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گھر میں کتے پالنا - English meanings of word گھر میں کتے پالنا - Urdu to English Dictionary
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Tim the garden gnome is missing and his owner has called upon the services of hard-boiled private eye Seamus Biggs. He takes on the case, suspecting it is the work of the heinous Gnome Liberation Front but is dismayed when his estranged ten year old daughter is left with him. With some reluctance he teams up with his daughter and an adventure ensues involving a femme fatale, the gun toting gnome liberators and seriously flawed parenting. The Case of the Missing Garden Gnome is hugely entertaining (with some language the type of which young boys tend to look up first in dictionaries) and was directed by student Emmy winner Alberto Belli and written by Joe Swanson. Kuriositas


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