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Keep Your Needles In One Handy Place With This Cute Needle Book! – Crafty House. 100detailsin100days photos on Flickr | Flickr. Crazy quilting the complete guide by Laura Schaefer. Fidget Quilt Patterns for Alzheimer's Patients. Fidget Quilt Patterns for Alzheimer's Patients. Alzheimer’s/Dementia Fidget Lap Blanket | Leannes Blog | UK Parenting & Lifestyle Blog. I recently made my lovely nana a Alzheimer’sDementia Fidget Lap Blanket. Unfortunately she has Alzheimer's its at the last stages now. Such an awful disease, she cant even string a full sentence together anymore and its distressing to see such a wonderful loving woman, deteriorate right in front of your eyes.

I noticed my nana started to fidget, she has a thing for pulling loose threads out of clothing, pulling at buttons etc. She doesn't understand why she does it and I'm not even sure that she's fully aware of herself doing it. So with that in mind I decided to make her, her very own lap fidget blanket that she could pull and generally fidget about with it, give her something to occupy her mind. I always have a stash of fabric ready and waiting to be used including lots of appliques etc. My mum and Granda were visiting my nana in her care home and took the blanket to give to her. If you prefer to purchase a Ready Made Blanket..

100detailsin100days photos on Flickr | Flickr. Tuesday Tutorial–Two Spiders, A Web, and a Curse! Welcome, Quilters! Welcome to my haunted website. Indeed, I believe I was cursed last week at my quilt retreat…we were talking about people who have stitched through their fingers! …And as I began this tutorial this morning, I did just that!

I stitched through my right index finger. I was pinned ( no pun intended) to my sewing machine. I had to sit for several seconds to compose myself before I was able to stretch my left hand across my sewing machine to reach the handwheel. Hopefully, this has never happened to you…and hopefully it never will! Now that the commotion is over, let’s begin today’s tutorial! The Spider Web would look great in any Halloween quilt, on Halloween napkins, or decorating a fall pillow. Begin stitching the web in the square, but slightly off-center. Continue around the square (or whatever shape you are filling) until the space is filled. Once you have stitched all of the “spokes”, crawl back a few stitches on one of the spokes to begin the weaving.

Lori Like this: Crazy quilting the complete guide by Laura Schaefer. Ribbon Embroidery Tutorials p1. Crazy Quilting and Embroidery Blog by Pamela Kellogg of Kitty and Me Designs: Free Tutorials. Free background from VintageMadeForYou Crazy Quilting and Embroidery Blog Home Of CRAZY QUILT QUARTERLY MAGAZINE! Pages Add This To Free Tutorials I like to share Craft and Embroidery Tutorials on how I do a variety of projects and techniques and helpful hints.

I add to this list regularly. Email ThisBlogThis! Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) About Me Pamela Kellogg View my complete profile Email Me 2017 Crazy Quilt Calendar Now Available Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine Crazy Quilt Inspiration by Pam My Crazy Memento Quilt Click on the photo to read about this quilt. Trump Follow Me On Magcloud Follow My Blog With Bloglovin Followers Networked Blogs Follow this blog Subscribe To Kitty And Me Posts All Comments Follow by Email Newsletter Signup Proud Member of Shabby Lane Shops The Friday Flea Marketplace Blog Shop Quilting Bloggers Quilter Blogger Like Me On Facebook Follow Me On Pinterest Lucy Wrigley Cotton Bleu Milagro Millie Francis, My Little Love Rescued 1993 - 1996 I Miss You Garfield 1991 - 2009 Mommy Will Always Love You! Quilt Patterns | Over 700 Free Quilt Patterns Available.

Jane's Quilting: Quilt Charts and Formulas. Everyone likes shortcuts and ways to learn ways to make their life easier. I have been asked if I know of any charts or tables that can be used. I dug around and found quite a few. I hope at least one will be helpful to you. I am sure you all know and seen this one. Yet when someone wants me to quilt a quilt for them or make a quilt for them, their first comment is "about bed size". Then it's, how much backing or batting do I need?

This one comes in handy. Did you ever want to know how many inches in 3/8 yard when at a store and your and goes blank? Or how many strips can you cut out of a yard of fabric? Perhaps your making a Quilt with fat quarters. Or this one. And here is a quick chart to learn how to make HST's: But what if you only need 4? Or you may prefer a simper chart for HST's Or a chart with lots of different sizes: Another I have found: Then there is this one: I hope I didn't confuse you and have been of some help.

One more chart to show you: Hey, did you hear the news yet? Starts: Proportional scale. Quilted Ornament Ideas for Fall. I’ve got a round-up of ornament ideas for you to make for Fall! These first few ornaments follow the Quilted Ball Ornament Pattern: Autumn Leaves Flutter Falling Leaves (this is a Longaberger fabric) Pumpkin Patch (another Longaberger fabric) Harvest Sunset – this one is made from a textured wired ribbon, instead of fabric. I added gold sequins & beads to both of these next two to add some sparkle: First one follows the “Snow Globe” ornament pattern…. Enchant And, this one is a variation of the “Elements” fabric ornament pattern. Spiced Pumpkin I added glittery silk leaves to “fall” down from the top of this one (which is a variation of the FREE Moonlight pattern): Hope this post gives you some ideas for your own Fall ornament-making!

Tagged as: fall ornaments, ornament crafts, ornament DIY, ornament ideas, ornament patterns, ornaments to make, quilted ornament ideas, quilted ornaments. Ornament & Pattern Shop. Turn a Swoon Block Into a Table Topper - Quilting Digest. This Tutorial Works with Most Oversized Quilt Blocks! Swoon blocks are quite popular with busy quilters, but what are they exactly? The term, when used in general terms, refers to over-sized quilt blocks. Typically, they’re 24″ square, although we’ve seen them much larger. The original, and most popular, Swoon block is from Thimble Blossoms, although we’ve seen several block patterns called Swoon blocks.

The two-foot-square size makes one block perfect for a table topper, and just about any quilt block will work. You can simply bind and quilt the finished block and use it on your table, or wall, as Clover And Violet has done here. You can also embellish the quilt block and give it an interesting shape, like this one from The Crafty Quilter. Notice how nice that shape looks on a round or octagon table! Producing a topper of that shape is really quite simple. Find the tutorial here. Patterns for Swoon blocks can be found in various places around the Internet. This Apron Is So Handy, I Can’t Believe I’ve Quilted So Long Without One! | 24 Blocks. 24 Blocks. Got Scrap Fabric? Use It To Make This Snap Purse! Quilting on a Roll - Quilting Made Easy. QUILTING MADE EASY, INC. introduces Quilting on a Roll, a line of stitch through, tear away, patterns without adhesive strips. Corner patterns and instructions to size the border strip to your quilt borders are printed on the pattern.

These patterns can be attached to your quilt with pins or respositional spray and stitched with your home sewing machine. Longarm quilters will find these patterns an affordable alternative to the adhesive edged patterns or pantographs. Each roll has enough pattern to quilt the borders of a King-size quilt. TIP: You can attach with blue painter’s tape-just be sure to not stitch through the tape. Level of Difficulty: 1=Easiest recommended for beginners 2=Requires free motion quilting, good for learning 3=Recommended for quilters with some experience and knowledge of free motion quilting Quilting on a Roll Zig-zag, diamond, cable and dancing stars pattern require a regular stitching foot, or a walking foot, recommended stitch length 8-10 stitches per inch. Tutorial: Learn How To Make This Quick And Easy Envelope Pillow Cover! Christmas Tree Rag Quilt Pattern. Pinwheel With A Twist: Motion Commotion Quilt. Deceptively Simple: Make Your Own Rainstick Quilt!

These Fantastic Triangle Zipper Pouches Are So Handy (And Not To Mention Adorable)! Tutorial049 - Shannon Cuddle Kits. Fabric Flowers Are A Great Spring Project, And So Cute Too! This Pillow Quilt Is Equal Parts Comfy And Adorable! The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt-Along. Rosette_1_final. Tutorial: How To Make A Scrappy 4 Patch Quilt! What To Consider When Choosing A Sewing Machine For Quilting. Farmer's Market - Lemon Yardage - RJR Fabrics - RJR Fabrics. Learn How To Make A Bento Box Quilt! Pinwheel With A Twist: Motion Commotion Quilt. Design Sheets. Learn How To Make A Denim Quilt Using Old Jeans! Blocks-A-Go-Go. Don't Fear The Zipper! Learn To Make This Simple, Basic Zippered Pouch! Its Fall-Y'All Scrappy Rag Quilt Tutorial. Modified Log Cabin Quilt | A Vision to Remember All Things Handmade Blog.

I don't know about you, but I get a little sad when the leaves on the trees start to change color, when the stores start to bring out their fall decor (or even Christmas), and when the kids go back to school... I am a summer fanatic all...the...way. I love summer. I hate being cold. But this quilt almost makes me like fall and winter.

Almost. Fall colors. A couple months ago I had every intention of writing a little tutorial on how I did this rag quilt, but then my phone crashed and I lost every single picture that hadn't synced with my Ipad. So, you will just get the written version. I took 2.5 inch pieces of all different lengths and sewed them into a square similar to how you would do a long cabin. I made 2 really large blocks. Now take one of those blocks and fold it into a triangle, taking the bottom right hand point and lining it up with the top left hand point. You will need to piece some of those 5 inch strips together to get about 44 inches in width. Wash and dry your quilt.

Cupcake Mug Rug Tutorial - Crafty Gemini. If you are active in the online crafting world you have probably seen mug rugs pop up just about everywhere in all different sizes and styles. I’ve had some requests for a tutorial so here it is! A mug rug is basically a mix between a placemat and a coaster. It sits on your desk and holds a mug with your favorite drink. You can also lay a snack right on it so it doesn’t dirty your desk or get crumbs all over your work. They are mini quilts so they can be machine washed and dried.

I love making mug rugs because they make great little gifts and can be whipped up in no time at all! I designed this cupcake applique just for this tutorial but you can feel free to use it any other project you’d like as well. Here is the full video tute. Fabrics used in this project: A big thanks to my sponsors- Pellon and Free Spirit fabrics for providing the products used to make this project and tutorial! Click below to watch the course preview! Quick Kitchen Quiltlet and Tutorial - Quick Kitchen Quiltlet. I love to have and make little quilts for the kitchen. Most of them are a result of trial blocks or string piecing. I just find they have a myriad of uses in the kitchen.. They are great as trivetts for hot dishes, getting things out of the oven, bigger ones for resting dishes on to dry, surface protectors, tea and coffee making mats, in the microwave to make it easy to take hot dishes out, noise dampeners on hard bench tops, under breadboards to catch the crumbs, decorative and practical under a vase of flowers to catch petals and even as placemats too, but so much more adaptable!

Once they are in your kitchen you will wonder how you ever got by without them. When it comes to the creative side of course they are great for using up leftovers of fabrics, quilts or blocks. Anyhow, I going to show you the most basic one. Th is how I do it. Take two 10 inch squares of cotton, linen or quilting fabric. Take one of the squares, fold diagonally across exactly in half. Add A New Skill To Your Repertoire; Learn How To English Paper Piece! Footprints. Leaving and making a way for others to pursue, ponder, and be inspired. Try it! Tuesdays - A place for everything and everything in its place… Perfect last minute gift/addition for the type-A mother in your life (myself included): For this 10 minute project, we’ll be using placemats… get it? A PLACEmat to help with having a PLACE for everything…? I know. Cheesy title. I just can’t help myself!

During my craft show last month, I met a lady selling these purse organizers made from placemats! And can easily “connect” together to condense the length: And most importantly, functions in my big ol’ purse: Here’s how I did it: 1. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. That’s it! Kinda nifty And since they contain your most important items, switching bags is a breeze; Just take it out and plop it in the new bag. Tags: Mother's Day, Sewing, Try it Tuesdays, Upcycle 23 Responses to “Try it! Wendy Says: Omg, is your bag from ikabags? I also love your purse organizer! Suzie Says: Brilliant! Mimi Says: This is a fantastic idea!! Lori@kitchenfunk Says: Hi, I love this project! Donna Says:

How to make a Fabric Basket/Bowl. Keepnuinstitchesquilting. The Final video in the this Great Seam Ripper series Pam Damour the Decorating Diva, has some pretty nice uses for this tool. First she uses it to rip out a seam on her piping when matching the ends. She also shows us what the little red ball on the end is for. She is one clever lady and knows how to use this tool to it’s full potential. - I love fabric scraps. They provide inspiration for quilts, baskets, bags, mats, twine and other sewing projects. I can't resist them. Pieces which might otherwise be discarded, can be made into items of beauty. The art of living. Free Quilt Patterns, Baby Quilt Patterns, Applique Patterns, Quilt Block Patterns, and More at - I love fabric scraps. They provide inspiration for quilts, baskets, bags, mats, twine and other sewing projects. I can't resist them. Pieces which might otherwise be discarded, can be made into items of beauty. The art of living.

'Like' this post if you have scraps! :)... - Quilting Deals - Missouri Star Quilt Co. Jubilee Homespun Fabric. Learn The Basics Of The Quilt As You Go Technique! Reversible messenger bag by Debbie Shore. How to "quilt as you go"! How to join up Quilt as you Go blocks and borders - Quilting Tips & Techniques 074. How To Use A Ruffler Foot. Tension Problems Be Gone! Troubleshoot The Most Common Problems. Learn How To Make A Bento Box Quilt! Sewing Machine Parts, Serger Parts, Sewing Parts - Sewing Parts Online. Quilted Rag Bag. Try One of My Easy Rag Quilt Patterns. Cathedral Windows Rag Quilt Pattern. This Cathedral Windows rag quilt pattern is beginner-friendly, so don't hesitate to try the project, even if it's your very first quilt. In a rag quilt, exposed seam allowances become soft, fluffy frames on the front of the quilt.

If this is your first rag quilt, be sure to read my rag quilt general instructions before beginning. How the Quilt is Assembled Cathedral Windows rag quilts are made from individual circle sandwiches. Each sandwich contains a circular front, batting and backing, all the same size. Some ragged Cathedral Window quilts are made with traditional quilt batting in the middle layer. However, batting cannot be not placed within the seam allowances, since it wouldn't be stable in those exposed, ragged seams. I prefer to use a flannel batting in rag quilts, because it is durable, doesn't need to be quilted and extends into the seam allowance to add depth, and even splash of contrasting color if desired.

To Make the Cathedral Windows Rag Quilt For Larger or Smaller Quilts. Indian Hatchet Rag Quilt Pattern. I have to admit that I'm becoming a little tired of making rag quilts from squares and rectangles. Don't get me wrong -- I love all rag quilts, but it's time for something a bit different. The traditional Indian Hatchet quilt block was a logical choice for a rag quilt. It's triangular areas aren't too small and fussy, and the block is easy to sew using quick piecing techniques. The Indian Hatchet rag quilt quilt isn't difficult to make, but it is important to stay organized as you work, so that like-areas are easy to find when it's time for final assembly. Rag quilts are warm and cuddly, especially if you include a middle, or batting, layer.

I prefer to use flannel batting for rag quilts, because it isn’t as thick as a regular batting and because it remains stable in the finished quilt, just like any other fabric. Flannel frays nicely, making your ragged edges a bit more lush than they would be if you either omitted the middle layer or used quilting cottons in that spot. Rag Quilt Patterns - Free Quilt Patterns from Use a custom palette of colors to match your room décor, or use denim, flannel or fleece remnants to create a hodge-podge effect. Denim paired with flannel is great for an outdoor blanket, while flannel and fleece make a soft and cuddly baby quilt. The pieces are all sandwiched as you sew to make your project go quickly.

These make great gifts for students and kids, as they stand up to wear and tear. Buy a great, sharp pair of scissors to make cutting the fringes less of a chore. Rag Quilts - learn how to make a rag quilt. Rag Quilt Pattern This quilt is so easy to make and make a great throw for those cold winter nights or just for decor. Rag Quilt Rag quilts go together quickly and without the stress of sewing absolutely perfect seams. Zig-Zag Rag Quilt This rag quilt is made in a zig zag pattern using plaids and stripes. Dinoram Rag Quilt Very colorful flannel rag quilt and great how to instructions. Raggedy Bricks Home spuns. The Crafty Gemini Improv Tote Part 1: Easy Quilting Project with MSQC's Jenny Doan. The Possibilities Are Endless With This Awesome Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern! Thousands of Bolts ... only one nut!: Denim Rag Purse. Colorful Rag Handbag. How to Make Rag Quilt Purse Tote | HandMade 4All.

Denim Rag Purse. Project share Gorgeous Shabby Raggady Rag Bag:) **My Desert Cottage**: Rag Bag Tutorial. Make A Charm Pack Raggy Quilt Purse -Here's How. Quilt73balibag.pdf. Flannel Rag Quilt. Ashlawnfarms Rag Quilt Strip Style Purse Tote Bag by Ashlawnfarms. Easiest Rag Blanket ever! Pin by Diane Easterling on Primative & Rustic Charm.

Ghastlie Halloween Crazy Quilt Pattern, Twin Bed Size. Rag Quilt. Pin by Crystal Searcy on For meeee :) Baby Rag Quilt Blue Little Fish review. GG Designs Embroidery - Rag-It-Up Pieced Christmas Tree Applique (Powered by CubeCart) Pin by Annie's Catalog on Free Quilt Pattern Downloads. Raggedy Log Cabin - Quilter's World Newsletter - January 17, 2014 - Vol. 11 No. 1. How to Make a No-Sew Rag Rug. French Country Baby Girl Quilt Rag Quilt Pink Gray. How to Make a Rag Quilt. (4) Pin by Amy Barnhill on Crafty. Pin by Suzanne Loucks on Quilting | Pinterest. Pin by Linda Toups on quilts. 3 Hour Rag Quilt Tutorial. French Country Baby Girl Quilt Rag Quilt Pink Gray.

Pin by Mia on Quilts, Quilts, Quilts | Pinterest. Rag quilts @ DIY Home Cuteness | I LOVE TO SEW... | Pinterest. Calculating Fabric Requirements for a Rag Quilt. Log Cabin Rag Quilt.