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How to: Brighten Blonde with Kool-Aid. DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE. How to Make a Personal Fire Pit For Cheap! My name is Karen and I haven’t lit anything on fire in 5 months.

How to Make a Personal Fire Pit For Cheap!

Crafting Rebellion. Shanty 2 Chic. I love it all: calendar cuties. NOTE | This calendar download is for the year 2011.

i love it all: calendar cuties

I hope you're all as excited about the New Year as I am...fresh start, new ideas, renewed spirit. And calendars. I do love a cute calendar and a planner that makes me smile. Last year's subway art calendars were a hit and were download lots and lots and lots...glad you liked them. This year's collection of calendar downloads are sized to 4x6 with January through March now available.

Favorite Quotes Calendar - Write. Click. Scrapbook. Hi there, it's Celeste sporting a new 'do!

Favorite Quotes Calendar - Write. Click. Scrapbook.

Calendars make great gifts for friends and family. This year I put together a printable calendar base for you that you can display in an empty CD case. Please download the file at this link. The file includes blank printable PDFs for each month of 2012. A Few of My Favorite Things. How to Create Your Own Printables Using Picnik. After I made you those free printables a lot of you have asked about them and how they were made. So, today I'm going to give you the low down. It's not super hard, but sometimes it does take a little time to get it just the way you want it. School’s a Hoot! « Last night, we took my oldest son to Meet the Teacher.

School’s a Hoot! «

Summer flew by, and we are feeling a bit nostalgic about how quickly our not-so-little boy is growing! This year, he not only moves up a grade-level, but on to a whole other wing on his campus! It’s a weird feeling to see less of my baby and more of the young-man he will become in that face that looks back at me. Our guy experienced a little anxiety about his new classroom when he realized that he’d be without a few of his close buddies for the first time this year.

Meanwhile, we know he’ll make new friendships in his class and he can still see his old pals throughout other parts of the day. Fortunately, we are part of a great district, with an amazing staff and full of wonderful families. Printable Decor. Ucreate. Design Mom — The Intersection of Design & Motherhood. [dandee] Children crafts on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace. Origami Star Happy Birthday Bunting. I think my mom loves my blog.

Origami Star Happy Birthday Bunting

She's never actually seen it, but I think she loves it because all of my old belongings (what she would call junk) that have been stored in her garage is slowly being transported to my house. This "junk", crafts that I made in high school and college, has found new life with my blog. She recently handed me a box filled with stars that I folded in high school. When I opened the box, I said aloud "Wow, I really had a lot of time on my hands!

" My mom smiled, and said "Yes, you did" (probably implying that I had no life back then.) Make a Sea Glass Pendant. Home » $5 and Under, Accessories, Gifts to Make, Headline, Wearable Crafts, Weddings 15 May 2009 48,279 views 8 Comments by heather Gail at Can't Stop Making Things posted instructions for making these pretty sea glass pendants.

Make a Sea Glass Pendant

How fun would these be for a wedding favor, wine glass charms, or as a bridesmaid gift? Gail even found her "sea glass" in the flower arranging section at the dollar store. Make a Frame Lantern. Crafting for Charity: Craft Hope Bracelet Drive + 9 Bracelet Tutorials. Home » Fashion, Headline, Roundup-Ideas, Video, Wearable Crafts Crafting for Charity: Craft Hope Bracelet Drive + 9 Bracelet Tutorials 6 May 2011 11,560 views 2 Comments by rhonda [Woven chain bracelet by Honestly...

Crafting for Charity: Craft Hope Bracelet Drive + 9 Bracelet Tutorials

WTF] Looking for an excuse to craft? They are currently on their 12th project. If you want to help out and send some bracelets along, here is a collection of bracelet tutorials to try out! [Cord and chain double-wrap bracelet by Studs and Pearls] [Blue jean wrap bracelet by Mich L. in L.A.] Question: What to do with empty frames? Home » Decor, From Our Readers, Headline Question: What to do with empty frames?

Question: What to do with empty frames?

16 August 2011 5,902 views 10 Comments by heather Whitney wrote on the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook Page: I have a ton of picture frames with no backs and some without any glass, either. Make a Lantern out of Wire Baskets. Home » $5 and Under, Decor, From Our Readers, Headline 11 June 2010 9,997 views 3 Comments by heather.

Make a Lantern out of Wire Baskets

Radical Autumn Sign Re-do (with Mod Podge action!) Home » $5 and Under, Decor, Headline, Tutorials 21 September 2009 15,163 views 21 Comments by Amy Note from Heather: Welcome to Amy from Mod Podge Rocks, who is working up a series of amazing tutorials for us!

Radical Autumn Sign Re-do (with Mod Podge action!)

Mod Podge rocks, and so does Amy! Make Oversized Faux Cupcakes. Home » $10 and Beyond, Decor, From Our Readers, Headline 13 August 2009 15,567 views 2 Comments. Non-Sewing Tutorials. Birthday Board. Here ya go - - a Tutorial on how to make a Birthday Board! I guess it's about time I do a craft post for ya - I've enjoyed the break but am ready to show you some things that I've been up to - and I'm sure you're ready to read actual craft posts, since this is a craft blog and all :) Seven Days of Love. By Corie Who likes a good surprise? I know I do! Well, how would you like to give your spouse SEVEN days of love surprises? Today, we have a fun printable that contains seven tiny notes you can have ready for your spouse within minutes!

This fun printable contains love quotes, messages, and a few even allow you to write personal love notes. Valentine's. I finally made a craft! It's been a while, since I'm now a working mom. But I needed something new for my front door for Valentine's month! So I created a simple heart-shaped wreath from 3/4 yard of fabric and 2 old wire hangers. The importance of Weekly Play Dates with your Child. Wonders of Silhouette. GIfts for Teachers. School is in or almost in…I can’t believe it’s that time of year again. Teacher Appreciation Gifts. Dollar Store. Free Teacher Appreciation Printables. Easy and Useful 2x4 Teacher Gift. Birthday Wreath. This wreath is so festive and fun to decorate with for every birthday!

Eighteen25. 2x4 crafting...My favorite things. Spring wood decor. Family Fun Game Night Board. WIndow box. Ideas for a 2x4 We love daddy! Chore Chart for multiple children. 10 things to do with a block. Crafting is what I do / sharpies and rubbing alcohol...who knew!? Crafts. Crafting is what I do / bake marbles then drop in cold water to cause them to crack inside and then make into pretty pendants! Motivation Marbles. Resin tutorial... - Season's of Change. Glitter, Sparkle, Shine! / Louboutins! Craft Ideas / wine cork candle holder. About Me. Super Cute (and thrifty!) Menu Planner. Sharing Some Sparkle! Project Gallery. Our Holiday Countdown Project! You Asked: Label Me! You Asked: Favorite Organizing Supplies. March Challenge: Project "Household Binder" {Link Party!} Organizing Our Thoughts and Memories. March Featured Space: Kids - Stuffed Friends. I Hope This Giant Wall of Scrabble Contains Centuple Word Scores.

Clever Custom Closet Ideas. Acrylic Tote. Get Organized with Organizational Tips from Buttoned Up. Serving Pieces. CRAFTS!!! / Mason Jar organization. Alisaburke. Holiday hair band tutorial. Bow Tie Ring. Quiet Book Templates. Flower Arrangement.

Emotional Animals Game: Teach Kids about Emotions. Crafts/DIY / DYI Glittering Lightscape - I WILL make this!! Good Ideas!! / paint and hang an old tire and use it as a planter (looks neat AND you're recycling) For the Home / I love the heart made of picture frames.. Crafty Schmafty / No directions...but they seem easy enough to make. Who knew I would find a use for my jars of Scrabble tiles besides playing take-two? Zendoodle «