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Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, Others Are Making No Profits. Twitter’s long-awaited initial public offering is expected to arrive next week.

Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, Others Are Making No Profits

But before you bust out your checkbook to own a piece of Silicon Valley’s latest hyped stock, consider this: Twitter has yet to earn any money. The company, whose initial share price range of $17 to $20 pegs its value around $11 billion, has posted a net loss of $134 million so far in 2013. That hardly makes Twitter unique in today’s tech landscape. Increasingly, Internet firms—typically with a social bent—are amassing billion-dollar valuations without earning a dime. Venture capitalists and other investors hope that today’s scrappy startup is tomorrow’s Apple or Google (though those two companies were both profitable before they went public). Here’s a look at 9 companies that have crossed the $1 billion valuation threshold without having to worry about actually making money.

(MORE: Apple: The Juggernaut Isn’t What It Used to Be) Twitter Current Valuation: Up to $11 billion Spotify Pinterest Instagram Fab Snapchat. Here's Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years. World Internet Usage Statistics News and World Population Stats. What Are People Doing Online? This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager.

What Are People Doing Online?

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The terms "earned, owned and paid (aka bought) media" have become very popular in the interactive marketing space today. In fact, taken together they can be applied as a simple way for interactive marketers to categorize and ultimately prioritize all of the media options they have today. Nokia was an early pioneer in this space (see Dan Goodall's posts on the subject).

They now categorize all of their global interactive media as earned, owned or bought. Many agencies, including R/GA, Critical Mass, Sapient and Isobar (my former employer) also use the model to help develop digital strategies. On top of that, many industry leaders such as Pete Blackshaw, Fred Wilson and David Armano have written about the subject.

Yet as popular as these themes have become, they're often loosely applied across the industry and essentially no one is speaking the same language. Create a solar system of owned media. Think Insights with Google. [Infographie] Les chiffres clés de la nouvelle bulle internet ?