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Chaîne de facebookmarketingtv. How-to-use-facebook-to-market-your-business.pdf (application/pdf Object) 32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business: Online Collaboration « Facebook’s not just for keeping tabs on friends and filling out quizzes — it can also be used as a highly effective business tool.

32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business: Online Collaboration «

It’s great for marketing your products, landing gigs and connecting with your customers. Here are 32 ways to use Facebook in your business. Manage Your ProfileFill out your profile completely to earn trust.Establish a business account if you don’t already have one.Stay out of trouble by reading the Facebook rules regarding business accounts.Install appropriate applications to integrate feeds from your blog and other social media accounts into your Facebook profile. Connect and share with others Obtain a Facebook vanity URL so that people can find you easily.Add your Facebok URL to your email signature and any marketing collateral (business cards, etc.) so prospects can learn more about you.Post business updates on your wall. Use Network, Group and Fan Pages Start a group or fan page for product, brand or business. 45% Employers use Facebook-Twitter to screen job candidates – Oregon Business News.

Forty-five Percent of Employers Use Social Networking Sites to Research Job Candidates, CareerBuilder Survey FindsCareer Expert Provides DOs and DON’Ts for Job Seekers on Social Networking CHICAGO, August 19, 2009 – As social networking grows increasingly pervasive, more employers are utilizing these sites to screen potential employees.

45% Employers use Facebook-Twitter to screen job candidates – Oregon Business News

Forty-five percent of employers reported in a recent CareerBuilder survey that they use social networking sites to research job candidates, a big jump from 22 percent last year. Another 11 percent plan to start using social networking sites for screening. More than 2,600 hiring managers participated in the survey, which was completed in June 2009. Of those who conduct online searches/background checks of job candidates, 29 percent use Facebook, 26 percent use LinkedIn and 21 percent use MySpace.

Why Employers Disregarded Candidates After Screening Online Candidate posted provocative or inappropriate photographs or information – 53 percent. 11 Business Benefits of Using Facebook Applications - Marketing Jive - Discussions About Online Marketing & Organic Search. Yesterday, I posted an overview of Facebook that included links to a number of Facebook related resources.

11 Business Benefits of Using Facebook Applications - Marketing Jive - Discussions About Online Marketing & Organic Search

(We mentioned that there are almost 100 million installs across nearly 3,400 applications on Facebook.) Some of the resources were links to reviews of Facebook applications. While the majority of these applications are fun and geared towards non-business related events, the use of some of these applications can definitely provide benefit to your brand and organization. As a result we have compiled a list of 11 benefits that businesses can receive by using Facebook and some of the applications available. How To Use Facebook Places For Your Business. Want to have your own business show up within Facebook Places?

How To Use Facebook Places For Your Business

For companies that have a physical location it makes sense to have a Facebook Place in order to track the people who are stopping by your store, office, or venue. As such, Facebook has released a new guide for businesses to learn how to merge Facebook Pages and Facebook Places into a single Page. The final result is a newly designed Facebook Page which includes location-relevant information.

Why Every Business Should Use Facebook. 30+ Apps for Doing Business on Facebook. Josh Peters is a freelance social media consultant from Salt Lake City, Utah.

30+ Apps for Doing Business on Facebook

He authors a blog at 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business. We really can’t deny the fact that businesses are testing out Twitter as part of their steps into the social media landscape.

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

You can say it’s a stupid application, that no business gets done there, but there are too many of us (including me) that can disagree and point out business value. I’m not going to address the naysayers much with this. Instead, I’m going to offer 50 thoughts for people looking to use Twitter for business. And by “business,” I mean anything from a solo act to a huge enterprise customer. Your mileage may vary, and that’s okay. Oh, and please feel free to reblog this wherever. Should your business be on Facebook? - Mar. 18, 2008. Ask FSB Get small-business intelligence from the experts. Here's a chance for YOU to ask your pressing small-business questions, and FSB editors will help you get answers from the appropriate experts.

How To Use Facebook To Market Your Business. So, you haven’t heard of Facebook yet?

How To Use Facebook To Market Your Business

Or maybe you have and are just not familiar with it. Well either way, Facebook has some benefits for small business owners that you need to know about. Our featured guest in this Episode of The Small Business Trends Radio is Shama Hyder, Chief Marketing Expert and Founder of Click To Client. How do companies use facebook. Why Should Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Use Facebook? Why you ask?

Why Should Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Use Facebook?

It’s quite simple. Is your business based solely around making individual sales, or would you rather have repeating, loyal customers? Why not do everything in your power to keep your name on the tip of every customer’s tongue? Facebook for Business: Opportunities and Limitations. This is a guest post by Jesse Stay, author of FBML Essentials and blogger at

Facebook for Business: Opportunities and Limitations

Facebook has provided a number of tools that make it a powerful tool not just for individuals, but for businesses and brands as well. It’s no secret that Facebook has many very powerful tools that will help spread your brand and propel your business into the forefront of existing and potential customers’ minds. However, in their quest to ensure their users come first, I worry that Facebook still hasn’t hit that sweet spot when it comes to giving your brand and your business a place in their network. With the launch of the redesigned profile page this has become even more evident: users have taken first priority in the new design, but nothing has been done to enhance Facebook Pages (the profile page for businesses) on Facebook. 10 Things All Businesses Should Do to Market More Effectively on Facebook. Now that there are over 150 million active users on Facebook, more businesses large and small are actively reaching and engaging customers through Facebook and the Facebook Platform.

10 Things All Businesses Should Do to Market More Effectively on Facebook

Global chains all the way down to the local pub are building social marketing strategies that leverage the strengths of Facebook to drive traffic to their pages and feet to their premises. However, many business owners are daunted by Facebook’s sheer scale, and simply don’t know where to start. Inside Facebook is here to help guide business owners and marketers through that process. Here are Inside Facebook’s top 10 ways business owners can more effectively leverage Facebook to reach their target audience and drive more business. To dive deeper on the ways you can leverage Facebook for your marketing goals – including each of the tactics listed below – check out the Facebook Marketing Bible: The Guide to Marketing Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Facebook for Business: Free How-To eBook. Editor's note: We've updated our How to Use Facebook for Business ebook for 2013! Click here to download it. How to Use Facebook for Business: Social Networking 101 for Entrepreneurs, Authors and Speakers. By Stephanie Chandler It seems the most popular question lately is, “Are you on Facebook?” Launched as a way for founder Mark Zuckerberg to connect with friends at Harvard, Facebook has exploded into the mainstream. With nearly 200 million users, and a million new members joining each week in the U.S. alone, people are paying attention. One of the biggest benefits that social networking platforms like Facebook provide the business community is the ability to get repeat exposure with the people in your network.

Clients, peers, and prospects can make up your network, and you can promote events, sales, special offers and more through your Facebook profile. How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing. Welcome searchers! If you’d like help with your social media strategy, including Facebook and Twitter outreach, please feel free to contact me for social media consulting. As much as Facebook may not be kind to businesses, it’s still a tremendously valuable business tool.

After all, Facebook could eat the web. In fact, you’re likely spotting the shift; instead of companies posting their URLs on television commercials, they’re asking their followers to join them on Facebook. Therefore, it’s a force to be reckoned with. Profile Page versus Fan Page. More Facebook malware...