variety of playing styles including legato, marcato, staccato, pizzicato, and tremolo for solo, medium and large sized ensembles.

Akai Interactive String Section

Unlike other libraries, these strings were designed for use with your own external processing, like reverbs and other effects, because they were recorded with minimal room ambience, allowing for tremendous flexibility. You’ll get performance oriented styles with separate or integrated arco attack elements, interactive timbre control and several types of alternate double bowing techniques to enhance the realism of your string parts. Combine solo and duo strings to create trios, quartets, or quintets. Layer these elements with the full string sections for even more texture and nuance.

With the new Deluxe version, now it’s better than ever! Session Strings Pro. SESSION STRINGS PRO is the new gold standard for contemporary studio strings.

Session Strings Pro

Take control of an 11-piece ensemble, recorded with the utmost precision in four different settings for maximum flexibility and realism. With its immaculate, intimate quality, unique musical workflow and a vivid, modern edge, SESSION STRINGS PRO is the premium choice for pop, RnB and more. Taking the intuitive approach of SESSION STRINGS to new heights of quality and detail, SESSION STRINGS PRO is20 times bigger with refined workflows, separate instrument groups, a choice of instrument placements, 29 articulations and precise control.

SESSION STRINGS PRO is far more than just a string library. Creating natural, expressive string tracks in the highest possible quality has never been more immediate, or more rewarding. Produced in collaboration withe-instruments. Horizon Solo Strings Chamber Strings. Choosing a symphonic sample library used to be so much easier.

Horizon Solo Strings Chamber Strings

Dedicated hardware samplers from the likes of Roland, Yamaha, Kurzweil, EMU and Akai once ruled the studio and stage and sample libraries were designed around limitations of the hardware - memory and processor speed being the chief constraints. Price and sound quality were the key discriminators.The sound quality expectations are higher than ever but another battleground has risen around the software features of disk-based streaming sample players. Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL), GmbH, based in Vienna, Austria and distributed in the US by ILIO, is one of the leading contenders in this market.

VSL was one of the first to build a controlled recording environment has developed a proprietary, real-time performance control mechanism compatible with four major sample players covering Windows and Mac. Features Some of the Horizon products include samples from the Pro Edition while others are completely new. In Use Summary.

London Solo Strings

Primesounds Session Strings. Zero-G Spiritoso: Live Cello Phrases. Gofriller Solo Cello. This product is "Powered By" Kontakt Player.

Gofriller Solo Cello

The OS and Format icons listed below should be accurate for the latest version of Kontakt Player. Plug-in, App & Soundware Format(s) Operating System Availability Miscellaneous Information Gofriller Solo Cello is a Kontakt Player 2 based virtual instrument created by the Italian team of Giorgio Tommasini and Stefano Lucato in collaboration with Gary Garritan. Gofriller Cellos (made nearly three hundred years ago) are among the finest cellos ever made and are known for the rich and beautiful tone. PocketBlakus Free Solo Cello. Inspired by a post by HZ I decided to have a crack at a simple, slow moving, expressive solo cello.

pocketBlakus Free Solo Cello

So I dusted off my cello and prepared for the worst. I wasn’t extremely careful because I wasn’t expecting it to work – but it worked out not too bad for a quick job! I have zero programming skills so just be aware that it is very primitive and has limited use (although it is beginning to be far more useful with the help of members of this forum!) I’ve also kept it dry so I suggest you soak it in your favourite reverb (even before playing it if possible LOL). Zero-G ANIMATO String & Flute FX.

Zero-G and Xfonic present ANIMATO String & Flute FX for Cinema - 4.5Gb of 24bit cinematic audio inspiration!

Zero-G ANIMATO String & Flute FX

Animato contains 3000 samples and 139 separate Kontakt instruments each with its own custom GUI created especially for this project. Featuring world-class instrumentalists from the renowned Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Animato is a uniquely realistic, expressive and playable Orchestral Effects library. With a wide sonic range from chaotic, tense effects to beautiful undulating pads. Distant pianissimo sirens can shift seamlessly to fortissimo ungodly screeches all at the simple command of your Mod Wheel. The 20th century saw the extreme sonic possibilities and expressive potential of classical instruments gradually become standard compositional tools of pioneering concert and film composers. REVIEWS: (click the name of the magazine to read the full review): Intimate Strings LITE.