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How to Score 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights with WordPress. Here at Kinsta we work with a lot of agencies and freelancers that deal with clients on a daily basis.

How to Score 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights with WordPress

It is not uncommon for clients or even a CEO of a company to ask their agency or WordPress developer to increase their Google PageSpeed Insights score. Google does a good job at marketing this tool to consumers, and many times, they don’t always understand that a perfect score isn’t the end of the world. This can definitely be frustrating at times. However, today we want to share with you some tips and strategies that can help you score a 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights with your WordPress site. Sans titre. Website speed is important.

sans titre

It not only matters for user experience, it matters for SEO. A slow website is a signal to Google that your site is not good. This can result in lower search rankings. As part of our Performance and Speed Optimization Analysis Service, customers contact us with their website speed issues and ask for our help. Installation et configuration de Git sur Debian et initialisation d'un dépôt Git.

On trouve facilement beaucoup de documentation sur l'utilisation de GIT, mais quand il s'agit de l'installation et de la configuration d'un serveur ça devient plus rare.

Installation et configuration de Git sur Debian et initialisation d'un dépôt Git

Ce n'est pas une tache très compliquée, mais j'ai du croiser beaucoup de docs et naviguer dans les chapitres du livre ProGit. Adding new tabs and fields to Prestashop products' back office - NemoPS. It is easy enough to modify Prestashop’s products’ back office and add new fields by editing the AdminProductsController.

Adding new tabs and fields to Prestashop products' back office - NemoPS

Better Know a Vulnerability: SQL Injection. We get a lot of submissions to the plugin repository, and so there is often a lot of dangerous code submitted.

Better Know a Vulnerability: SQL Injection

Usually this isn’t malicious, it’s just by people who honestly don’t know that their code has problems. Understanding those problems is the first step to fixing them. Ajax et WordPress : le guide. L’Ajax est un produit d’entretien … mais pas seulement.

Ajax et WordPress : le guide

C’est aussi une technique qui permet aux développeurs de concevoir des sites dynamiques. J’ai déjà abordé ce sujet au travers de plusieurs articles chez SeoMix et ailleurs, mais ceux-ci ne sont plus forcément à jour, la technique évoluant rapidement et sa prise en charge par les moteurs également. Préparer et configurer son thème WordPress pour WooCommerce. Lors de votre premier installation de WooCommerce, vous allez certainement rencontrer quelques difficultés pour adapter votre thème.

Préparer et configurer son thème WordPress pour WooCommerce

Notamment si c’est un développement perso puisque la plupart des thèmes premium récents prennent en charge la comptabilité WooCommerce. Tout comme les thèmes livrés par défaut avec WordPress qui à l’inverse sont directement pris en charge par WooCommerce. Afin de rendre votre thème compatible et de commencer à développer de superbes sites e-commerce il est important de comprendre le fonctionnement de WooCommerce.

WooCommerce comment ça marche ? Pour transformer votre WordPress en e-commerce, WooCommerce fait principalement deux choses lors de son installation. WP Ultimate Recipe. WP Ultimate Recipe is a user friendly plugin for adding recipes to any of your posts and pages.

WP Ultimate Recipe

Want to see it all in action? Take a look at our demo website and video lessons. This first video lesson offers an introduction to WP Ultimate Recipe: Your visitors will love WP Ultimate Recipe. They will be able to adjust the servings, print the recipe, find other recipes using a specific ingredient, share your recipe, ... An overview of the WP Ultimate Recipe features: Use shortcodes or the "Insert Recipe" button to add multiple recipes to any of your posts and pages.Ingredients, course types, cuisines and ratings are all taxonomies related to your recipe.

Migrer un Blogger vers un Wordpress inépdendant

5 Extremely Resourceful & Noteworthy PHP Design Patterns. 84 Flares Twitter 19 Facebook 28 Google+ 36 StumbleUpon 1 Pin It Share 0 10 84 Flares × The time has come for the developers to up their PHP development skills with a notch or two.

5 Extremely Resourceful & Noteworthy PHP Design Patterns

In this article we shall be discussing 5 fundamental PHP coding design factors which can be accessed by PHP developers from all across the world to achieve a systematic, thorough and less time consuming coding design. And since these design patterns were already developed in a problem solving manner, you need not question their resourcefulness; merely choose the model which enables you to best achieve the functionality or the advantage that you are looking for. 1. The Factory Pattern The factory design pattern is a rather advanced and much widely used pattern for designing codes in PHP. In a case where a number of codes rely on the given files and classes, and if eventually in the development cycle, you need to change these classes, that is when the factory design pattern comes to your rescue.

<? <? 2. <? 3. 4. Generate WordPress Post Type. Htaccess tester. Structure : contenu + thème + plugins. Using Custom Post Types to Create a Killer Portfolio. Quite possibly the best addition to WordPress 3.0 was that of Custom Post Types.

Using Custom Post Types to Create a Killer Portfolio

Star Tutorial - Google Map API v3 polygon shape creator. Essential Command-Line Tools for Web Developers. Tools can make our workflows feel seamless, allowing us to focus on what we are building, and not worry about the process. Most web developers, on all portions of the stack, work from the command-line. There are countless utilities, which can make you more productive. These aren't full blown command-line applications, such as Git, but rather simple and composable tools, which can improve your workflow as a web developer. If you are on Mac OS X, you can use Homebrew to install any of the tools that are not part of the standard packages. Each of these tools have pages worth of options, and only a fraction of them are reviewed below.

Utilisation des interfaces en PHP 5. Creating a PrestaShop module. Table of contents What is a PrestaShop module PrestaShop's extensibility revolves around modules, which are small programs that make use of PrestaShop's functionality and changes them or add to them in order to make PrestaShop easier to use or more customized. Drupal - Open Source CMS. Twig - The flexible, fast, and secure PHP template engine - Homepage.