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TelekinesisPowerSecrets 1. Forces and Energy. Mind Matter Interaction (Psionics/Psychic Stuff) ImExplosion. Associations/ PSYCHOKINESIE (sources) Mind Shield. You will need the following items for this spell:Concentration Visualization A fair amount of energy I have so far covered mental offense, yet haven't covered any mental defenses.

Mind Shield

This is a guide on how to protect your mind from such attacks, as well as mind - reading, First, gather the energy for your shield. The energy type is your choice, but Psi is recommended for beginners. Move the energy around your head, and mold it into a dome around your brain, or just imagine the energy reinforcing your skull. Create A PSI Ball. Psi Shield - Free Magic Spell. You will need the following items for this spell:concentration This article will help you create a psi shield to protect you.

Psi Shield - Free Magic Spell

Step 1:Meditate(it is important that you are relaxed) Step 2:Make a psi ball(if you dont know how to make one,i suggest you practice creating a psi ball first) Step 3:Using the psi ball, form it into a shield. Imagine the psi ball getting bigger and bigger until it completely surrounds you. Listen To the Voices of Nature. You will need the following items for this spell:None This spell is to listen to what nature has to say.

Listen To the Voices of Nature

In other words, hear the Earth ''speak.'' It's an ancient spell passed down to me, and easy to do, but requires practice. To do this, you must be outside or around factors of nature such as trees, grass, shrubs and other various plants. Reveal or hear spirits. Technokinesis. Hydrokinesis. Telepathy. Electrokinesis. Pyrokinesis. Telekinesis. Telekinesis. Electromagnetsime. Magnetisme. Meditation/Chi Energy/Spiritulizm. Psychokinesis.