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BEP 119 - Business English Telephoning: Making an Appointment. In this Business English Podcast, we’ll be looking at the language used to make appointments on the telephone.

BEP 119 - Business English Telephoning: Making an Appointment

We live in the era of remote communication: teleconferencing, videoconferencing, and online meetings. More and more group efforts are getting done from a distance. In theory, at least, it’s possible to work closely with anyone in the world without leaving our desks. Nevertheless, there’s something about a face-to-face meeting that no virtual one can replace. We still need to shake people’s hands, read their body language, and make personal connections. Gordon Knight works for Bridgewater, a U.S. pension fund. Listening Questions: Free online administrative assistant courses. Learn Vietnamese-Language Online At Your Own Pace.

free online administrative assistant courses

Start Today With a Special Discount. Join Over 30 Million People Learning Online with Udemy. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! What Training is Needed to Become an Executive Assistant? Executive assistants provide direct administrative support for the leadership of businesses or organizations.

What Training is Needed to Become an Executive Assistant?

The amount of training needed for a position in this field depends on the level of management receiving the assistance. However, certain standards do exist for becoming an executive assistant. Schools offering Administrative Assistant degrees can also be found in these popular choices. General Skills of an Executive Assistant While the stenographic skills frequently associated with the secretarial profession are not completely obsolete, these days a firm grasp of common computer applications is much more important. Depending on the specific position, additional proficiencies may be necessary. Office Administration - Business Management Daily. What Training is Needed to Become an Executive Assistant? Top Administrative Assistant Resources & Websites – Blog. There’s no doubt that working as an administrative assistant can be rewarding, exciting and, at times, stressful.

Top Administrative Assistant Resources & Websites – Blog

Being a successful and irreplaceable leader in the workplace requires creative problem solving skills and the ability to juggle a multitude of tasks simultaneously to make sure that the office runs smoothly and effectively. Sometimes that might mean fixing a printer jam and other times it might mean coordinating an executive’s travel itinerary on a minute’s notice. Even the most effective administrative assistants can feel overwhelmed by the challenging and constant nature of their workloads, and the most effective among them are constantly seeking innovative solutions that will increase their fluidity and proficiency in the office environment.

Here at, we’ve created a round-up of websites, thought leaders and resources for administrative assistants looking to improve their skills, and assert their competency. The Effective Admin. Administrative Assistant And Executive Assistant Blog. Free Educational Resources For Administrative Professionals - Office Dynamics - Executive And Administrative Assistant Training.

How to create a Fact Sheet in 2020, A step by step guide. Modify your header The header gives the fact sheet a general direction and acts as the title of the page. You can add dates and contact information in this section as well. Remember, by sharing your folios as responsive links, you can change your header, turn it on/off, and refresh its date to update anyone who has the folio link, anywhere in the world.

How to Create a Fact Sheet ( Template Included ) If you itching to create one for yourself, worry no more!

How to Create a Fact Sheet ( Template Included )

Let’s show you how you can create a visually appealing fact sheet quickly and easily. There are two major components that make or break a fact sheet: content and design. We have already discussed how fact sheets need to compress all the vital information, data, statistics and facts into a single page, and at the same time, leave no important knowledge behind. However, the content of your fact sheet will only take you so far. Business English Glossary: vocabulaire - anglais des affaires. How to Write a Business Report for English Learners. If you would like to learn how to write a business report in English follow these tips and use the example report as a template on which to base your own business report.

How to Write a Business Report for English Learners

First of all, business reports provide important information for management that is timely and factual. English learners writing business reports need to make sure that the language is precise and concise. The writing style used for business reports should present information without strong opinions, but rather as direct and accurately as possible. Linking language should be used to connect ideas and sections of the business report. This example business report presents the four essentials that every business report should include: Terms of reference refer to the terms on which the business report is written. The procedure describes the method that was used to collect data for the report.

The findings describe the data or other important information the report produced. Reports: Example Report Important Points to Remember. Four free resources for business English teachers. The first class with a new group of students can be tough – especially when they’re busy business people and you are dragging them away from their desks.

Four free resources for business English teachers

You need to build rapport with them, find out their needs, and test them with relevant and engaging materials. As business English teachers you must also adapt your lessons to suit the different roles your students have and the industries they work in. Business English courses come with a range of resources, but you can supplement these with your own to help further personalize the course and add more variety to your lessons. So, here are four free online resources that can help you deliver more targeted and meaningful business English classes. One of our favorite online resources, TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design), boasts a large collection of talks from experts, artists, business leaders and other fascinating people.

The majority of the videos TED provides are less than 18 minutes long. Anglais. Sujets et corrigés de l'épreuve écrite d'anglais (BTS AG PME-PMI) International Business Etiquette and Manners for Global Travelers - Understanding cultural diversity, cross cultural communication, and intercultural business relationships for success. Each Country's page on this Site has the following format: Introduction Brief description of the country's population, cultural heritage, language, and religion.

Fun Facts Special or unique notes, thoughts, or comments about the country Geert Hofstede Analysis Having insight into the cultural dynamics of a country can be very helpful to understand why people act the way they do, and the appropriate way you should act while in that country. Religion Highlights the religious diversification within the country. Your Guide to Doing Business Around the World. Kwintessential. Langues et certifications. Recherche & Résultats. Verb Tenses in English.

English tenses are of three types: Present, Past and future.

Verb Tenses in English

Tenses are divided on the basis of time. Past Simple & Present Perfect Tenses The Past Continuous Tense The Past Perfect Tense. Fluent Land - Online Language Learning Community. Business Writing Info Blog. OWL. GENRES OF BUSINESS WRITING. English for Video English. English for Business Skills 360. Welcome back to Business English Skills 360 for today’s lesson on the top 10 business English skills.

English for Business Skills 360

In our last lesson, I focused on small talk and English conversation skills such as expressing opinions, asking questions, rejecting ideas, and getting action. Of course, “conversation” is what comes to mind when someone talks about language skills. English for Business and Work.

Cultural Differences

ESL Teaching Resources from Road to Grammar. Resources for Teachers Free English Test (CEFR) A free 20-minute test that will find a learner's CEFR level.

ESL Teaching Resources from Road to Grammar

Text Analysis Tool If you have a soft copy of a text that you wish to use as a reading exercise with your ESL students, you can use the Text Analyzer to: determine the approximate level of proficiency that the text is suitable for generate a suggested vocabulary list get meanings for the suggested vocabulary list Vocabulary Gym. How NOT to Look Stupid. English for Secretaries and Assistants. If you are a secretary or an assistant, you have a key position. I have seen it many times at several companies. Maybe the boss makes the decision but what is it worth if the implementation is not of high quality. And it is at this stage that you can make the best use of all your skills. Leonardo Da Vinci. L1 BEZ ET MTP SUPPORTS « Infocom.

Bonjour à tous, A l’issue de la séance MDT3, nous clôturons le cycle de préparation des entretiens. Vous avez maintenant tous les éléments pour organiser et mener à bien votre travail. Les équipes métier sont constituées. Pour mémoire, les entretiens devront être publiés sur le blog le lundi 25 novembre avant minuit dans la catégorie « entretien » correspondant à votre groupe.

Les soutenances PPP se dérouleront sur les créneaux de cours, les 2, 3, 6 décembre (selon le groupe TD dans lequel vous êtes). Voici un ensemble de documents essentiels pour la préparation de votre entretien avec le professionnel. Dernière fiche REC pour la préparation des entretiens Durant les entraînements de MDT3, certains entretiens ont été directifs, avec des questions fermées, voire suggestives, entraînant des réponses brèves. Intermediate lesson plan topics for English language students. World English : test, learn and study the English language online. GOOD ROLEPLAYS.


Reading Comprehension. Forum . Penfriends . Test . Online English Lessons . At The Office - English Vocabulary, Exercises and Worksheets. Business English Lessons Guide for ESL Teachers. Complaints, requests and customer service exercises for ESL teachers. Linguahouse. Anglais Archives - BTS Support à l'Action Managériale. REAC.