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Drupal - Open Source CMS

Drupal - Open Source CMS

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Basics: Understanding Drupal's Content Types (CCK) Play Video Movie link (right-click to download)Problem with this video? Contact me "What's a node?" I asked myself when first using Drupal. Streampad Streampad Now Playing on 0 Sites! It automatically detects and displays artist information and cover art. You pick the color, and choose from other customizable features. Or just leave it black. Upgrade Your Life: Revive a dying laptop battery Laptop battery wearing down? In this week's episode of Upgrade Your Life, Yahoo! News' Becky Worley shows us how to help batteries last longer ... and what to do when they run out! First, the basics Most laptops use batteries that can last for 3-5 years, or about 1000 charges. (A premium laptop's battery might last longer.)

Beware the Lemming: The Most Destructive Trends in E-Learning First off, let me ask you this. Does anyone know what a lemming is? Well, I’d be happy to enlighten you! See a lemming is a small rodent type creature that has a tendency towards mass suicide. It works like this. When the population gets too large, lemmings will throw themselves off cliffs in huge numbers.

Creating a PrestaShop module Table of contents What is a PrestaShop module PrestaShop's extensibility revolves around modules, which are small programs that make use of PrestaShop's functionality and changes them or add to them in order to make PrestaShop easier to use or more customized. Technical principles behind a module A PrestaShop module consists of:

Planet In this article we are going to look at implementing the Facebook Open Graph (OG) tags on a Drupal site. It involves a bit of coding but nothing too major so bear with me. All the code we are going to write goes into the theme's template.php file so no need to to create a module for it. And if your theme does not yet have this file, go ahead and create it. Why use Open Graph tags? Why Choose SETT? You spend hours writing a post, you hit publish, and you wait. Views and the occasonial comment trickle in, but the needle on your subscriber count doesn't budge. So the next day you write another post, wondering when the readers will come.

Kogi people The Kogi (/ˈkoʊɡi/ KOH-gee) or Cogui or Kágaba, translated "jaguar" in the Kogi language,[2] are an Indigenous ethnic group that lives in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. Their civilization has continued since the Pre-Columbian era. Language[edit] The Kogi language belongs to the Chibchan family.[1] History[edit] The Kogi are descendants of the Tairona culture, which flourished before the times of the Spanish conquest.

Addressing the Growing Generation Gap in Relation to E Last week I had the chance to partake in one of my favorite parts of my job….meeting with a new client. See, one of the perks of what I do is that everyday has the opportunity to bring something new and different to the table. It’s something I love and something I look forward to. This particular client wanted to discuss the use of E-Learning and mobile learning to roll out targeted training options for their workforce. Essential Command-Line Tools for Web Developers Tools can make our workflows feel seamless, allowing us to focus on what we are building, and not worry about the process. Most web developers, on all portions of the stack, work from the command-line. There are countless utilities, which can make you more productive.

GeoHack - Toolserver wiki GeoHack is a modified version of map sources from Egil Kvaleberg's gis extension. It is designed to do simple HTML replacements of a template on Wikipedia and serve it to the client. It is used by Wikipedia to provide links to various mapping services, when a user clicks on a link with geographical coordinates.

This is the top candidate to provide content management for the space. The hope is that it can simultaneously server content to www *and* SWF *and* PF. by hartlieb May 19

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