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Action React Reaction. Its Ok Its Only Art. It’s Ok It’s Only Art Jesse La Flair "Its Ok Its Only Art" Is a performance art piece that critics the line of what is viewed as illegal or legal art. In this piece Jesse La Flair engages in what one of the interrupting officers calls "high tech graffiti", after watching Jesse virtually spray out the words "Its ok its only Art" while surrounded by 5 cops who were notified that someone was doing graffiti on the side of the Village Hall the artist received no tickets, fines or even warnings.

Artarchy. In October 2008, the fourth annual AiOP presented Pedestrian on 14th Street, Manhattan - the great divider between uptown/downtown and highbrow/lowbrow. From the East River to the Hudson River, artists of all mediums encouraged the masses of daily pedestrians to rediscover this corridor of diverse commerce, including Union Square, historical site of social and political activism. Projects explored the connections between public spaces, pedestrian traffic, and ephemeral transient disruptions. Art comes to Times Square. Tall Painting. Super Sprayer. Incredible pop-out painter. Amy Shackleton - Painting Timelapse. Crazy Painting ! Shepard Fairey.