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Salvaging Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)


Recycled crafts. GO Box Portland - Doing Away with Throw Away. Outsmart Waste. Creative Reuse: 6 Ways to Repurpose Wine Bottles. Previous image Next image Until we can buy our wine in bulk, wine lovers will have to continue to have excess bottles for recycling.

Creative Reuse: 6 Ways to Repurpose Wine Bottles

Here are 6 wine bottle reuse ideas that don't require cutting the bottle. From a cork trivet to a candelabra, there's something here for everyone. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Recycled Organization - Get Organized: 20 Clever Ideas for Repurposed Storage. 49 Creative Reuse Ideas That Will Inspire & Surprise You Roundup. Chris Barnes: Repurposing Ideas: 5 New Uses For Wine Corks. Repurposing Ideas. Repurposing ideas « AJ's Trash2Treasure BLOG.

I don’t know why big jars and bowls filled with spools and balls of old crochet yarns/threads are SO appealing to me?!?

Repurposing ideas « AJ's Trash2Treasure BLOG

They just ARE! And it’s a fairly popular decorating trend also. Repurposing Craft Ideas. Don't Throw That Out - Creative Recycling and Repurposing Ideas. Turn a creative eye on the things that you're thowing away, and you may just discover that they're worth hanging on to: Old Baking Soda Blair Christensen Stale Bread Flickr user How_Can_I_Recycle_This Use stale bread to make croutons, stuffing, French toast or another recipe where dry bread works well: Leftover Bread Recipes Soap Slivers Round up all of your soap slivers.

Don't Throw That Out - Creative Recycling and Repurposing Ideas

Tip: Use a coffee mug as a soap mold, and you'll end up with a fancy, round bar. Mesh Produce Bags Save the mesh bags that oranges, onions, potatoes and other produce come in. 15 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottle Caps. Heading to the recycle bin to toss a plastic bottle? Did you know that in many places, you can’t recycle the cap? Bottle caps are made from #5 plastic, which many municipalities do not recycle. 15 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottle Caps (Page 2)

GREEN TOO! Installations with the Earth in Mind. 13,699, the installation of clear plastic, recycled, water bottle caps representing each person who dies every day from preventable, water-related diseases because he or she does not have access to clean water, is currently installed at Annmarie Garden Art Center & Sculpture Park in Solomons, Maryland through October 10th.

GREEN TOO! Installations with the Earth in Mind

My husband, Noel, and I packed all 18 boxes of bottle caps, 10 gridwalls, and 9 steel poles, my favorite ladder, and tools into the back of his pickup truck and drove to Maryland. It took two and a half days to install thanks to many volunteers who lent their hands unrolling each line, hanging, and spreading out the caps. The setting is beautiful –– a 30 acre sculpture park with about 25 sculptures on loan from the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC.

15 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottle Caps (Page 3) 15 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottle Caps (Page 4) Cap Stamps. Here’s a recycled project great for a rainy day.

Cap Stamps

After making these stamps the other day, I wanted to try something that would allow the kids to be more involved in the process. So, remembering this smart project from glittergoods, I gathered a couple of styrofoam trays. I added some plastic bottle tops and there you go — custom stamps. Supplies: styrofoam traysplastic bottle capscraft knifecutting matstamp ink padspen or pencil First, I cut off the curved edges from the styrofoam trays with scissors. I talked with the girls about positive and negative space and encouraged them to draw their designs with as little detail as possible.

Once I cut out the shape, I glued the styrofoam circle to the cap with the hot glue gun. 5 Jaw-Dropping Ways to Repurpose Vintage Books. If you find your burgeoning collection of vintage books is overtaking your home, why not consider repurposing some of the dustier titles into furniture, lamps, and even headboards? Unfortunately, it is notoriously difficult to recycle vintage books. Due to the low quality of the paper, as well as the binding adhesives, most old books simply find their way to the dump. Thankfully, here are four repurposing ideas that will have you thinking outside of the book!

Architectural students at Delft University of Technology took on the challenge to create a huge information desk (pun intended!). Scale it down for your own home, and you’ll have a beautiful desk or credenza. Soda Bottle SurfBoard 100% recyclable Test Drive. HOW TO MAKE YOUR 100% RECYCLABLE FREE SURFBOARD. Repurpose Your Old CDs. Reusing Plastic Bottle Tops To Seal Food Storage Bags. Upcycle, Refurbish, Repurpose: The Green DIY Project Guide. For many, the most enjoyable gifts are those that someone took the extra time and care to hand make. A good DIY is not only more appreciated, it’s usually less expensive and more creative than a purchased alternative.

Still, one question remains – is it more sustainable? To ensure your next project meets a “green craft” criteria, consider the following Green DIY Project Guidelines. There are three key terms every crafter should know in order to determine their project’s sustainability. Creative Ways to Repurpose & Reuse Old Stuff repurpose-reuse-old-stuff-26 – 123 Inspiration. Repurposed Kitchen Inspiration - DIY Inspired.

My motto is, “Repurpose, Reinvent.” (If you haven’t noticed ;)) I thought I’d put together some of my favorite repurposed kitchen ideas from some of my favorite websites. A website I peruse often is Apartment Therapy. They have countless inventive and creative ideas. Check out this repurposed IKEA shoe rack turned pot holder and this salvaged card drawer turned kitchen storage. Here are some repurposed fruit crates for shelving and storage from Poetic Home. Anyone know where I can get truck springs? Card catalogues are popular. Although not necessarily repurposed, this upcycled and salvaged dish rack from Country Living is beautiful.

Creative Ways to Repurpose & Reuse Old Stuff repurpose-reuse-old-stuff-25 – 123 Inspiration.