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Search. How_5845133_install-uninstall-software-manager. How to Remove FlexNet & Connect Macrovision Software Updates. Windowscentral. We're rapidly moving from a wired to a wireless area very quickly as more people are switching to mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and phones, and moving away from traditional computers.


In these computing devices, we can connect all sort of accessories from headphones to speakers, mice, keyboards, and other peripherals that can connect wirelessly to virtually any device thanks to Bluetooth. Bluetooth is now a ubiquitous wireless technology that transmit data back and forth between devices over a short distance. It allows you to get rid of cables around your desk. Of course, Windows 10 includes support for Bluetooth. However, Microsoft is making it just a little bit easier to connect different peripherals with this wireless technology. New Skype Messaging Apps Now Available for Windows 10. If you’re running the latest Windows Insider build of Windows 10, you have access to the new Messaging and Skype Video apps.

New Skype Messaging Apps Now Available for Windows 10

But you don’t have to be an Insider to get these apps: If you’re on the release version of Windows 10, you can download them now from the Windows Store. Thanks to @AugieD369_Live on Twitter for the tip: @AugieD369_Live: @thurrott Windows 10 Messages and Skype Video apps now available on Windows Store as a single download: I’ve been using these two apps—Messaging and Skype Video—since the previous leaked build, but they officially debuted in build 10565 for Windows Insiders on the Fast ring on Monday. But there seems to be some confusion about these apps. Recommended Windows Drivers : DriverSupport helps keep your PC drivers updated. Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7. Configure Default Apps. Windows has long provided an interface for configuring which apps are used by default to open certain file types or handle particular protocols.

Configure Default Apps

In Windows 10, this interface has been updated and simplified dramatically. But most users will probably want to change at least a few of the defaults. In Windows 8.1, Default apps had two interfaces: a simple one in PC Settings and a more advanced version in Control Panel. Windows 10 works similarly, though you can now manage more of this functionality from a single interface. You access the interface by navigating to Settings (WINKEY + I), System, Default Apps. On a clean install of Windows 10, each of the defaults will be set to built-in apps. Chances are, you want to change some of those. If you’re familiar with Default Apps from previous Windows versions, however, you may know that picking a default like this won’t necessarily handle every possible situation.

Windows 10 help and how-to. How to change screen resolution in Windows 10. How to Use Snap Assist and 2×2 Snap on Windows 10. The extremely useful Snap feature — introduced as “Aero Snap” in Windows 7 — is much-improved in Windows 10.

How to Use Snap Assist and 2×2 Snap on Windows 10

Snap Assist, 2×2 snapping, and vertical snap features help make you more productive on the desktop. On the Windows 10 Technical Preview, “universal apps” run in windows on the desktop. Windows 8’s touch-optimized “Snap” feature is gone for now and is being merged with the desktop Snap feature so the Windows interface is more consistent. Snap Assist To snap a desktop window, left-click its window title bar, hold your mouse down, and then drag it to either the left or right edges of your screen. You don’t actually have to wait — you can just quickly drag-and-drop a window’s title bar to either edge of your screen to snap it.

When you snap an app with the mouse on Windows 10, the new “Snap Assist” feature will pop up. Arrange windows side by side on the desktop using Snap. How to Check Version & Build Number in Windows 10. HP Products - Common Solutions for Windows 10. How do I sync my settings in Windows 10? How To Disable Login Screen In Windows 10. Advertisement Your Windows PC, if you’re running Windows 8 or Windows 10, is tied to your Live account.

How To Disable Login Screen In Windows 10

When you login to your system you have to enter the same password that could open your Hotmail/outlook email account, log you into Skype, and even buy apps from the Windows App Store. Unfortunately, that’s also the only thing preventing access to your PC. If you aren’t too bothered about securing your computer with a password, and are just plain annoyed with having to login in repeatedly, there is a simple way to disable it so that you can just dive right in and start using your PC. Here’s how. Right-click the Start button and select the Run option. This will open the User Accounts window. How to get help in windows 10. How to Fix Windows Errors. System Information: Your machine is currently running: Windows .

How to Fix Windows Errors

FixMyPC tool is compatible with your operating system. Select Language: Download Now Problem: Most computers begin to suffer stability problems with continued use, although to a different degree that may depend on different factors. Solution: The most effective way to fix crashes and errors on a PC is with the help of special software that safely performs registry cleanup and repair, and tunes up system settings – download here. How to Fix Windows 10 Slow Boot-up Issue After the Upgrade. Short Bytes: Microsoft forums and Reddit are flooded with the mentions of Windows 10 facing slow boot-up issue after the users upgraded their Windows 7 and 8 PCs using the free upgrade offer.

How to Fix Windows 10 Slow Boot-up Issue After the Upgrade

The Windows 10 slow boot-up issue could present you a black screen with a cursor on Windows 10. Here, I’m going to tell you how to fix it. Windows 10 is currently being used by millions of people and it’s an OS that was well planned and Microsoft’s most complete OS till date. Keeping aside few privacy concerns, people are finding Windows 10 worth their time and according to a survey, about 92 percent of people liked the OS after it was launched. Features like Cortana and Microsoft Edge are being used by people and loved. How to Speed Up Windows 10 Boot-Up - Windows 10 Tips.

We didn’t see anything but all praises during the Windows 10 launch week.

How to Speed Up Windows 10 Boot-Up - Windows 10 Tips

As we move forward from the initial launch hype and more consumers adopt the new operating system, there are several issues coming up on the online forums. One of the most annoying problems is the slow boot-up that users experience in Windows 10. How to Fix Windows Errors. 10 Awesome Tools To Tweak & Customize Windows 10. Long time PC users who upgraded to Windows 7 soon after its release probably remember that there were no less than fifty third-party utilities available to tweak and customize the operating system at the time of its release.

10 Awesome Tools To Tweak & Customize Windows 10

There were tools to customize every nook and corner of the operating system from the boot screen to copy/paste animations. These days, we hardly see developers coming up with new applications to tweak and customize Windows operating system. It could be because of smartphones, but most users prefer keeping Windows operating system as it is without any customizations. That said, there is no dearth of tweaking and customization tools for Windows 10. It’s been just two months since release of Windows 10, there are already a bunch of quality tools to tweak and customize the newest version of Windows. 10 Awesome Tools To Tweak & Customize Windows 10. How To Disable Auto or Adaptive Screen Brightness In Windows 10.

Last evening, I received my new ThinkPad T450s laptop that I had ordered a couple of days ago through an ecommerce website.

How To Disable Auto or Adaptive Screen Brightness In Windows 10

Since the ThinkPad 450s ships with Windows 7 Pro edition, I upgraded the OS to Windows 10 Pro using the free upgrade offer, and the upgrade process went smoothly without any installation or activation issues. After upgrading to Windows 10 and installing/updating all drivers, while browsing the web, I noticed that Windows 10 was automatically adjusting the screen brightness. Like most uses, I prefer manually setting screen brightness and don’t want the operating system to automatically adjust screen brightness with the help of ambient light sensors. For the uninitiated, when the adaptive screen brightness feature is enabled, Windows 10 calculates the ambient light using sensors and automatically adjusts the screen brightness accordingly. Intel power saver technology. HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More.

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Installation Instructions Step 1: Click 'Save File' when prompted. Los complementos NPAPI no funcionan en la versión 42 de Chrome ni en versiones superiores - Ayuda de Google Chrome. Speed Up Windows 10 - Master Tutorial to Make Windows 10 Super Fast. Finally wait is over and Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview is with us. However, not a stable and final release, but Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview works similar to original Windows version that will be going to release next year.

So, why not to get ourself equipped and get some great tweaks and tips to speed up Windows 10 final version, no? How to use Task View in Windows 10. I've been using the Dexpot virtual desktop program for Windows for quite some time and have really learned how to harness the power that it provides to more efficiently multitask. With multiple desktops, I can spread out the various projects that I'm working on, such that each project is on separate desktop. When I need to jump to from one task to another, I just switch desktops.

How to fix the Windows 10 slow boot bug. Many people who upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 have suffered from massively lengthened boot times. The symptoms for this particularly curious bug include a black screen after seeing the Windows loading animation and your PC manufacturer's logo, and the ability to move your cursor around the black screen but an inability to do anything else. For some, this process can take in excess of a minute. In our testing, we found two laptops that suffered from this problem. A Dell Inspiron 17 from 2013 and an Acer Aspire V5, also from 2013. How to Make Your Windows 10 PC Boot Faster. Windows 10 review – A better experience for (almost) everyone. Power User Tasks Menu (Win + X) - Edit in Windows 8.