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3d Model Store - 8 Pre-Animated 3d People Models - Casual Revolution Series. 3D Chat and Dress Up. Shop in Style, Meet New People, Create Your Own Designs. HBO When Strangers Click Interview. Open Life -New kid on the block maybe « My So Called Second Life. I was looking up virtual worlds on Wikipedia before, as I’m curious to know what other worlds are allowing building.

Open Life -New kid on the block maybe « My So Called Second Life

Apart from Active Worlds, I didn’t think that there was anything much. Suddenly there’s a new one, called Open Life, although it actually uses the Second Life viewer to log onto their hosted world. I thought I’d give it a look, and the picture above shows it as is right now. It’s in Beta testing, clunky movements, until the creators of the world introduce features, and avatars that are still very primitive until a bunch of users go make stuff for them. While I was there, a couple of experienced SLers were talking about the good skin files that have been made full permission, to encourage more creativity in SL. There is also an announcement to be made this week about founding residents. Aha! Like this: Like Loading... No comments yet. Creative COW: Creative Communities of the World. Chat online in virtual worlds and 3D environments - 3D Chat Links.

3D Virtual Worlds & Chat Rooms - Create Your OWN Virtual World - Release 1.1. Virtual Reality Worlds. Virtual Worlds, Avatars, free 3D chat, online meetings - Second Life Official Site. 3D Virtual Worlds List. Universe Sandbox. Ultimate Power Spawn massive stars, launch asteroids, and manipulate gravity with just a few clicks.

Universe Sandbox

Fun & Interactive Explore our universe through unlimited experimentation. Easy to Use Intuitive, game inspired controls make creation and destruction effortless. Real Physics Use Newton's law of gravity to simulate the motions of the planets, moons, and stars. Learn more or install now. The Universe Sandbox trailer includes clips of: Rip Saturn's rings apart with a rogue planet. Smash moons in orbit around a fictional planet. Create impossible arrangements of planets. Explore the spiral paths of Uranus' moons.

Experiment with our solar system. Stretch and distort the rings of Jupiter. Collide galaxies for fun. Watch moons collapse into one another. Compare the planets up close. This is where Universe Sandbox succeeds brilliantly: players experience godly power to create or destroy, while almost unavoidably learning something about the physical properties of our universe. PC Gamer bit-gamer GeekMom Jake G. OBi. Celestia: Home. Explore the 3D universe model map. Large Structures Applet. Most orbits in solar system are (almost exactely) ellipses, and there's a Java utility to draw them: drawoval in the Graphics calss.

Large Structures Applet

There is no standard Java utility to draw parabolas or hyperbolas. Moreover all ellipses are of finite size, this is not the case for parabolas and hyperbolas. So when you want to draw the hyperbolic trajectory for a spacecraft or the (nearly) parabolic trajectory for a comet you have two problems: find the algoriths and decide what part to draw. I adapted fast and well-written algorithmes by A. AGATHOS, T. That explains why I have not retained many parabolic comets and why you will see truncated orbits for these ones (that seems somewhat strange) and for the spacecrafts (that seems more normal). Another thing you should know concerns precision.

As a consequence parameters in a file will only correspond to true orbit with some acceptable approximation during some timelapse. 3D Universe - Digital Figure Design. AW Active Words the first and oldest on the net.